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UPDATE TIME: 2018-06-11 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 1 user ratings

" The book is awesome. The thriller, the action and the suspense, with a twitch of sadness. Gives a lot of insight about the protagonist's relation with his older brother, Joe. The moment when Froelich dies, that's when the book start to get more interesting. All in all, a great read. " said.

"A compelling installment in a high-velocity, entertaining series. This one seemed slightly different from some of its predecessors, with the plot line being less driven by chance and more by design/recruitment (which, frankly, makes more sense to me). Inserting Reacher into a Secret Service operation/situation was interesting, and it worked out pretty well (in terms of story line).

The sustained tension/drama is the defining feature of the book (and, from my perspective, the series). Child begins with a relatively quick start (although, frequently, the perspective skewed/confusing) followed by sustained momentum throughout - at least for me these are tough to put down - ultimately wrapped up with a terse, no frills conclusion. Boom... then that's that....

Reacher is Reacher, and he's not for everyone (violent, analytical, unsentimental, functionally arrogant), but he stays pretty much in character throughout. I have no idea if I'll ever read 20 of these, but I'm confident (at this point) I'll read the next one...
" said.

"A Review of the Audiobook

Originally released in 2007 by Brilliance Audio.
Read by Dick Hill
Duration: 16 hours, 34 minutes

Jack Reacher is back. He is tracked down by his deceased brother's former colleague in the Secret Service (and ex-girlfriend) because she wants him to take a run at the security around the Vice President-elect in order to test it.

It turns out there is a serious plot to kill the Vice President-elect and Reacher and a partner he has brought in to help join in to hunt for the plotters.

This is a typical Reacher book - lots of snide comments, fistfights and even gunplay. The part where he is brought in by the Secret Service is a stretch, but Lee Child makes it palatable.

The audiobook is read by veteran reader Dick Hill. He gives Reacher a strong voice and I think he really gets the character.

I rate this audiobook 4 stars out of 5.

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" said.

"It seemed to take a little while to get going this one, but once it was in its stride, it was pretty good (standard fare for a Jack Reacher novel, in other words). In this one, Jack is approached by a woman (who calls herself M.E. Froelich - and refuses to reveal her actual name in another one of those ridiculous naming tropes which pop up in these novels, such as Jack's mum calling him "Reacher" even when he was a child as revealed in an earlier novel. This leaves Jack - and his brother, Joe, whose girlfriend she was before Joe dumped her and then selfishly died - calling her "Froelich" - bonkers). Anyway, this woman needs Jack's help to keep the Vice-President safe. He's been threatened several times it seems and only Jack (oh, and another ex-army buddy) can help. The action is fairly slow at first - it seems to take ages to get to the actual point where Jack decides to act decisively and take the bad guys out of the picture for good, lending credence to what another reviewer has said of Child's books, i.e. that's he's actually paid by the word and therefore takes a very long time to get there). However, it's all worth it for the last 100 pages of non-stop action and so it's probably not one to miss (although not the best in the series).

As always, I like to play the game - what have I (a middle-aged mum of two) got in common with all action hero Jack. This time I found that we both have a penchant for long coats (in his words "A coat should be like a good lawyer - it should cover your ass"). I just like to cover that part of my anatomy up because it's much larger than it used to be and there's a lot to be said for the masking power of a good coat. Plus, I do feel the cold (as does Jack in this novel too).

Not the best in the series, but entertaining enough.
" said.

"For basically being homeless and unemployed Jack always seems to find himself in tense life and world changing situations. As ex military with high clearance levels he is sought after by the leader of the Secret Service detail tasked with protecting the vice-president elect from assassination. There have been viable threats against the vp and Jack is asked to "assassinate" him. In other words to pretend to be someone out to kill the vp and find the holes in his protection detail.

Meanwhile there are people out to derail Jacks efforts and not only kill the vp but also Jack himself.

Fast paced as always. Great thriller series full of government conspiracies and covering your butt.
" said.

"The idea is very good, No one really give any attention to the VP so when he is a target of an assassination plot, it's somehow unique...
On a side note, not related to the book, TNT tried to make the VP cool giving him a secret organization to protect the republic in Agent X and the show backfired and got cancelled after only one season with Sharon Stone as its lead star so :/ the VP is still lame.
Anyway, The idea was good but the reason, the why? was :/ same as the end.
The whole situation between him and Froelich was very awkward.
On the other hand Neagley and the chase itself were great.
It is a little better than the previous book though.
6/20 now! I think, the journey continues...
" said.

"I picked up this book at a charity shop and didn't realise it was the 6th book in a series. The book is about a former military person, Jack Reacher, who is enlisted by the Secret Services to help protect and defend the Vice President. I was initially a little disappointed in the book as I felt the first couple of hundred pages kept building the suspense but then nothing actually happened and the pacing of the story seemed a bit off. But once the action started, it didn't stop and was a really enjoyable read. I think it was a little far fetched on who the bad guys turned out to be and why they were doing it but that didn't detract from my interest in the story. It has made me want to try the first couple of books in the series. " said.

" Once again Jack Reacher finds himself trapped in a dangerous situation and again meeting people from past. Not only his own but from his brother's too.This is typical of Lee Child book where in the villains are hidden till the last act/chapter and then revealed but none the less its a rollercoaster of a book which is action filled and fun.Jack Reacher never be beaten whether in a fight or the fun quotient. " said.

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