Pokémon Adventures: Heart Gold & Soul Silver, Vol. 1 Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-11-03 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 8 user ratings

" Awesome! loved seeing Gold,Silver and Crystal again " said.

" As with most *Pokemon* manga, I enjoyed this very much. I would like to read the other volume of this arc as well. " said.

" This one was published a long time after the original Gold and Silver Pokemon Adventures series. I had a bit of a hard time remembering where are characters were at and what the status quo was regarding their Pokemon and relationships when this volume picked up. " said.

"I can't say enough about this short story-arc of the whole series. Technically this storyline is in volumes 40-42 of the series, but VIZ had to go and break out each and every storyline it seems. There are still flashback scenes to previous storylines they haven't covered yet, but with the pace of the short story arc, they didn't spend much time on the flashbacks...perhaps why VIZ felt it okay to break this part out.

After the Ruby/Sapphire storyline, this is probably my absolutely favorite story-arc of the entire series!
" said.

"4.5/5. I really liked this volume overall as it reminded me heavily of the third chapter that starred Gold, Silver, and Crystal. This volume takes place three years after the Emerald chapter and before the Diamond, Pearl and Platinum chapter (the first in the series to take place before the volume before it).

I really liked the character of Gold as he is the anti-Red. Whereas Red does things for people, Gold takes action for himself, but has a good heart. Silver continues on his own personal quest to take down Team Rocket and prove that he is not Giovanni and Crystal vows to aid her friends in taking the evil organization down to protect the children who live in the world.
" said.

"Rating: 3/5 – For Seasoned Pokemon Trainers (and Readers!) Only

Way back when, a manga-loving colleague of mine told me one of the best manga he’d ever read was Pokemon Adventures – the original series. I scoffed. I have nothing against Pokemon in general but there’s just no way a series so deeply mired in commercialism and selling cute toys to kids (and adults) could ever be taken seriously as an actual story. I’m kind of dumb that way.

This is not to say that Pokemon Adventures: HeartGold & SoulSilver is quite on that same level. It isn’t, nor is it a solid jumping on point for newcomers to the whole Pokemon world (yes, there are still a few people out there!). If you’re not familiar with some of the stories that precede this volume involving Gold and Silver – two pokemon trainers with very different backgrounds – you’re going to be lost pretty much from the beginning, and need to go back and find those earlier works if you’re so inclined.
Read more: http://comicspectrummanga.wordpress.c...
" said.

" Not a good setup for a new storyline, unfocused and all over the place. " said.

" Quite enjoyable to say the least Johto has always been my favorite. " said.

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