Adventure Time Original Graphic Novel Vol. 3: Seeing Red Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-11-03 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 12 user ratings

" In this graphic novel Jake accompanies Marceline to the Nightosphere for her family reunion, where drama ensues. The pair goes on a quest to retrieve Marceline’s axe bass so she can perform in her family reunion’s talent show. I am always a sucker for Marceline or Jake centric stories, so I loved this one. " said.

" This is the first Adventure Time book I've ever read. I've been aware of the show but haven't watched an episode. I picked it up mostly because I'm a fan of Kate's work. I'm so glad I did. The book was really fun and touching. The Lumpy Space Princess back up story was great. Think I'm becoming a fan. " said.

" I enjoyed this book because it wasn't just another Finn and Jake book this time they changed up the character leads. You get a healthy dose of Jake and Marcaline the Vampire Queen. They do make quite the pair, plus throw in an awkward little demon butler with a crush on Jake....and things get interesting. " said.

" Lo que han tenido que pasar Marceline y Jake para recuperar el bajo hacha ha estado lleno de momentos tan random, uno detrás que otro, que no sabes por dónde va a ir la historia.Creo que he cogido más cariño a Marceline...La sorpresa final. Hay que leerlo, no puedo desvelar nada. Os va a encantar. " said.

" 4.5/5I think it's impossible for an Adventure Time comic to be disappointing. I love Marceline and Jake, I think they're my favourite characters, apart from BMO. So I was naturally over the moon about them going on adventures together, like I said; I was not disappointed. Just so much goodness in such a short comic. " said.

" Fourth book of book-tube-a-thon, done. I havn't read the volumes before this one. But still, I understood every bit of it. Which was great. It was super entertaining to read and I never got bored of it. And super hilarious. And I loved how it all ended with lumpy space princess and her purse problem. That was like the best part. " said.

" Oh my glob! I love Marcelline. This one is called "Seeing Red" and it was fabulous. I laughed all the way through it. Let's go get some tacos and play laser-tag! Also, love the LSP purse adventure at the end. Paneling of that feature was smartly done with the what is happening to LSP as multiple panels on the left, and how elsewhere was a single panel on the right of each page! LOVED IT ALL! " said.

" Huge letdown. The story is just too simplistic, too flimsy to work as a 100+ page book. Feels like a rehash of stuff you've already seen in the series, especially when compared to the other AT books out there. (There's a Peppermint Butler/Cinnamon Bun detective series, and Danielle Corsetto killed it with Playing with Fire, so maybe this books should be held to a higher standard.) The art's good, but this really should have been condensed into 22 pages. " said.

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