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UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-23 
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" Really interesting and well-written. Easy to follow. I never knew Hamilton was so interesting! " said.

" Reviewing for VOYA, see review there. " said.

" Well-written, informative, and easy to understand. This is geared toward younger readers, presumably those with little to no knowledge about the Hamilton the musical, and aren't likely to notice the watered down rivalry with Burr or the absence of the Reynold's affair. " said.

"This book was so relevant after Trump's election. It was good to have a basic refresher on why certain rules were made and to be reminded of the importance of good intention and good character.

The author was clever about structuring this book. It draws you in with the drama of the duel and his family, then it teaches teaches teaches and finally ends with a persuasive appeal comparing Hamilton's America to Jeffersons. It made me interested in the history of our laws and that is a pretty solid accomplishment.
" said.

"NetGalley Review

This book is incredibly well written and easy to understand for anyone who wants a quick overview of the one founding father who doesn't get named or live to an old age.

I went into this knowing absolutely nothing about the man except that he had recently inspired a Broadway musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda and I used this as a tool to get into that and see how different and similar the two accountings were. I absolutely loved, in this book, how many direct quotes from letters and other writing of Hamilton and his contemporaries were included.

If the end seems to come on a bit suddenly, it's because there is about a 5th of the book dedicated to various essays without context, a timeline and various bibliographical resources that Teri Kanefield utilised in creating this book.
" said.

"I was thrilled to see this one pop up on NetGalley. We're still trying the Hamilton lottery most days hoping lightning will strike and we'll get a shot at affordable tickets. While the soundtrack playing, I read through this middle-grade story of Alexander Hamilton's life. I did have to get used to the author referring to him as Alex. He just doesn't seem like a nickname type of dude. He was too driven and full of formality for that. I'm assuming it was to make him seem more approachable, but since every kid, I know now pictures Lin-Manuel Miranda I don't think that was a concern.

Anyhow the story begins with an age appropriate telling of his life and all of American History during that time. This is where the story shines. Hamilton works and reads and does everything for himself. If he can't get to the next level, he keeps reading, learning and paying attention until the time is right to make his move. Although he would have rather been directing battles, he soon rose to the rank of George Washington's top aide and marries Elizabeth Schuyler. As his story continues up to the duel and beyond the story continues to be engaging, and you get a real sense of the kind of America that Hamilton was attempting to create. There are excerpts from the Federal Papers included as well as a timeline and extensive endnotes.
" said.

"I love history. It amazes me how much I really do not know, especially about American History. Teri Kanefield has once again done an exceptional job of bringing history to life. Her book about Alexander Hamilton opened my eyes to a man I realized I really knew nothing about. He starts off life in another country, poor, abandoned and making his own way in life. When given the opportunity to come to America he jumps at the chance. His mind for learning amazed me. I had no idea how much influence he had in shaping what we now call the United States of America. He married a woman who came from a wealthy family with the understanding that he was poor and would probably always be that way. She loved the man he was and agreed to the marriage. He put so much into this country. Through reading this book you get a well-rounded picture of the man and his love for this country. You get a first-hand look at how much he was willing to sacrifice for it. I learned what an elegant writer he was. For the history lover, this is a must read book. This is a book that will definitely go on my shelves. It is a book that I want my students to read. It is a book I will recommend to our History department as a valuable resource. Teri has included some of his writings in the back of the book. More importantly was the timeline and endnotes she included. Such a valuable resource, yet it held my attention and I read it in one sitting. This is a must read book. This book will be published in March of 2017.
I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.
" said.

"Alexander Hamilton by Teri Kanefield is a timely book on an often overlooked figure.

This biography serves as a wonderful introduction to both the person of Alexander Hamilton as well as an overview of the various arguments over how the United States would function. The narrative will keep young readers interested yet Kanefield masterfully incorporates a multitude of teaching points into the story.

As a biography the work, of course, focuses on the ideas and thoughts of Hamilton. Yet the opposing ideas of the other founders are given a fair accounting as well, which will help students to understand the differences in locating power in government in different places.

Also of interest to educators are the various sidebars which explain terms (such as tariff or Articles of Confederation). These are kept brief but provide enough information to help the reader better understand the events taking place in Hamilton's life.

The writing, as I have come to appreciate in Kanefield's work, is clear and concise. For the target age group, 10-14, this will be an interesting and relatively easy read but will also help to expand both vocabulary and comprehension. I can envision this being a central source for a classroom debate on type of government with students taking Hamiltonian and Jeffersonian positions.

Hamilton's inclusive ideas on who should be included in the freedom the new country was promising can serve as a jumping off point for discussion on far more than form of government or type of economic system is best. Such discussion in the classroom can be used to help students learn empathy and compassion in addition to facts and figures.

I would highly recommend this book to any parent wanting to supplement their child's education (the discussions I envision for a classroom would be equally valuable in the home) and for any educators seeking engaging reading material for their classrooms.
" said.

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