Ancient Egypt: An Interactive History Adventure (You Choose: Historical Eras) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-22 
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" This was a great book for its reading level. Choose-your-own-adventure kinds of books are cool already, but make them so you learn history in a such a fun way?! Awesome! " said.

" I love anything to do with ancient Egypt, so perhaps I have a bit too much background knowledge for this book. Overall, it read more like a history book than a choose your own adventure book. " said.

" A very cool book. I got this at my library and I had a great time reading it. The rest of the series is okay. Over all, I'd recommend it. " said.

" Very interactive engaging reading experience for readers of all ages into Ancient pre-Christian Egypt - farming, lifestyle, role of women and pyramid building by foreign workers, Cleopatra- Antonio. Enjoyable read. Recommended for children! Good Christmas gift! " said.

" I loved choose your own adventure books as a kid and think it is cool that this series follows that format but focuses on a historical time period. Personally, as an adult, I would have preferred this to focus on one time period and gone into more depth a out that time period rather than telling about three time periods in egypt's history. But kids will probably love it...especially those interested in history and those that like choose your own adventures. " said.

"This book gives you tons of choices in ancient Egypt. Will you help build King Tut's tomb or will you join Cleopatra's army against the Romans? Or will you become a skilled carver in building pyramids? Each decision leads to a different adventure--you choose! From my choices, I learned the reason for Cleopatra's suicide as well as her method. It was a surprising twist. The reason I like this book more than other interactive history books is because it allows you to feel like you are in other people's shoes. It does this by explaining how your choices will affect you from the beginning of the book." said.

" This was the kids' first choose-your-own-adventure story. We made sure to read every possible story ending, which was really fun. The book was also a good educational tool. " said.

"When I first started reading this, I was certain I was going to give it one star. It was just so... teacher-y. The vocabulary, the pacing... I don't know, everything.

It didn't read like an adventure; it read like a textbook. ...For little kids. ...That a teacher was trying to trick them into reading.

I mostly still feel that way even now. But because I felt like I learned something, I feel like the trick worked. So, kudos to the author.

It's sad how little I know about Ancient Egypt - especially given the fact that I teach it. But I feel the same way about U.S. History. And we've been around for what?... (2014-1776=238) 238 years? Unless you count starting at the Constitution... in which case (2014-1787=227).

Lets go with the more common 238 years. That's a lot of history.

But the Egyptians? They were around for 3000? 4000? years... That's a lot of years. I mean, that's so much history that we're saying "about 3 or 4 thousand years" - as if the difference of that thousand years doesn't matter. And we want kids to know about the Teapot Dome Scandal?

I especially liked the parts about Cleopatra and Marc Antony. Those are a couple names I haven't heard in a while.

Bonus thoughts? I loved putting in status updates and watching my page numbers jump all over the place.

I've also added a "pro-choice" shelf for all the You Choose/ Choose Your Own Adventure books I'll be reading...
" said.

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