Children's Book: Odd Sock Catches Gold Fever: Early Chapter Book for ages 5-8, About One Small Toy's Adventures in a Big World (Odd Sock Adventures 1) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-23 
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"Odd Sock is a stuffy that I fell in love with immediately. Odd Sock is going on an adventure with M to Scotland. M loves to climb mountains and Odd Sock loves to go on adventures. M and Odd Sock have tons of adventures on their way to Scotland! Several things are wonderful about the book: many new words pop up for us across the pond and incredible photographs! I loved going back thru the book and just looking at the photographs. They are frame worthy! Odd Sock is a sweet character that makes you want to go and travel the same path and have your own adventure! Love the story and Odd Sock!" said.

"Get off your lazy butt and go on an outdoor adventure with odd Sock. She's exploring the Scottish hillsides in her first ever adventure novel! Learn lots of fun facts about what it means to be a hillwalker and don't forget your candy bar. You can find Odd Sock in the photos, which there are tons of and are gorgeous! Yes, you can truly experience Scotland through this amazing chapter book!

Teddy O'Malley, author of Tell Me How You Say Good Night
" said.

"Odd Sock's BIG Scottish Adventure

Odd Sock's BIG Scottish Adventure by Melinda Kinsman is a wonderful chapter book for kids aged 5 to 8. Not only does it promote outdoor activities, it is educational in a fun way. The story is told by Odd Sock with a childlike tone. I do have to say that the author had me from the start because I love photography and hiking. So this book was a perfect fit for me, even as an adult. (If I could insert smiley faces here, I would.)

The author is newly published, but one would never know without reading her biography. She tells the story in a light manner that does not negate her message about using safe practices when hiking. This is brought about by having a character named M explain things to the ever inquisitive Odd Sock. One would think that the author was once a teacher because her storytelling seems is so natural.

I highly recommend this book for younger children as well. They will love the pictures of Odd Sock at various mountains, waterfalls, rope bridges and other viewpoints along the way. The author's idea to include her character in actual photographs taken on her own hiking adventure is ingenious and original.
" said.

"Since I have a little Irish in my family history, so I decided to purchase this book. It is very interesting and entertaining to take a walk around Scotland with Odd Sock in this book. I enjoyed this book and recommend it to all." said.

"I have a love for the Scottish mountains so reading this book was an absolute joy for me! If your kids have a love and affinity for exploring the countryside, they will surely enjoy and be inspired by this book. Author, Melinda Kinsman had written a detailed account of her recent trip to Scotland, and it's told in a simple and effective way for kids. There is a very helpful glossary included; so that kids can learn more about some unusual words, that they may come across, from time to time.

I found the obvious chemistry between M (Melinda) and Odd Sock's very charming indeed. I'm sure kids will happily engaged with Odd Sock's fun adventure. I've counted 45 lovely pictures in this book, which I find really enhances the story telling!

I'm happy to confess that I've learnt lots from this well constructed book, especially how Morse Code is used in emergency situations! I highly recommend this book for kids, in the age range of 5 to 8 years. I'm absolutely sure that a lot of parents will enjoy reading and sharing this book with their kids!

I have a secret message for Melinda and Odd Sock's; in Morse Code of course!
Word 1 o-oo --- ooo- o Word 2 oo - (I'm sorry that I can't fill-in the dots!)

For more information on author, Melinda Kinsman's books; please visit her website at:
" said.

"Odd Sock's Big Scottish Adventure was a thrill ride! I wanted this book because of my interest in pictures from Scotland. Wow, it was so much more! This little book is stuffed to the gills with informative information about things like, camping, nature and geography. That is just scratching the surface! The book also has an incredibly well crafted story and even a glossary at the end! Adults will learn new things in this book as well as kids! It's that good! Period!" said.

"Odd Sock is my kind of girl! An adventurer for sure and one who is willing to go new places and try new things. What I don't understand about Odd Sock is how she stays looking so spiffy, especially after an adventure such as this one! Her trip with M to Scotland made me want to pack my bags and head for the hills...or should I say, the Munros ? The descriptions of the mountains and the photos of them added so much to the book. As told and seen thru Odd Sock's (button) eyes, I learned about a beautiful part of the world in a way that was amusing and fun. While educational, Odd Sock's adventure was also exciting. When she got to the three wire bridge, I wondered if M would make it across.
Kids will love this and learn about hiking and compasses and maps and terrain and Morse code and most of all, how to get out outside and just walk and enjoy nature!
I'm going to dust off my hiking boots and do the same. Thanks Odd Sock- this book was the gold nugget.
" said.

"This book tickled me. I enjoyed the reality brought into the story with the photographs of Odd on his journey. I also liked the explanation of the more complex words at the end. All in all a great story and I am sure it will bring joy to any child who reads it, along with a great deal of knowledge." said.

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