Star vs. the Forces of Evil Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension (Guide to Life) Reviews

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" THIS BOOK WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! It's the equivilent of Dipper and Mabel's Guide for SVTFOE. I loved reading it; we got some insight to some aspects of the show, and there were chapters that had me laughing out loud. Overall a super fun read that tied me over for like a week waiting for season 3. Only a few months more :/ " said.

"It's a cute book. It reminds me of passing notes to my friends in boring classes when I was in grade school. It doesn't really tell you how to "master" every dimension but it does talk a bit about the different places that you see in the show. There are some cool facts included in the book, that you might not of otherwise learn and some new characters are introduced. This was definitely written for children but as an adult who enjoys the show I found it to be a delightful addition to my Mewni knowledge. " said.

" I absolutely LOVE THIS BOOK! I'm a huge fan of the show (I've got TWO fan accounts for it running " said.

"Like 'Dipper and Mabel's Guide to Mystery and Non-Stop Fun,' this fun guide to SVtFoE manages to be both fun and informative. I love the back and forth between Star and Marco and even Pony Head as they give information on everything from fashion to dimensional scissors to the Grandma Room. Fans of the show will find lots of fun references here as well as some interesting tidbits that explain the backgrounds of certain characters. The silliness of this book perfectly matches Star's personality, and it's a perfect read for anyone who's followed Star and Marco on their adventures. " said.

"Brilliant, just brilliant. I just love this series so much, started somewhere in the first season, then was hooked immediately and I am now with the horde of people waiting for season 3 to come out!

Before we start, I have a WARNING: Be sure to watch the entire series (it is now at season 2, everyone is (im)patiently waiting for season 3) or else this book will spoil you on events happening in season 1 and season 2.

The books starts off hilarious immediately with commentary by the characters on that cover photo. :P

This book is written in a delightful way. There are several fonts and each one presents a character. We have 3 important characters: Star, Marco, and Pony Head (bleeeeh). Star and Marco write the most, but at times, true to form, Pony Head butts in and writes her own stuff.

I was definitely not happy with seeing Pony Head. She is the least likeable person to me on the show, I would shove her in the same category as annoying Glossaryck, or Ludo. She is just too mean, thinks she is always better than everyone, insults everyone left and right. At least in the book form I don't need to hear her annoying voice, thank heavens!

So, I got that out of my system, let me start with the good stuff, and there is so much that I will just list them!
*We got dating, inter-dimensional or normal. Not only for Marco, but also the teacher, for Janna, for Jackie, and several other characters.
*We got advertisements for hoodies (red ones of course), but also others. And introductions to the two schools.
*A greetings from inside of your spellbook. With pictures, spells, and even a phone book addition so Star could call people from the magic council.
*All about Mewni (and I just adore the map at the back).
*A whole slew of other dimensions! (Including the creepy cat one.)
*Date, Marry, or Make Disappear Forever (or as it is in Star's world: Court, Betroth, or Sell). The answers were just hilarious, as were the options.
*A lot of fun information about the characters and everyone's remarks about them.
*There is some added mystery as we dive deeper into the world (for instance about Heinous and what she has on her cheeks).
*And a ton of other things. I also love how this book looks like it has gone through a lot. From weird, mysterious stains (often also commented on by our duo), to rips, ink blots, drawings, and much more.
It was also so much that I could just imagine Marco and Star talking while reading this one thanks to the format of them going back forth with what they say, plus Marco's butting in, I could just imagine that perfectly as he does that in the animated series as well.
I could list infinite more stuff that I loved about this book, but let's just keep it easy: everything! This book grabbed me and held me, sadly I had to stop for a bit because of work, but after that I sprung back again and read on!

The ending was brilliant, typical Star, as soon as she doesn't want to do anything, she just drops it. Thankfully, we have Marco to fix up the mess.

Plus extra bonus points to the lovely smell of the paper in this one. Sorry, I just love sniffing books! And I appreciate it when a book smells delightful!

So I would highly recommend this one to everyone, again be sure to watch the series first! As for me? I am hoping for more books, as I said at the beginning of my review.

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" said.

"For a media tie-in book, Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension is a fun, well-produced companion to the TV series. If you are interested in a bit more background on the characters and world, this provides some interesting tidbits with the added bonus of still being as filled with hilarity as the show! Best thing? Seeing all 12 of Princess Pony Head's sisters.

Is this a story? No, the Guide is just a series of entries about the people and places that Marco and Star have met/explored. It's filled with vibrant art work and there's even a fun poster at the end. Unlike most books of this type, the screen caps are not pixilated, and there's even unique art.
" said.

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