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" I'm still reveling from the gorgeous beauty juxtaposed with the heartbreaking stories of despair and triumph. " said.

"This was a very interesting book giving first hand accounts of the struggles 5 young people were forced to make in their quest for a better life. Written for middle school aged children i think it hit that mark nicely. With illustrations that depicted the struggles along the way.

While there are 5 stories here the author does outline others in similar situations which could lead to further discovery and interaction between student and teacher/parents.

A great book for the age level to open their eyes to what is and has gone on in this world and how it affects all ages.

Thank you to the published (via Netgalley) for an advanced copy of this book.
" said.

" Received from NetGalley for review.I thought this book was an excellent children's nonfiction experience. the art and text styles were wonderful and the information given was informative and interesting but told in a fun story like way.I would definitely recommend to anyone as a general quick info piece on various refugee situations throughout history but primarily to those with kids or work with kids. " said.

"Stormy Seas: Stories of Young Boat Refugees
By Mary Beth Leatherdale
Illustrated by Eleanor Shakespeare
Rating 5

The phenomenon of desperate refugees risking their lives to reach safety is not new. For hundreds of years, people have left behind family, friends, and all they know in hope of a better life. This book presents five true stories about young people who lived through the harrowing experience of setting sail in search of asylum: Ruth and her family board the St. Louis to escape Nazism; Phu sets out alone from war-torn Vietnam; José tries to reach the U.S. from Cuba; Najeeba flees Afghanistan and the Taliban; Mohamed, an orphan, runs from his village on the Ivory Coast. Aimed at middle grade students, Stormy Seas combines a contemporary collage-based design, sidebars, fact boxes, timeline and further reading to produce a book that is ideal for both reading and research. Readers will gain new insights into a situation that has constantly been making the headlines.

This book is heart and gut wrenching. So much so, that I found myself in a quandary in how to begin. This is a story that needs to be told and told again and again. This is our world’s history from the 1600’s (and probably long before) to the present day...over 400 years of children and families seeking a safe place to live. I’m not going to get into the politics, ethical, religious and social issues of the circumstances involved. These are stories of five children out of how many???? I have absolutely no idea,,,too may to be sure. This book is not a fairytale and there is no princess. It is not fantasy or make-believe either. This is a story about real children who live in real danger every single day. It is a story about parents who are trying their best to save their children and to give them a chance at a better and longer life.

First there is Ruth who was !8 when she had to flee Nazi Germany in 1939 and who, in a circumvented way, eventually ended up in the USA.

Next is Phu who had to leave Vietnam at the age of 14. He arrived here in the USA in 1980.

Jose had a much shorter journey; but by no means any safer. He fled Cuba for the USA in 1980. He was 13.

Najeeba left Afghanistan at the tender age of 11. She arrived in Australia in 2000.

Then there is Mohamed who found his way to Italy in 2006. He was 13.

How these five children arrived at their final destinations is so vividly told that a child of the same age as these child refugees would be able to understand their stories AND, I think, THAT is what is important. The art work by Eleanor Shakespeare is beyond amazing as it brings visualization to each story. It is important to read every single page from the introduction to all of the time lines to fully begin to grasp the seriousness, gravity and danger of each story. These are only five stories out of thousands, hundreds of thousands through out the years who have had to flee their homeland with their parents or alone to just stay alive. I can't imagine nor fathom such a situation or environment.

Parental Note: This book is recommended by the publisher for children 10-12. I had to give this some serious thought as I have a 10 year old granddaughter. My recommendation would be to read this book WITH your 10 year old child. For children older, I suggest you read the book first in order to be prepared to answer any questions and for some serious discussions. Again, I reiterate, this is not a fairytale nor fantasy...this is real life for so many children. A story that our own children should know about.
" said.

" Note: I received a digital review copy of this book through NetGalley. " said.

" Read the full review here:*Note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. " said.

"So timely due to current events. Horrifyingly so. History repeats itself over and over. This one is for elementary- to middle-grade kids and includes some beautiful artwork. You may think you don't need another story of immigration. You do. It is told chapter pictorially by chapter you meet another child from a war-torn part of the world. It focuses on boat refugees from WW2 until today. I feel like this volume is particularly useful because you can read it a chapter at a time and then rabbit trail into the country and time of history. I feel like this is a great tag along book if your older kids are reading This Land is Our Land.

I read a DRC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. We are reading through it slowly now as a part of our homeschooling. If I hadn't banned myself from buying books, I'd put this one in our home library.

" said.

" This is one of the best nonfiction books on migration I've seen ever. It ticks all the boxes on content, graphics, info graphics, context and background and seeing migration as a constant historical process not isolated events. This would tie in with curriculum in upper elementary to high school as it can be accessed at so many levels. Absolutely a must buy. " said.

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