A Giving Heart: A Coloring Book Celebrating Motherhood Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-20 
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"A Giving Heart is a beautiful coloring book that is based around the theme of motherhood. Some of the coloring pages are pictures to color. Others are quotes with pictures around them. Each page is single sided and on the back of many is a Bible verse or a quote that relates to motherhood. There are 46 different illustrations that you can color included. I love the variety of drawings included. Whether you prefer simple or more complex coloring pages, there will be something you love in this book.
This is not only a gorgeous keepsake for yourself but would make a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day.
" said.

"A Giving Heart: A Coloring book Celebrating Motherhood by Stephanie Corfee was designed especially with mothers in mind.

The illustrations are feminine, frilly, and faith-based.

They are primarily one-sided, but if there are words, then the words are printed on the other side (not sure why, but it's pretty).

The pages are sturdy and held up pretty well to to the media I used; however, I did have some issues with erasing. (If you must erase, be gentle.)

Coloring Pictures Is Therapeutic

I filled-in the picture below with a nice set of colored pencils, glitter gel pens, and chalk (for the sky). I experienced a little bleedthrough, but fortunately I had slipped in a piece of cardstock between the page I was coloring and the next page, so it didn't affect the next illustration. I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

A Giving Heart Coloring Book
" said.

"I recently had the chance to review a beautiful adult coloring book designed just for moms, called A Giving Heart. This book had inspiring quotes and Scripture to encourage and inspire Christian mothers.

My daughter really likes art, but I'm not very good at it, so this was a great way for me to spend time with her at the art table, doing something that looked good when it was done. The art is detailed enough to be interesting and not childish, but not so hard that I couldn't feel good about how mine looked. There's enough variety in the patterns to make it interesting, so I didn't feel like I was coloring the same picture over and over again.

My daughter liked some of the pages herself, and wanted to color some as a gift for me, which I thought was sweet. I'm considering ordering copies for both my mother and mother-in-law as well, since they both enjoy adult coloring books!
" said.

"This review is also available on my blog, Read Till Dawn.

Honestly, I think I–like everyone else–am finally falling out of love with the adult coloring book fad.

Before and after

Actually, if we're being completely honest here, I don't think I ever really was in love with adult coloring books. I just decided I should be because everyone else was, and I amassed a lot of pretty coloring books with the mindset of "I'm sure I'll get around to coloring these eventually." Which is ridiculous, because I have a permanent injury in my dominant wrist that makes repetitive writing/coloring literally painful for me.

I suppose that explains why I took so long to review A Giving Heart: I had to convince myself to color a page of it. And don't get me wrong, the designs are very pretty; there are lots of flowers and vases and women with pretty hair that exude an aura of peace whenever I look at them. But I just don't have the stamina (or the patience) to sit and color every single little design in a complex picture. I just don't. I think, if I'm going to keep coloring, I need to go back to kid coloring books because that's basically where my attention span is at right now.

You can see a little bit of

But I'm sorry, let me get into reviewing the coloring book for those of you who are actually interested in it. I do like a lot of the pictures (though quite a few of them–especially the quotes–are "churchy" enough that they wouldn't really do for a non-Christian audience), and the complexity is really not as bad as it's been in some of the other coloring books I've seen. My biggest issue with the book itself is probably its paper quality: I color with thin markers, and the back side of the pages I've colored are dark with the colors I used and have actually bled through in the spots where my markers rested. The paper has also gotten a little warped from the coloring, almost as though it's slightly water-stained. I really don't know why the publisher didn't invest in some thicker, pricier paper to ensure the book could actually be used for its intended purpose.

But then, you could always scan the pictures and color them on a fresh sheet of paper. This would keep the book pristine for multiple uses, too. If I were more serious about coloring, that's probably what I would do.

But I'm not, so I suppose I'll end this review now since I'm already out of stuff to say about the book. I hope my thoughts have been at least a little bit helpful. If you do decide to buy and color the book, be sure to show us pictures of the pages you complete!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
" said.

" A beautiful coloring book celebrating motherhood! Scriptures are included and the illustrations are lovely. If you are into adult color books? Pick up this one. " said.

" Thank you Goodreads! A beautiful book. I gifted it to a mom of 5 kids. She was thrilled! " said.

"There are days where I spend considerable time watching practice sets and waiting for everyone to be ready to head home. Other days I'm feeling a bit stressed or overwhelmed. On any of those days I find that doodling, or coloring, helps pass the time and clams my nerves. When I had the chance to review a few coloring books aimed at adults I was more than happy to see how they looked. I love the theme for this one and the finished images are beautiful; no artistic abilities required. I ended up purchasing some pens designed for this activity and absolutely loved the fun, easy way to pass the time and de-stress. I received a single copy through Hachette Book Group in exchange for an honest review." said.

" `A Giving Heart` is a coloring book especially for mom's designed by Stephanie Corfee. The thing I most enjoyed about this color book is the positive quotes throughout the book. Each design is quite detailed, but to spend time just reading the quotes is refreshing.

I believe other mothers should give this book a try because of the quotes and the uplifting coloring even the youngest mother could find a few minutes for. This book is for beginner and experienced colorists. The best thing is it can be set aside and worked on as time allows.

This is the first of three books sent to me by the publisher and I look forward to working in all three. I recommend this color book to young and experienced moms.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this coloring book by the publisher. All opinions are my own."
" said.

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