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"Being a book blogger you would have thought that I would have managed to pass on my love of reading to my children. Unfortunately I didn’t. Only one of my three boys enjoys reading. The other two you have to force to sit and read. So upon receiving this book I asked my youngest son (the one who enjoys reading), to read it and tell me what he thought.

He started straight away and immediately I could hear him giggling to himself, apparently over a section to do with ‘poo’, taught in biology.

The book is split into school subjects and teaches children about those subjects, using football as its theme. Every now and again my son would come to me and tell me about the different subjects and what was happening, including a grizzly part about an old football-like game where if you were on the losing team, you had your head chopped off!

The book made my son laugh out loud, it made him take himself off to bed early so that he could sit and read before he went to sleep, and it made him engage with me about what he had read. All in all, three reasons why I am really impressed with this book.

According to my son, this book is brilliant and a must read for any football fan, even grown-ups will like it – well what more can I say!!

Reviewed by Stacey at
" said.

"I was sent a free copy of this book by the publisher.

Which football club has a famous goat as their mascot? What are the odds of you dying while playing football? And when do footballers poo? The answers to these questions plus many more can be found at Football School.

This is an interesting hard cover book aimed at any children with an interest in football. 'Football School' is a fun book to read and starts off with a fun introduction and a table of contents set out like a school timetable. After that each chapter contains lots of fun facts with a short five question quiz at the end.

There are lots of subjects to learn in football school and each subject teaches you some fun and weird facts about the football world. For example the English section teaches what all the words and phrases used in football are, such as 'bicycle kick' and 'group of death'. The zoology chapter teaches all about the different animal mascots some clubs have and the biology chapter teaches all about footballers...poo! I have to admit I'm not too keen on knowing all about when a footballer has to poo but I can see the appeal of this chapter to many kids, and it's the first chapter of the book! Not only is there a brief diagram of the digestive system but there are fun facts about footballers poo-related accidents on the pitch which made for...interesting reading.

The whole book has a look and feel of the horrible Histories books. The text throughout it separated by fun images like the one on the front cover, though all in black, white and grey. The images are really fun and makes the whole book feel fun to read, even the quiz questions at the end of each chapter appear on what looks like squared paper and written in a font that looks like it's hand written.

Despite not being keen at all on football I love reading fun kids books like this one and I learned a lot of interesting and silly facts. The book is definitely aimed at kids with a love of football but I can see adults enjoying a quick read of this as well. The whole book is fun and is also perfect for kids who don't enjoy reading. With all the fun pictures and short text broken with images and fun charts and things, it doesn't feel like a reading book at all and so I believe this is a great book to get kids who aren't keen on traditional reading.

Overall a great book to get any kids with an interest in football. It's fun, a bit silly and features girls too so great for all kids and some adults too!
" said.

" Dexter (10yo) read. "Soccer's awesome. I like how they told the story." " said.

" Disclosure: I received this advance reader book in exchange for a review. Soccer School should appeal to middle grade readers, especially boys. They will be hooked by the first chapter, which is about the importance of pooping. Yep, pooping. The book is essentially facts and figures about soccer and its players, which are wrapped in an engaging package of imagination and first person narrative. Boys who go for the nonfiction books on soccer should find Soccer Season fun and informative. " said.

"This book is recommended for a third through sixth grade audience. I honestly believe my 7th. and 8th. grade soccer players will want to take a spin through its pages and maybe some adult soccer fans also.

The cover and illustrations have the appeal of all of the latest book favorites such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries. Most readers won't be discouraged by the 196 pages of facts because the information is interspersed with quick end of the chapter quizzes, full-page panels of cartoons, and stories of famous soccer stars.

I can't wait to get this copy processed and out on top of a library shelf for reading by our soccer aficionados. I'll be checking into ordering Season 2.
" said.

"This is a fun, nonfiction book filled with a wide assortment of facts and trivia about soccer. Lots of black and white illustrations and plenty of silly jokes. Rather than a table of contents, you are presented with a "school schedule" Each "class" starts with a silly comic strip that introduces the topic with a punny joke, and the classes each end with a 5 question quiz. It's not something that I'd read from cover to cover but it's fun to flip through. When we got it, my children each ran off with it, even my non-readers. I'll update this review when I've had a chance to read it aloud with my kids and get their reactions." said.

"Copy provided by Young Adult Books Central

"Coaches" Alex and Ben introduce the reader to their school that is all about soccer. Every class, from biology to business studies, deals with fun facts and information about how each topic pertains to soccer. My favorite part of the book was probably the two page spread detailing the schedule, which look NOTHING like a US middle school schedule! It is more like a college schedule, with two days of math and fun things like Design Technology, Zoology, Music, Photography, Fashion, and Business Studies! That makes the idea of Soccer School an amazing opportunity right there.

While the story line takes us through our school week, this is more a compendium of random information detailing just about every aspect of soccer. It is noteworthy that the entire first chapter, Biology, discusses all of the minute details of how professional soccer players (as well as race dogs) manage their BMs. The subsequent math chapter gives statistics on death on the soccer field! (Luckily, the chances are pretty low-- about a 1 in 200,000 chance.) This is followed by the zoology chapter that discusses different team mascots and gives a lot of information about eagles. While all of this is very informative, it doesn't seem to be all that pertinent to soccer!

While there are a lot of pictures illustrating different concepts, there is also a LOT of small text. There are side bars, quizzes, charts with statistics, and a lot of other facts as well as frequent cartoon panels illustrating concepts.

There are plenty of details about playing fields, crowd control, player salaries, and famous players. Readers who have moved beyond the short nonfiction soccer books about various teams and have read all of the how-to books on soccer will enjoy this fast-paced, random compilation of humorous anecdotes that even include space soccer.
" said.

" Recommended read for football enthusiasts and young players. " said.

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