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UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-20 
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Book Introduction: A unique book combination with 10 different Minecraft diaries and stories. Story 1: Alwyn is a little lonely in his tiny house in the northern part of the country. Snow is everywhere, and he is bored out of his mind. His only buddy, Timber, a husky dog, keeps him company. But he still wants something else, someone to talk to or play with in a different way. That’s why Alwyn builds a snowman and makes it come alive. With a pumpkin on its head, the snowgolem leads him into dangerous places, and with his snowball-throwing skills, he is a handy colleague on a life-threatening journey.Story 2: When an evil mage leaves the city hall and swears in his wrath that he will avenge himself, Quedo and Arnoud are worried. They come up with a solution to the problem though: Iron golems. These friendly giants will protect the civilians in Miner City from zombies or any other creatures, right? Or will they?Story 3: Oliver the Ocelot loves fish. He tries to catch some, but he isn’t any good at it. It doesn’t help either that another ocelot is mocking him. But when he meets a boy, who is fishing with a fishing rod in the same river, he teams up and becomes his best buddy. Together, they go on a journey and face creepers and dangerous, rocky canyons.Story 4: Cheryl the Chicken learns about a new thing going on at the farm: Chickens are being eaten. Her previous, naïve brain couldn’t comprehend such a horrible occurrence, but this time, she realizes the seriousness of the situation. Read about a Minecraft chicken who thinks of clever ways to outsmart the farmer and plan an escape route for her and her sister chickens to a land with roosters and freedom. Story 5: When Sawyer’s house burns down after a sudden, unexpected zombie attack, he is on a mission to get two things: Revenge and money. He wants his life back, and he wants to kill the brainless zombies who forced him to give up his lifestyle. When he sets out on a small journey, he finds out more about the background of the zombie outbreak and the task ahead; but the task ahead isn’t as easy as it looks.Story 6: Lennux is a vampire, but he doesn’t want to stay in his own bubble. He is at that age, 121, that he wants to find a female partner, but he has a hard time finding the right one. Has he tried the humans yet? Not yet. Nicolai, a fellow vampire, invites him to spy on the humans to see what the vampires can learn from them.Story 7: When Crystal gets rejected by several different boys because of her red hair and her awkward social skills, she is upset and runs away. Another boy, however, sees something good in her and pursues her into the woods. But when a creeper army is standing ready to attack the village, the people may not be able to get help anywhere else.Story 8: The lazy Notch lives in his mother’s basement and plays video games all day, but certain signs lead up to his inspired mind and his decision to do something with his life. When a dramatic turn interferes with his daily schedule, he meets Steve and Alex, two brave, tough warriors who teach him a lesson or two by taking him to the Nether and the End.Story 9: Doug and his dog, Otto, dig in the backyard. When it becomes evident that there is a golden pickaxe underneath the soil, Doug is extremely happy. A valuable object such as this could surely bring nothing but luck, right? However, when taunting nightmares haunt him every day, all related to the pickaxe, he starts to doubt and wonders where the shiny object came from. Who left it there in his yard and why? Read more to discover a horrifying secret.Story 10: When Lucas and Ethan hear about two magical swords after a zombie fight, they set out on a journey and find the two objects. However, the magic doesn’t seem to be the same for both. The diamond sword is completely different from the golden sword. One seems to be better but isn’t. Will they figure out what to do, even after a terrible arg

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