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UPDATE TIME: 2017-07-13 
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" This was a read-all-at-once, hug-it-when-you're-finished kind of book for me. The characters and voice were spot-on for middle grade, and the story was poignant, believable, and full of heart. I loved it! " said.

"This book is so, so beautiful. I read it in one sitting, as it's told mostly in verse, and I absolutely adored it. It's about making friendships and losing them, about accepting oneself, about finding one's voice. Calli is an incredibly endearing protagonist; she struggles with her Tourette's and attempts to make friends as her mother constantly moves them from one place to another. The poetry is absolutely gorgeous, and Calli's story is lyrical, lovely, and heartfelt. It resonated so deeply with me, and I can't wait until it's released in 2017 so that I can read a finished copy and share it with everyone I know. Highly recommend." said.

"This was a lovely gem of a middle grade verse novel. 12 year-old Calliope June lives with a free-spirited mother who is a serial monogamist, and each break-up necessitates moving to a new location. Starting a new school every few months, but for Calli, who struggles to hide her Tourette's syndrome, these moves are agonizing. But at her newest school, she makes a new friend and learns to embrace what's unique about her.

I loved Calli's voice--the snippets of poetry were lovely and heart-breaking and hopeful. And Terry, who was diagnosed as an adult with Tourette's syndrome, presents her with careful sensitivity. An important book for children and adults.
" said.

" Beautiful. The symbolism is just perfect. And it's an accurate portrayal of Tourette's. ((My son has TS)) " said.

"What a glorious story, told in verse. Calliope has spent her entire life being dragged from town to town, by her mother, who is forever searching for love and her entire life trying to hide her Tourette's Syndrome. This wonderful story, sharing Calliope's attempt to fit into her new town, her attempts to have a true friendship with Jinsong , her next door neighbour, who struggles with what people will think if he tells them he likes the girl with the strange tics, and put down roots, is heartwarming and beautiful. Elliah Terry is a gifted author and acutely feel Calliope and Jinsong's pain and longing. This is a wonderful and evocative story and a welcome addition to every private and public library." said.

"When I heard that Ellie Terry had written a middle grade novel in verse that follows a girl with Tourette Syndrome, I thought, "How is that going to work?" In fact, Terry makes it work marvelously well. The verse portions that deal with Calliope June's move to a new school, her relationship with her mother's new boyfriend and her struggle to fit in are just so beautiful and so moving. FORGET ME NOT somehow manages to tell a strong story, be poetic and maintain an authentic MG voice.

Perfect, topical, reading for middle graders or for anyone who wants to spend an afternoon with a gorgeous piece of writing. Even if you feel intimidated by the idea of a verse novel, give FORGET ME NOT a read. You will be so glad you did.
" said.

"ARC from Baker and Taylor

Calli' mother moves every time she breaks up with a boyfriend. This time, Calli meets a neighbor boy, Jin, who seems nice. Since she has Tourette's Syndrome but has been instructed to never tell anyone, Calli has a hard time fitting in. She wears odd vintage clothing to try to deflect attention, but it doesn't work. Jin like her and wants to be nice to her, but doesn't want his friends to make fun of him. Calli eventually manages to tell her teacher about her condition and gets a little more understanding, but then her mother moves yet again. The chapters from Calli's perspective are in verse, but Jin's are in prose.
Strengths: There is a lot of good information about what it is like to have Tourette's. The author's note states that her experience with the condition is similar to Calli's, and that she herself was told not to tell people that was what was causing her difficulties. The friendship between Calli and Jin is endearing.
Weaknesses: This is definitely a sad book, and Calli's mother is very dysfunctional. I have had students with Tourette's, and even twenty years ago they told the school what their challenges were, so I don't know that this book illustrates what usually happens in schools today. Also, I'd love to know where Calli shops, because it's hard to find vintage clothing in tween sizes!
What I really think: Think I will pass, although I would like to see a character with Tourette's in a book, although perhaps not a book in verse.
" said.

"I was so excited to be able to read an ARC of Ellie Terry's debut! It came in the mail and I sat down one evening and did not rise from the chair until I had devoured the entire thing.

I LOVE reading books in verse. There's something magical about them--I don't know if it's seeing how an author artistically places words on a page, or maybe how each word flows into the next like a current in a river--but I'm always in awe when I see it done, because I know writing a story in verse is HARD. I absolutely don't think I could do it, but Terry makes it effortless and beautiful.

This is Calli's story, a seventh grader who has Tourette's Syndrome, who loves her rock collection and knows everything about the moon, who favorite month is June because it makes her think of her fondest memory with her dad, whose mom is constantly moving from city to city. The moves are hard on Calli--as soon as she gets settled into a new place, a new school, her mom has her up and moving again. So when Calli meets Jinsong, her neighbor and classmate at her latest school, she hopes that they can become friends. But Calli is desperately trying to conceal her tics from everyone at her new school, because her mom and doctor have told her to keep her Tourettes a secret. This results in her being made fun of, bullied, and ostracized, until Calli learns something that will change the way she sees herself (which you will have to read to find out!).

We also get a few chapters from Jinsong's POV, which is told in prose. I absolutely loved Jinsong and the transformation he goes through. I think it provides a marvelous balance to Calli's story in verse, for Calli and Jinsong both go through different challenges and struggles, but they both come to the same beautiful and brave conclusion.

Highly recommended!
" said.

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