Polar Bears and Penguins: A Compare and Contrast Book Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-20 
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" bookaday #4 young readers will enjoy the short, easy sentences comparing polar bears and penguins, all readers will appreciate the photos, some are dramatic! " said.

" I like the way this book takes younger readers through a compare and contrast of Polar Bears and Penguins and their habitats. " said.

" This compare and Contrast science book gives children pointers on how to differentiate penguins from polar bears, and how to know which hemisphere of the Earth each lives on. It's not as boring as I would have thought, and most of the pictures look realistic. " said.

" This book will make a great addition to our text set which includes the interactive read aloud Mr. Popper's Penguins. It will be a great mentor text for writer's workshop. Enjoy! " said.

"It's a nifty idea to devote a children's book to polar bears and penguins with all their similarities and differences. Some of those distinctions such as one being covered with fur and the other with feathers) are quite obvious, of course, but others such as one species' small family groupings and the others' tendency to gather in large collections, are not as obvious. Young readers will enjoy the simple text and the vivid photographs celebrating two animals that often fascinate children. Back matter includes quizzes, expansion on the information provided in the text, and a discussion of what happens at each pole during one year. This book will provide plenty of pleasurable moments for young readers while also teaching them something about penguins and polar bears. " said.

"TED-2360 Twin Texts Assignment:

This book about the differences and similarities between polar bears and penguins could be used to teach science concepts. The book describes how polar bears and penguins live at opposite poles of the Earth, and explains the differences between the Arctic and Antarctic. This would be a great book to begin teaching kids about the North and South Poles and the animals that live there. The fiction twin text I discovered for this book is "Virgil & Owen Stick Together" by Paulette Bogan. "Virgil & Owen Stick Together" is about a penguin and a polar bear who are best friends but are very different from each other. The two friends learn about having patience with each other even when they don't agree. This story ties in with the opposites theme of "Polar Bears and Penguins" by describing ways in which Virgil and Owen are opposites.
" said.

"Arbordale Publishing is coming out with some great picture books lately. Polar Bears and Penguins is a simple compare and contrast book between the two animals. They both live in frozen climates, but on opposite ends of the earth.

In this book, children will discover facts about polar bears, penguins, and their habitats. It's not a long book, and there are only one or two sentences per page. It's a good book for kids that are just starting out with non-fiction or that don't know much about the two animals. The photographs are beautiful, for the most part. There is also a section at the end of the book with information about the north and south poles, and how the lives of the polar bears and penguins revolve around the seasons there. There are quiz questions and extra tidbits of info as well.

This is a good book for the classroom or for homeschoolers, just keep in mind that the information offered is simple, so it's ideal for the younger grades of elementary. For extra activities and resources, visit the publisher's website.

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" said.

"Do you know where polar bears live? And do you know where penguins live? Both exist in polar climates where there is a lot of snow, and both like to swim in cold water. However, polar bears live in the Arctic region around the North Pole, whereas penguins live in the Antarctic which is the continent surrounding the South Pole. Polar bears are mammals covered with fur. Penguins are birds covered with feathers. There are many other similarities and differences between these two kinds of animals and their environments. So, do you think that you would likely see a nature photograph with both a polar bear and a penguin in the same shot?

The stunning photographs in Polar Bears and Penguins, along with author Katharine Hall’s instructive text, introduce young readers not only to these two fascinating creatures themselves, but also to the location and terrain of the polar regions, the many other types of bears and the various species of penguins, living habits of polar bears and penguins, and how the seasons are different at the two poles. The four back pages of “For Creative Minds” learning activities include further information on the seasons, polar mammals, and “A Year at the Poles,” plus polar bear true-false and penguin matching exercises, and more free activities are available online at the publisher’s website. Kids will learn that they might see polar bears and penguins near each other at a zoo, but they would never be found in the same habitats in the wild because they live at opposite ends of the Earth.
" said.

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