We Are Witnesses: Five Diaries Of Teenagers Who Died In The Holocaust Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-11-04 
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"I thought this book was extremely truthful and very sad. Reading about what people had to go through during the Holocaust, it was just sad. I chose this book because I had to read a nonfiction book and this one really interested me.

I've always been interested in the Holocaust. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy that as well- and sad books. My favorite person in this book is probably Moshe. I really liked his how is faith was fluctuating but he also raised back up and proved loyal to others, but most importantly, himself.

A important lesson I learned in this book is that nobody is perfect. I really enjoyed the parts where it said that the people in the Ghettos were nice to the Nazis' who persecuted them. And is said some of the Nazis' were actually nice to them after that. I thought that was kind of nice.
" said.

" I loved the idea of curated journals from other teens. Really gives you insight into how things were in various countries and in various situations Jewish people found themselves in in the war. Too much intrusion from the author, though. I wanted longer passages from the journals, at least at times. I've taught several of the stories in my class. " said.

"The book was a very strong minded book. David Rubinowicz, Yitzhak Rudashevski, Moshe Flinker, Eve Heyman, and Anne Frank went through things that no teenager should ever go through in ther life from people calling them bad people to shooting them in feilds in Poland. My qoute for this book would be "They died because they lived and they lived because they had a reason to and they had a reason because they were Jewish." I think that their reason to live was because they had to share their story from their side. A bunch of people think that Hitler killed them because he didn't like them but the truth is that he killed them because he feared them and didn't like their religon. In the book all of them go through their best friends dying to their parents dying mostly everyone they knew dies one by one and they feel the pain from them. In the begining you might think it's gonna be a sad book the whole time but really it does have funny joyful parts in it and sometimes they have a life like people now except they have different feelings about there situations compared to ours. The most real deep diary i thought was Eve Heyman her mom left her to go with her new husband to a safe place and Eve is left with her dad and sister Margot. Her life changed once the war started so did the others but hers had changed the most in the end her mom gets what she deserves for leaving her kids for love. Everyone one knows Anne Frank's diary beacuse it's published everywhere and after she and her sister die her dad finds the diary and found out how deep his daughter thought about the world. The Title of this book is really what true because they are the witnesses of the Holocaust but there probably are more diaries out in the world that we will find. If you want the truth than read this book or if you want to just read a book that you think is a past time of the world than read this one.

" said.

"This book was very interesting in that it tells the stories of five individuals, taken from their personal diaries. I enjoyed the fact that this gives the reader the opportunity to compare and contrast their experiences of World War II and the Holocaust - they are boys and girls, they are from different countries, speaking different languages, they are Jews with varying degrees of devout-ness, etc. I would have preferred to read each narrator's entire story; in this book there are direct quotes interspersed with explanation and extra narration, and I could've done without that. Considering that this book is geared toward younger readers, however, the format is probably a good thing. I think a curious student would be inspired to seek out more historical accounts after reading this book - that would definitely be my hope if I recommended it to a student, which I plan to do!" said.

Author: Jacob Boas
Melissa Guzman A/B2

This book was very sad and emotional. I can't believe that some are so heartless to hurt others ove a religion. These teenagers were very strong and full of hope to stay strong. Some were about my age I dont know what I would have don in there case.
The strong teenagers were all unique and showed courage in there own way. David showed how he struggled and feared all he went through, in a very well set matter. Yitzhak showed how jews clugged through there faith and by learning. He held onto his hope until there wasn't any at all. Moshe showed his love for his religion and learned through his religion. Eva showed how much she strived for freedom and hunger. Now finally Ann showed us her human spirt in all her entrys.
All of the characters had a scared tone. They were sared for what was next, they were going through the worst but still managed to stay strong. Because of these powerful, inspiring and emotional stories we can understand a lot of the pain they went through.
" said.

" This is my second time reading this book. It is a little different as it gives excerpts from 5 teens that experienced The Holocaust. Sadly all 5 died as a result. This is geared to young adults, but is a good read for all. " said.

" I did learn a few things I hadn't known before. I liked the comparisons at the end. I'd love to read more. I feel it's everyone's duty to learn about the horrible things the Jews endured so it never happens again. " said.

"Parts of this book I really liked and parts made me angry.

David’s story made me realize that the ghettos were bad, but the residents still had comfort I assumed were cruelly stollen, like education and a library and theater performances.

Yitzhak’s story spoke of Jews getting work authorization on colored pieces of paper, these papers offered the owner, a spouse, and two children immunity from death, but the colors were subject to change at a moment’s notice.

Moshe’s story seemed naive to me. He fully expected God to rescue him.

Éva’s story made me angry. Her mom did everything to save her second husband and was willing to watch her daughter die. The poor girl was basically thrown away.
" said.

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