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UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-22 
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" Photographs depicting refugee children show the reader how children are affected in immigration crises, with the questions they may ask their adults. The photographs are from around the world, but the questions - where will I sleep?, where will I live? are universal. A touching book which can serve as a jumping off place for children to understand what others are going through. " said.

" Beautiful book of photographs and simplistic text that tell the sad story of the youngest refugees. This is a great book for helping children to see the human side of having to flee your home and find a new safe place to go. Some adults would probably also benefit from a simple explanation of what being a refugee means. " said.

" This book uses clear color photos of child refugees from around the world. It explores the refugee experience by posing age-appropriate questions that children in this situation may have. Although it offers hope at the end, it doesn't shy from the sadness and fear of the situation and many of the photos are heart-wrenching. Best used with elementary aged kids in a classroom or at home, where the context can be discussed. " said.

" These heartbreaking photos make me sad and hopeful at the same time. I love that the photos take center stage, with the text playing a supporting role. The ending felt a little odd to me, talking directly to the reader for the first time, but, overall, I felt like everyone needs to see this book, needs to be aware of the hard truths of the lives of refugees. It's done in a digestible, not sensationalized way here. " said.

"A timely and powerful global story from Rosemary McCarney about what life is like for child refugees who are uprooted from their homes because of war. The author uses spare text so that reader’s will focus their attention on the beautiful UNHCR photographs which show how refugees walking, running, hiking across deserts, and riding in carts and boats with the hope of finding a safe place to live. Many end up in refugee camps and tent cities in countries like Lebanon, Rwanda, Iraq, Niger, Hungary, Jordan, South Sudan, and Greece. Important age-appropriate classroom book.
" said.

"The content is valuable for a variety of age-levels, and the simple text allows for either further questions, or for simple storytelling, depending on the needs of the reader. The gripping photographs humanize the subjects, without being all downtrodden (ie, you see children smiling with friends, too, creating a more complex narrative).

This book may be best for slightly older young readers; the majority of the book deals with fears rather than hope, and without context, I don't know that Kindergarten readers would get a lot from the text -- but your mileage may vary, and that certainly doesn't diminish from the importance of representation and a reality many children are experiencing, or the fact that non-refugee children DO pick up things they hear and see in the news, even if it isn't happening to them.

Would suggest as a readalike to I'm New Here by Anne Sibley O'Brien.
" said.

""I am so blessed to live in a country that is not war-torn and dangerous but has prosperity and peace within. So many millions of families around the world are displaced and literally running for their lives trying to seek asylum and once again find a safe home in which to raise their children. "

This book with its vivid and informative photos, along with the simple narrative, explains the plight of these scared weary refugees who feel lost and hopeless and just want to obtain a normal life once again.

Life for them is hard and complicated when they are constantly on the move and there are so many unknowns facing them. But in the midst of all that worry and strife oftentimes the precious children rally with each other to play, laugh and make friends, a thing that every child loves (and needs) to do. For those few happy, engaging moments they can forget their fears and find that normalcy that they so desperately need. In doing so hope rises up in them and tells their hearts that somewhere, sometime, someone will say welcome to your new home.

What a perfect book to share at this time as so many refugees are trying to relocate into new parts of the world fleeing from evil dangers so they can continue their life and start anew. This book teaches your child about how others live, how to be grateful for their own country, and most of all compassion to enable them to reach out and help those less fortunate. I highly, highly recommend this book. It's timing around current world events happening now is spot on perfect.

" said.

" The pictures capture the uncertainty of being a refugee. " said.

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