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" Wonderful. I couldn't put it down. " said.

"I can't say enough good things about this novel.

Calliope June is a very special girl with Tourette's Syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes her to make faces or unusual noises--and it's something she just can't help. But what has made it even more difficult for Calli---besides feeling uncomfortable and, many times, embarrassed---is that she's had to move from town to town, chasing her single mother's dream of finding the "right man". Starting a new school, in a new town, is difficult enough when you don't feel 'different', but to have to endure the pain of explaining your unusual tics, time after time, is tormentful. Will she finally be able to stay in one place long enough to make friends?

Forget Me Not is written in short verse (from Calli's POV), to prose (from Jinsong's POV), and is one of those novels that, once you pick it up, you can't put it down. You become so immersed in Calli's story that, before you know it, you've read the entire novel. It's incredibly satisfying!

Ellie Terry, who is diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome, knows exactly what it feels like to live in Calli's shoes, and brings reality and depth into Calli's story like no one else can. Once you've read this novel, you will gain a whole new insight into TS. And perhaps, if you ever meet someone with TS, you'll have a little more compassion and understanding for what they're going through.
" said.

" So lovely I couldn't put it down! A heartwrenching struggle with multiple moves and Tourette's shows the power of friendship and speaking your truth. " said.

"Forget Me Not is beautifully written story of fitting in and finding courage. It is a dual point of view story told in both verse (Calliope) and prose (Jinsong). This was my first time reading a story told in both formats and I loved it! The character's voices were distinct and their personalities well developed. Readers of any age will love this book of growth and acceptance. They will also have the ability to learn about a misunderstood disorder and realize how a little knowledge can result in a new friend." said.

"I loved this powerful gem of a book about a girl diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome and a boy who comes to be her friend and advocate. It is such a perfect combination of form and content, with Calliope's POV written in poetry and Jinsong's POV in prose, the language itself indicative of the different ways they see the world. They seem like such real kids, struggling to understand how to be different in a world that often fears difference. The language is beautiful in its simplicity, the story strong because it is about how the characters grow stronger and more into themselves." said.

"Calliope is starting at her tenth new school since her mom moves them around a lot while chasing after men, but in St. George, Utah, she makes a new friend who accepts her Tourette syndrome and she hopes this time they can stay for real. Jinsong comes across as a little too good to be true for a middle school guy (popular, student body president, doesn't judge Calli at all), though it makes for an uplifting story this way. The dual points-of-view in verse (Calli) and prose (Jinsong) give nice perspective and make this a quick read. This upper MG novel also give a voice to a person with a lesser known condition along with anxiety and OCD. " said.

"This book is a short read. I don't think it took me up to 2 hours to read it, I went through it in one lie down. I love the writing style in the book, it's beautiful prose and it teaches on how lots of people (especially little kids) don't understand what they don't perceive as the normal and proceed to ridicule it, which is wrong.

Calliope is different. Different in a quirky way, but it's not her fault. It's just the way she is and because of bad advice was given to her by a previous doctor she keeps her illness a secret, which only makes her gets ridicule some more by the kids in her class.

She's so smart and intelligent, but so alone. Her life is drastic and prone to constant change, so it makes her feel even more secluded from the rest of the world, but all she needs is the courage to stop holding back and let herself be free and that starts with her friendship with her neighbour Jinsong.

Calliope's relationship with her mother is a shaky one and I'm just glad in the end, she realises she will be okay no matter what or where she is. I loved reading about Calliope and it's a good book to recommend to anyone. It's kind of a reflection of what the author went through as a child with Tourette Syndrome, so I understand, why she wants to educate us about it.
" said.

"Tonight I came home and checked the mail before starting dinner, and I had a package! It was an advance copy of a book I've been waiting for eagerly.

I thought maybe I'd read just the first page before I started dinner. It's written mostly in verse, so it would just take a few seconds.

60 pages later, I finally made myself make dinner and get the kids to bed. Then I was going to do dishes... after I'd read another couple pages.

I just finished the book, and it is SO beautiful, and SO heartwarming, and SO IMPORTANT. This book is the embodiment of empathy. It is exactly what I want my girls to read when they are middle schoolers, when they are learning how to be not just themselves but their best selves--when they are learning to have courage and be kind to both themselves and others in spite of anyone around them doing otherwise.

But as an adult, I know I'm not done learning those things either. This book is for everyone.
" said.

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