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UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-24 
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" I adored this book!!! It reminded me of Flipped which I also really liked! Wonderful story! " said.

" Told in two voices. The new girl who has Tourette Syndrome. The boy who is class president. Does he have the strength to stand up for her? Beautiful writing. Beautiful story. Such a special book!!! " said.

" I picked this book up this afternoon and finished it in one sitting. It's verse as smooth as a polished stone tells the story of a girl suffering from Tourette syndrome. She learns to accept her condition and those around her learn to do the same. Fantastic character development and beautiful word pictures made this a delight to read. " said.

" A great story, simply written partly in verse. I will be recommending it to reluctant readers. Calli has Tourette's which causes her to make involuntary movements like face pulling or croaking like a frog. This makes it difficult to be accepted at school and to make it worse her Mother keeps moving them to new towns. The author has Tourette's so the story is a realistic portrayal. Delightful characters. Quick to read. " said.

"FORGET ME NOT, Ellie Terry's gorgeously written novel-in-verse, tells the story of Calliope June, an astronomy-loving seventh grader who is struggling with Tourette syndrome. What makes Calli's struggle even greater is that she has been instructed by her flighty but well intentioned mom - as well as by her doctor - to keep her Tourette's a secret. This, Calli discovers, is easier said than done, especially when her tics present themselves at school and interfere with her interactions with her classmates - including her crush, the popular student-body president. A heart-warming tale of acceptance, self-love, and the meaning of unconditional friendship." said.

"SO cute. I loved this. Once again, reading has familiarized me with something I didn't know much about. In the book, our main character even makes a comment about how when people think of someone with Tourette's syndrome, they think of someone who cusses all the time, screams at random, flips people off, etc. The angry, "unlikable" traits. This book reminds us it can be other tics such as eyes rolling back, tapping, pulling out hair, knocking, twitching, etc. I loved how this book was written in verse. It just read so beautifully, and I loved Callie and how strong she was throughout.

The only problem I had was that even though I liked Jinsong (the other main character), he did some pretty shady things in not standing up to the bullying that was happening to Callie and I don't think she should have so easily forgiven. I liked the ending for this book a lot, and it left the reader to imagine how they felt the next stage in Callie's life would go.
" said.

"Ehhh, this one just didn't do anything for me. I don't know, guys--there's something that really bothers me about a book with the title, "Forget Me Not," that features flowers prominently in the plot...except those flowers are poppies.

Also, while I love books in verse, I don't think it was a great choice for this story. There just wasn't enough substance to flesh out any of the characters. I felt like I still didn't really know Calliope at all by the end of the story. (Note, I had to look up her name to write this review because I couldn't remember it.) It's difficult to care about what's happening to these people when you don't know them.

Finally, can we talk about Calliope's mom? What the heck, lady? That woman has no business raising a child, and some of her behavior (or lack thereof) was completely neglectful and borderline abusive. I was hoping that at the end of the book, when the mom comes back to town with the stranger she's just married, that Calliope was going to be like, "Yeah, you know what? You're horrible. I'm reporting you to CPS and going to live with Jinsong's family. Bye now." But nope. Calli is like, "I'll just try better to understand you, mom," which is admirable, but she shouldn't have to be hitched to that wagon anymore. That girl needs a normal adult human in her life.
" said.

"First sentence: I open my dresser drawers, find them empty, empty, empty.

Premise/plot: Calliope June is the young heroine in Ellie Terry's Forget Me Not. This middle grade novel actually has two narrators. Calli's narrates in verse while Jinsong narrates in prose. Here's what you need to know about Calli: a) she HATES moving; b) she HATES having to introduce herself to her classmates; c) she struggles to make friends; d) she wishes her mom would grow up; e) she has Tourette syndrome. Here's what you need to know about Jinsong: a) he LOVES baseball b) he's popular; c) he like-likes Calli; d) he's afraid to be friends with her in public; e) he cares too much about what others think of him; f) he's self-aware enough to know he's being a big jerk and a coward.

My thoughts: I found this to be a quick, compelling read. I enjoyed the characterization. Readers really only get to know Jinsong and Calli, but, these two are well developed in my opinion. The relationship that tortured me the most was between Calli and her mom. I really wanted Calli's mom to grow up and get the help she needed. I hated that Calli's life was being turned upside down every few months because of her mom's love life. The ending leaves me worried. I think Calli has matured a great deal, but, her mom is still a big, big mess.

Does this one "need" to be a verse novel? I'm not sure it does. The verse isn't spectacular poetry. Calli could have told her story in prose just as well. I am glad Calli's story got told. I like her as a narrator. And being in verse does make it go quicker because there are fewer words.

Do we "need" Jinsong's narration? I'm not sure we do. But I am conflicted on this. His narrative does allow readers to see Calli from a different perspective, an outside perspective. We see most of the bullying from his perspective. He's a mostly silent bystander. He does some much-needed growing up in this one.
" said.

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