Eagle (The Five Ancestors, Book 5) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-22 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 18 user ratings

" Ying is a strong soul who doesn't know what to think anymore, sort of like a lost little boy trying to redeem himself and I love that. Lots of sorrow in his life and learning about the truth from his mother for a short time confuses him more than ever but he keeps pushing on. A great story for all to read! " said.

" this is the ancestors of eagle. Their quest leads them to Ying's mother who reveals the true story of his past and the treasure they seek. The forces of the Emperor, led by Tong Long, overtake them and seize the treasure from a hidden cave. Through a spyglass Ying and Malao see the treasure aboard Tong Long's ship.. " said.

" I loved this one probably the most of the series. Previously, Ying is shown as the "bad guy", and though he's done bad things, it's awesome to see he's not so horrible as everyone thinks. It was cool to see him grow from the cruel, selfish dragon to some someone who sees others as people of worth. Very good book, can't wait for the next, because Little Mouse is so cute. " said.

" I am reading this series because my boys have really liked it and I think it's pretty great. Being an avid Jackie Chan/Kung Fu fan, I have really enjoyed the kung fu action. Not overly graphic, this is great story for young kids who crave action and adventure stories. This book follows the storyline of Ying, the most angry and conflicted of the main characters. " said.

" Ying always hated the grandmaster for denying him the chance to train as a Dragon (he had to study eagle technique), and held a deep resentment for his five younger brothers. He took his revenge and burnt the Cangzhen temple to the ground, but the five survived. And when Ying is betrayed and imprisoned, it is his younger (surprise) sister, Hok, who comes to rescue him. As he struggles to survive he also discovers that his world is not really what he thought, and neither are the people in it. " said.

" This was a great squeal so the others but still i liked the first one. I enjoyed the prospective of former enemy. I can't wait to read the next book... little mouse. Besides enjoying the book, it teaches you some Cantonese language like for example Fu means Tiger.I am vary impressed from these books they are like none I've ever read they are vary fast paced books, that are vary interesting and enjoyable. " said.

" I got interested in this series at school, so I started out with Tiger. The series gets better and better. But I thought that this one was the best because it tells the story about Ying and it gives information about the five. The ending is very sad, but I am not going to give away anything. The beginning of the book is kind of confusing, but it starts to get more exciting. It was one of the best books that I ever read. AWESOME!!!!!!!!! " said.

"This was the "last one" in the series. But of course it is not.

It was an entertaining tale of the Eagle, one of the kids(each with a different fighting style.) trained by the monks. It was his point of view, which was interesting because he was always the "bad mean one". He killed the grandmaster, which he found in this book to be his grandfather.

In this book we are introduced to "Mouse" a new character that since the eagle placed his trust in him, will save the treasure that they are seeking.

It is an adventurous tale. The authors note in the back is also very intriguing.
" said.

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