The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-12-25 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 130 user ratings

" I am a forever fan of Sally Fallon Morell and the Weston A. Price Foundation. I just had my second baby 6 months ago and would have loved to read this book before my first was conceived. Still, I found this book reaffirming and plan to return to it if/when I go on to have a third! " said.

" 4.5/5 stars. I enjoy reading Sally Fallon Morell's work, and this book was no exception. I read this book to better understand the general care and feeding of young children from the Nourishing Traditions viewpoint. I like the emphasis on good fats in the diet, as well as the scientific and medical information presented. " said.

" Spectacular!!! Everyone should receive this book as a wedding gift so that they can know how to be preparing their bodies to bear children well in advance. The end of the book with it's list of common childhood ailments and how they should be treated is wonderful as well and probably worth the price of the book by itself. " said.

" My go-to for advice for first time Moms. Trying to find sound advice that isn't mainstream can be hard. This information helped me have my easiest pregnancy to date. I wish every newlywed couple would read this book, I feel a lot of complications and infertility issues could be dogged using this information. There is so much we canBenefit from through a nutrient dense diet before and during pregnancy. " said.

" This was okay. I love the NT cookbook and appreciate all the insightful tips in this one too, but Fallon and her Dr. friend went rigid about pre-conception, pregnancy, and children's diet (no Cheerios or goldfish, ya'll) and frankly there's better logic and science out there to formulate reasons for no vaccines (Ch. 6). I just thought a few places in this book were over the top and ri-dunk-u-lous/not realistic. I'm too much a naysayer to buy into it all, full-board. " said.

"I read this book in preparation for having a bambino in upcoming future. It reiterates my love / hate relationship with Sally Fallon and West A Price. There is some interesting, good information in here, from valid, scientific sources - unfortunately it is mixed together with a bunch of dangerous, unsubstantiated, unscientific hogwash (she rolls out the old, completely disproved 'Vaccines Cause Autism' chestnut again) so it made it difficult to take the rest of the book seriously (I stopped reading about half way through.) " said.

"The Nourishing Traditions cookbook is a part of my every day life so I was already very familiar with the Weston A. Price Foundation and what they teach. It has made a big difference in the health of my family! Even though I was familiar with much of the information, I still learned a few things and it was nice to have more in depth explanations in one place. But as much as I am in board with the nutrition information I thought the Rudolf Steiner stuff was really wacky. That's why I am only giving it four stars." said.

"The nutritional information in this book is very good. For that reason I would recommend it to mothers, but with a big disclaimer.

The disclamer would be:
1. The topic of Male Genital Mutilation (MGM) is discussed in there in a positive way. The reason for it being in the book is that traditional people do it. Yeah, they also do and did Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), but that does not make it right. Both are wrong in so many many ways.

2. The other reason why it should not be in there is that Genital Mutilation is a medical or religious topic, which should not be discussed in a book on child care as it is not general child care. The only place in the world where people are so hung up on it is in the USA.

3. There are also myths put forward about MGM as being true.

Therefore the book looses 2 stars. If the topic would have been left out I would have probably given it 5 stars as the rest of the information is very good.
" said.

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