Panchatantra - 51 short stories with Moral: Illustrated Reviews

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"Nice collection of stories. can be used as kids' bed time stories... Good for them to educate the moral. Nice attempt folks..." said.

"this is really nice book with lots of moral stories.
A must for kids.

I really recommend this book for the toddler kids.
" said.

"Generally good. Since I chose to give this book as a gift for second graders, I would have liked it more if the choice of words in many occasions could be better. Specially where descriptions for negative characters are made." said.

"Beautiful childhood memories brought back once again in the US after reading these stories. Thanks Amazon!!" said.

"Panchatantra - 51 short stories with Moral: Illustrated is a great book to add to any kid’s collection. The book contains 51 stories all have a moral theme to them. I have read this book to my son multiple times to show the importance of moral compass. The book consists of five main stories called frame story:
• The Separation of Friends (The Lion and the Bull)
• The Gaining of Friends (The Dove, Crow, Mouse, Tortoise and Deer)
• Of Crows and Owls (War and Peace)
• Loss of Gains (The Monkey and the Crocodile)
• Ill-Considered Action / Rash deeds (The Brahman and the Mongoose)

The five main stories are supplemented by other stories.

Author Vishnu Sharma had written these stories in the 2nd century B.C. for three princes. At the behest of a King who was worried that his three sons were dullard, Vishnu Sharma wrote these stories to communicate the importance of diplomacy, relationships, administration and politics.

These stories have been translated into over fifty languages and has over two hundred different versions world wide. Below is the break down of all the stories.

51 short and illustrarted stories from the Panchatantra. Panchatantra is from two Sankrit words "Pancha" means five and "tantra" means strategies. Panchantantra is part of Indian folklore for over 400 years now and has enchanted people all over the world. This book retells 51 short stories from the compilation and targeted for teens and youngsters. The stories revolves around the five strategies:- The Gain of Friends, Discord amongst friends, Of Crows and Owls, Loss of Gains and Imprudence. Below is the list of the stories and their moral lesson.

The Four Friends and the Hunter - A friend in need is a friend indeed
The Jackal and the Drum - Never befriend a natural enemy
The Mongoose and the Baby - One should avoid taking hasty decisions in sensitive matters
The Talkative Tortoise - Always listen to friendly advices
United we Stand - United we stand: Divided we fall
The Camel with a Bell - One should avoid fair-weather friends
The Cunning Judge - Cleverness has it's own advantages
The Merchant's son - United we stand: Divided we fall
Why the Owls became enemies of the Crows - Think twice before you do or say anything
The Visit of the Swan - Make friends among people who are like you
A Poor Brahmin's Dream - One should not build castles in the air
The Bullock and the Lion - Never befriend a natural enemy
The Sage and the Mouse - However great one may become, one should never forget one's roots
Beware of Mean friends - Beware of people, who become friendly to fulfil their evil desires. They talk sweetly, but in reality, they are never trustworthy
The Clever Hare - Intelligence is superior to physical strength
The Louse and the Bed-bug - Never trust the strangers
The Blue Jackal - Intelligence is superior to physical strength
The Bird with Two Heads - People living in a family should never quarrel among themselves
The musical Donkey - Think before you act
The Rabbits and the Elephants - Keep your eating habits and personal traits a secret
The Donkey and the Cunning Fox - An advice should never be followed blindly
The marriage of a snake - After rains comes the sunshine
The Trick of the Crow - Intelligence is greater than strength
The Hunter and the Doves - Unity is strength
The Lioness and the young jackal - One should always be in ones own company
The King and the monkey chief - Tit for tat
The Rotating Wheel - One bird in the hand is better than two birds in the bush
The Prince and the seedling - Bad temperament doesn't win the hearts of people
The Wedding of a mouse - However great one may become, one should never forget one's roots
Hello ! Cave - Presence of mind is the best weapon to guard oneself in every sphere of life
The old greedy Crane - Don't be try to oversmart with anyone & sometimes believe on your mind transactions also
Wolf ! Wolf !! - People do not trust a liar
The king cobra and the ants - Even the strong and mighty cannot face the small ones, when in a large number, at a time
The Bear and the two friends - A friend in need is a friend indeed
The Frog and the serpent - Never look to an enemy for help
The Monkey and the crocodile - At times presence of mind pays well
The Brahmin and the three thugs - To sacrifice ones life for others is a great deed
The King and the Parrots - A man is known by the company he keeps
The Revenge of the elephant - Tit for tat
The Little mice and the big elephants - The wealth does give strength
The Lion and the woodcutter - Beware of cunning people
The Hermit and the jumping rat - It is advisable to have a companion while moving to an unknown destination
The Wise crab - Never act hastily on your enemy's advice
The Sparrow and the monkey - It's better not to advise others in their personal matters
The Stag and his antlers - One should keep quiet in the times of danger
The foolish donkey - Friendship with an enemy is a temporary affair
The falcon and the crow - Necessity is the mother of invention
The Trader and the sweeper - No one is high or low. So we must never insult anyone
The Wolf and the Crane - Be careful of the wicked people
The Thief, The Giant and the Brahmin - It always pays to be alert

Like I mentioned, this is a great book for teaching the young kids about the importance of moral compass. I think it is also a good read for adults as well. Other books like “Art of War”, this is a just a great book to have and read every so often. The stories are not that long and are gentle reminder of things we forget in the daily grind of life. If you like this book, there are other versions with lots more stories. I hope you find this review helpful.
" said.

"I liked all the chapters very much. All the chapters were full of adventure, excitement etc. I would like to suggest this book to everyone." said.

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