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UPDATE TIME: 2018-06-16 
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Alex Rider Ark Angle by Anthony Hotowitz is the sixth book in the Alex Rider series. The series has eight books. Alex Rider Ark Angle and all of the other books are action mystery books. Alex Rider is a fourteen year old who is an undercover spy who works for the special operations in England, MI6. A sniper bullet almost killed him but, at the hospital, he wants to freshen up at night and is kidnapped by eco terrorists, who think he is a billionaires’ dad. Alex Rider is a very brave man but I think he is depressed. Every time he goes on a mission, he missed school and people think he is crazy. He only has one friend. Ms. Jones and Alan Blunt are also part of M16. They care for Alex but sometimes they need to lie to him (which he hates). Alex’s parents are dead and he lived with his uncle (who was also part of M16) however, he died. Alex lives with his loving and caring guardian; Jack Starbright. Alex becomes best friends with the boy who should have been kidnapped and goes on a vacation with them. While on the vacation, the Central Intelligence Agency of America (CIA) had a plan to kidnap Alex, and to tell him who he is dealing with and what is wrong. I like how in every book; the missions are complicated and amazing. I dislike how he has been in many life or death situations and always finds a way to get out. I think there are just too many situations where he will die but every one is very exciting.
" said.

" I first chose this book because of the other Alex Rider books I have read and they were all very good so I thought: "Why not? This is an Alex Rider book so it should be the same." However, my friends that read this book said it was the worst book in the series. That stopped me for a bit but I decided to read it.
When I finished reading this book, I found out that this book wasn't like the other Alex Rider books in the series. This displeased me since it actually was kind of boring and there wasn't much action. On the other hand, the new way this book was written was different from the other Alex Rider books and I kind of also appreciated the different way the events turned out because it was different from the plain old other Alex Rider books. So it was kind of boring and not boring at the same time which is why I gave it a 4 stars not a 3 though I was kind of hovering over it. Usually, Alex Rider books are written in a way that Alex is deployed by MI6 then he goes undercover as a teenager as a criminal's someone then he gets caught and he has to find a way to get out of that situation then arrest the criminal. However, this Alex Rider book instead has Alex on a vacation then he is invited by a billionaire criminal then he is found out then he has to get out of the situation then he has to stop something from going wrong.
This book has made me like fiction and action books even more and also the Alex Rider series.
" said.

"So last week my granddaughter comes home from 5th grade and says "I got you a book from my school library". I explained that I had a lot to read but thanked her for thinking of me. The look on her face was too much (they sure know what buttons to push) so I said that I thought I could work it in. Big print...yes!!!!

Of my two granddaughters, she is NOT my big reader, so I was surprised. Maybe they read it in class, but she couldn't or wouldn't say why this particular book. After my comments left on blogs last week about reading a series in order, my cheeks got pink to start in the middle of this series, but not being a prepubescent boy, I had never heard of Alex Rider. Amazingly, this was a really fun book!

Alex Rider is 14 and a British spy. He has all the cool James Bond toys and travels all over the world and beyond. It is not written in a childish way, and is a rousing good mystery/adventure style that would certainly hold the attention of any boy or girl . This book begins with Alex in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound, when he meets the boy in the next room, Paul Drevon, son if a Russian billionaire. Nikolei Drevon has teamed with the British government to build the first hotel in outer space, but is being plagued by an eco-terrorist group, Force Three, lead by Kaspar, a freakish, tattooed, evil, killer. Alex finds himself kidnapped by mistake, daringly escapes, and goes on to stay with Paul and his father, attempting to make sense of why and who is trying to stop the project dubbed Ark Angel.

There is violence in this book, but nothing over the top, and I cannot remember one bit of sex, so I think it is recommended for the late elementary age. I was intrigued by the premise and since this was new to me, I may look for other Alex Rider books to read and discuss with GD2. It was a fast read (one day) and if you have any doubt, you can pre-read.

I received this book from the Bear Canyon Elementary Library, via GD2. Thanks kiddo!!
" said.

" It is something to do with the space, like in outer space. " said.

" It was a funny and exciting book that kept me on the edge of my seat through the whole book. " said.

" What a crazy ride! This one has a very convoluted plot and lots of action and intensity; it almost feels like a video game! " said.

" so.........I DID NOT LIKE IT!!!!I mean seriously were you high while writing cuz you sent him to space!!!(cheesiest pun of the year)the book was badNo backstory NO titleand no hashI mean stashof.......beedsrry i wanted to say weedseed?creed?assasins creed? " said.

"I'd have given this 2.5 stars if possible, but I have rounded it up to three to be nice. I enjoyed the use of an MRI machine to take out a bad guy, learning the secret behind tightrope walking, and the diving and space scenes. I didn't like how extremely unrealistic this series is becoming, the use of yet another rich, crazy villain and the rushed ending. I thought the book would end with a cliffhanger, with the main action happening in the next book, but in the end the author rushed the scenes in the space station and the novel came to an abrupt halt. I will still read the next two (and the 9th when it comes out), and I hope they will be more along the lines of Skeleton Key and Scorpia." said.

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