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UPDATE TIME: 2017-06-18 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 61 user ratings

"I read this with my 10 year old son, who is on the Autism spectrum (he attends a special only school, which he really likes). I don't usually review the kids books that he and I read together, but this one was really good, especially for kids on the spectrum or who want to learn about someone who deals with those issues. It lead to some good discussions in our house about eye contact, social cues, impulse control over stims, etc.

The plot of this mystery was decent. We liked the "where did Salim go" inquiry, and Ted working with his big sister, sometimes nemesis Kat to get answers. Will liked how none of the adults wanted to even hear what the kids were discovering, but the police were more receptive.

My son and I both got bored by the repeated weather lectures and shipping reports, as he asked me to skip over those parts eventually. I told him that: 1.) they might be important because it's showing what is going on in Ted's mind, so it is part of the clues, and 2.) Ted is obsessed with weather just like my son is obsessed with Minecraft, and would spend all day every day telling everyone he sees about Minecraft. I'm not sure we had any breakthroughs about how tedious those conversations can be for others just yet (crossing fingers for that insight some day), but at least he got to experience the other side and feel the urge to tell Ted "please talk about something else, or just nothing and be quiet."

There were also some Briticisms that lead to discussions about dialects, some of which were familiar from Harry Potter, such as torches. We never did figure out what a "lilo" was, we're picturing a trundle bed, but had plenty of fun picturing Salim and then Kat both trying to sleep on the short Hawai'ian protagonist of Lilo and Stitch.

I thought that the characters and the interactions between them and Ted were realistic and well done for a young audience. My son felt his frustration when he'd figured something out and no-one would listen to him. And his aunt's lashing out at everyone including Ted and Kat, she never really did apologize, and that is also realistic.

Overall it was very enjoyable, and I'm glad that my bookish friend thought to give it to us.
" said.

" I initially found Ted (main character and narrator) somewhat annoying. His "syndrome" felt over explained (I assume the author was going for some form of autism) in how he 'thinks differently' and has trouble reading body language. The mystery though of the cousin who goes up in the London Eye but doesn't come down was top notch! The deepening despair of the adults, especially Salim's mum was heartbreaking as the hours turn to days with no answers. " said.

" The conclusion is a bit hasty in my opinion, like Ted just seems to get everything right. I can literally predict the ending. But a great book as a whole, very appealing and drawing! <3 " said.

" Great mystery, great characters. We all enjoyed it. " said.

" This book is written from the point of view of a boy with a unique syndrome that makes him very smart. I also enjoyed that it took place around the London landmark the London eye which I have ridden on a prior trip to London. I also enjoyed the simplicity of a young adult book! " said.

" I read this book tragically after Dowd died. I got it for free from school.This book had an interesting concept and an interesting plot for me, unfortunately however, I found the characters and execution underwhelming which is why I could only give this 3 stars.I don't know, I think I was expecting some killer plot twist at the end and that didn't happen. " said.

" We listened to the audio edition, and my almost 10 year-old son and I were absolutely riveted by the story. The narration, by Paul Chequer is excellent, so much so, that when we returned from our road trip with only a fraction of our audio book listened to (as usual), rather than finishing the book more quickly in paperback, we kept listening to it in the car, whenever possible. I found myself wanting to make excuses to go out driving and get stuck in traffic. " said.

"Agreeing with those who said it's a bit reminiscent of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, although for a younger audience. It is a fast paced story, and I think the audience will enjoy solving the mystery with the kids, although I'm not sure they have the clues to do so as much as they can follow along?

My peeve with the book is in its shape, and this is my new peeve. This is not a 400 page book, but the trim size is so small it makes it seem long. Its not pleasurable (to me) to read a small but fat book. Anyone know the source of this trend?
" said.

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