Mission Unstoppable (Genius Files, Book 1) (The Genius Files) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-02-22 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 150 user ratings

"Coke and Pepsi, twins about to turn 13 take a road trip with their parents to an aunts wedding in Washington D.C. Just before school is out and they are to start the trip in the rented R.V., they find out they are part of a group "The Genius Files ". This leads to a fire in the school and Coke pushing his sister off a cliff. They think all the crazy is behind them as they set off on their road trip. However the 'chase' is not over. As they travel to all the road attractions it seems danger is attracted to them.

As a grade school student, this was a good book because there was a lot of action, real life attractions to find out more on, and ciphers were fun to read and try to figure out.

YES read this book, we are looking forward to the rest in the series! We think we will get them all!
" said.

"This would be a good read for an older elementary-schooler. I listened to the audiobook through my library. It probably wouldn't be something I would have chosen as a book, but I am always looking for audiobooks to listen to while I'm doing things around the house or yard.
That being said, this is a fun read, although very "corny" in a lot of spots, beginning with the names of the kids, a twin boy and girl whose parents named them Coke and Pepsi. I know, already weird! Coke and "Pep", along with their parents, are going on an almost coast-to-coast road trip in an RV from California to their aunt's wedding in Washington DC. As they begin their adventures some strange things start happening and they discover that they are in danger from individuals involved in a secret government organization. It's a good book for kids because it is quite adventurous and Coke and Pep continually, amazingly, pull themselves out of impossibly dangerous situations through their own ingenuity and pure "dumb" luck! The one thing I enjoyed probably most about the series is the descriptions of the places that they visit as they travel across the US--a bit of a history lesson (although some of it is a little obscure as their mom loves little obscure museums and lesser-known but interesting facts and places). Very clean for kiddos--no bad language, mild danger/violence but nothing really serious or scary at all!
" said.

" Fun read. Can see lots of middle grade kids liking it. Will be reading the second book soon. " said.

" Very enjoyable book to read to your kids. Action packed, funny, and introduces unique places in America ( most if which I will never visit but their oddness is intriguing!) " said.

" This book was VERY Good. Start this book of series NOW " said.

" Recommended by a coworker's son. Cute premise, engaging, funny. Classic Dan Gutman appeal -- a few gross out moments, parents are rather dim and out of touch, kids are smarter than all grown ups. And of course, it will be a series. I predict this will be popular. " said.

" My son and I loved this book with it's interesting ciphers and hilarious "Amazing and True" stops along a family trip across the US. Reminded me of some of the nutty places my parents took us as kids... well, without fear of being chased by super bad guys. Even the twins seemingly soda-pop names aren't as they seem. A fast, fun, silly, brain-stretching read. " said.

" I really enjoyed the crazy adventure twins Coke and Pepsi went on and all the interesting and weird facts I learned about places in America, but the ending didn't feel authentic to me. The villain's reason for going after the kids didn't make a whole lot of sense. If you can get past that, you'll enjoy the ride. Looking forward to reading the 2nd book in the series and raffling this off to one of my students. " said.

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