Disney Star vs. The Forces of Evil Comics Collection: Deep Trouble Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-20 
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"This comic collection was definitely NOT what I was expecting... although I probably should have been prepared for more zany, child friendly adventures. (Not that the TV show isn't child friendly, it just focuses more on the emotions and development of the characters. This comic does not.) This bind up is more on the crazy side! I would of course recommend this comic collection to any hard core SVTFOE fan like myself, just to add one more thing to your knowledge base, but more to the younger audience of readers who enjoyed episodes such as Lobster Claws or Fetch.
Altogether it was a quick and easy read that I finished in 20 or so minutes, so if you're not in love with it, it won't be such a burden to complete.
" said.

" Me encantó, los dibujos son hermosos y de mucha calidad, la historia está bien hecha, lo unico que me decepciona un poco es que fue muy corto y lo leí demasiado rápido, pero eso no importa, muy recomendable. " said.

" This was like watching an episode but on paper, which in my opinion is better than looking at a screen. It's nice to have a copy I can bring on the go. " said.

" THE BIGGEST FAN OF SVTFOE!!!! It was a really cute comic that had the same quirk as the show. " said.

" Oh no, Pony Head! Someone has it out for that magic equine! Star puts herself on the line to prove her friend's innocence. Even going as far to try to travel back and catch the culprit. Between time travel mishaps and Glossaryck's craziness, she is going to need some help. It's a very enjoyable comical read that would be amazing in a min arc of the show. I hope (and can't wait) they will continue and solve the mystery in volume 2! " said.

"Huge fan of Star vs the forces of evil. Literally want to grab anything to quench the thirst between seasons. Also, STARCO is my OTP.

Very much like the show and a good story that feels very familiar to the episodes set up. Wish there were more STARCO moments. Also, This is like a part one of a series because the main story hasn't been resolved yet. I liked getting to see Star's parents when they were younger. It was kind of cute because there is so much depth to Moon Butterfly and River that the show used to only hint at. I like seeing them branch out of their stern royal appearance and show their real personalities. I also like that Moon's wand looked like it did as she was Queen and showed her studying her magic; just another inside to how her training was different from Star's and how they relate as Mother and Daughter in the show.

I liked how Ferguson showed up again. Where have those guys been on the show recently? Star is explaining like "This is why we don't invite you anywhere!"

The one story that I felt so unnecessary and freaked me out more than anything was Glosserick's story. I felt so confused when reading it.

Still trying to figure out what the Goblin Dog's stand has to do with Pony Head but remembering the episode, maybe the goblin dog did something to her?
" said.

"This is a collection of the first four comic books from Disney's comic series "Deep Trouble," which features Star Butterfly, Marco Diaz and many other characters from its animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil. The short length of the comics made an incredibly quick read, which was disappointing because I had waited so long to finally get copies of these, and I finished it all in a half hour.

Some stories included are better than others, but it's still a nice supplement to the TV show. The art is decent, the characterization is good, and yet, I can't give this more than 3.5 stars because this collection doesn't contain a full story arc. I don't see this drawing new fans to the show because of its innovation, but fans of the show should be amused with this comic series.

Overall, I am very glad that this comic exists and that I could save a few dollars by buying the trade rather than having to order individual comics online (my local shops don't carry SVTFOE Deep Trouble), and I am looking forward to seeing what actually happens in this story.
" said.

" A cute, very true to the show set of tales from the Star VS the Forces of Evil Universe. Ponyhead has gotten herself in trouble again, and Star comes to the rescue, travelling through time and battling with human-faced cats to try and save her friend! The art matches the show perfectly, though I must complain that this is a cliff hanger book. Can't we do more than 4 issues per volume? " said.

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