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UPDATE TIME: 2019-10-24 
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"In this short rendition of Anne Frank's life, author Josephine Poole breathes life into the troubles that Jewish people had to face in Europe during World War II. Anne Frank had a seemingly normal life until she was discriminated against for being a Jew. Hitler declared that Jews were the reason that Germany was so poor after World War I. Frank had to deal with being bullied at school, to having to wear a gold star, to running away and hiding in an annex for years to avoid deportation to concentration camps. Along with the beautiful words, illustrator Angela Barrett brings a melancholy tone to the book, beautifully and mournfully painting the torment of a family grieved with constant solitude. Yet, despite Anne's tragic ending, her diary "was just the beginning" for her. Her story lives on, and through that, Anne Frank is a constant living force reminding us of the virtues of finding peace within the most tragic times in history." said.

"I really enjoyed reading the book. The book is a picture book biography, I think it would be appropriate for students in fifth grade and up. The voice the author uses is appropriate for children and includes lots of words that can be used to expand a student's vocabulary. I recently learned about a program called VocabGrabber that would be helpful in pulling out vocabulary words.

I wasn't sure what to expect reading the story, whether it would be about her time in hiding, or something else. The story primarily covered what lead up to the family going into hiding. One specific part I liked in the story was that Anne is described as, "...clever and imaginative, nervous and sensitive,". When she went to school she would get herself into trouble because she would make the students and teachers laugh at her jokes. I think students will be able to relate to her and be curious to learn more about her.

I would use this book as a "hook" to get students interested in reading "The Diary of Anne Frank". The story would also help in bringing content they may be learning about in social studies to life.
" said.

"This is a story about the life of Anne Frank. Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl who lived in Germany during World War II. Anne was faced with many challenges and difficulties because she was Jewish. When she was a young girl she had to go and live in an attic in order to try and hide from the Nazis. During this time she met and fell in love with a man named Peter. One day a horrible break-in occurred where the Nazi soldiers raided the annex and took Anne away. The diary that Anne had been keeping was scattered across the attic floor. Mr. Frank, Anne’s father, later found out that Anne was taken to a German concentration camp, and while she was there she died of typhus.
Anne Frank was a young girl who lived a short life, but whose story is long-lived. This book portrayed the life of Anne Frank very well in a way that would be very age appropriate for young children. This book teaches about the life of Anne Frank, as well as what life was like during the Holocaust. The illustrations are beautiful and really capture the characters and the setting of this historical time period. I would highly recommend this book to be used in the classroom.
This picture book would be appropriate for grades 4-8.
" said.

"Summary/Review: The book follows the life of Anne Frank, a child living in the time of World War 2. The book begins with the birth of Anne and continues through her time living in the Annex and being brought to a concentration camp. The book provides students with a simplified story of this famous little girl. Younger students can still understand the terror of this time yet it is presented in a way for younger students to understand. Pictures make the life more realistic to them and allows the reader to imagine how these people felt.
Uses in classroom: 1.Used in a study on the Holocaust providing different books on children or adults that lived during it. 2. Compare different perspectives during the Holocaust. Paired Books: Passage to Freedom: The Sugihara Story, Star of Fear, Star of Hope. Quote: "Having to be silent all day---that was almost unbearable for someone like Anne!"
" said.

" Gentle introduction to the topic for kids. I did find it focused more on her life before the war than the experience during. But perhaps that is strictly because of the intended audience. " said.

" A very sweetly illustrated and simply written retelling of the story of Anne Frank’s life and how her Diary came to be.It handles her historical context well, with subtlety, and purposefully leads the reader to questions which will help them learn about the Holocaust and World War II in general. " said.

"I have to agree with most people about this book, its a great picture book. The story and authenticity of what happened was accurate but didn't feel like textbook read. The book gives a summary of Anne's life while also telling the life of every Jewish person living during WWII and the Holocaust. The illustrations (was icing on the cake) brought a hard setting for a kid to imagine to life. I am not a parent or a teacher but I would still recommend this book to parents and teachers that want to introduce this time period to younger children." said.

"This book is the life of Anne Frank, from birth until being taken from the hidden attic by the Nazis. The books illustrated to be compelling yet easy-to-understand "first" introduction to the Holocaust as witnessed by Anne and her family. This book gives a detailed timeline of important events in Europe and in the Frank family is included.

This book is magical, I love the illustrations. And how the story is presented. It doesn’t jump right in the the holocaust, it gives an intro of her and how she fits into that puzzle.

This book would be perfect for any age group talking about the holocaust, it allows for the students to be engaged with the pictures and story! After reading this book, I would have the kids create their own diary, and for a week or so have the write in it at times throughout the day!
" said.

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