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UPDATE TIME: 2018-12-25 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 52 user ratings

"I think this book has some really fantastic information in it. However, it isn't very light reading. There are a lot of words and a lot of long paragraphs. That isn't a bad thing, but I have a hard time sitting down and devoting the time required to read through all of it. Maybe I just need a book that is more to-the-point, with bullet points or something. Either way, I would recommend this book for parents who need a complete guide to raising and caring for a baby. I would not recommend it for parents who just want a quick reference guide." said.

"I wanted to throw this book out the window at times. But I had been forewarned by snippets from Kaz Cooke's book "Kid Wrangling" what this one was like. A great book to get ideas from, and to confirm your own ideas with. Also useful as a door stop and a cockroach killer. But Leach's constant references to Nanny's and Au-Pairs are very irritating. This sort of help is just not the norm where I come from, thank-you-very-much. I suppose if you are a clueless blue-blood this book would be a godsend if you were intelligent enough to understand it. But it wouldn't be much help to a single parent in a one room flat trying to make ends meet. Grrrr. But if you can put all the class issues aside, Leach has very well documented all sorts of developmental questions and stages and how to cope with the sorts of stuff that kids get up to or don't get up to. Reassuring in a way. But still no help for getting nappy-bound toddlers interested in toilet training (I'm still looking)!" said.

"This book was given to me by my sister-in-law, saying it was her favourite baby book, and I have to agree - it's one of the best. I like the common-sense attitude, the non-judgemental practical advice that seems timeless rather than geared towards the latest parenting fad(s), allowing you to make the best decision for you, and the pictures showing a variety of babies, parents and situations. (She does not recommend forms of crying it out.)

I am reading it in conjunction with one of the week-to-week development books, though, because they each serve a different purpose. This book is separated into 5 main sections: newborns, 3 to 6 months, 6 months to 1 year, 1 year to two-and-a-half, and two-and-a-half to five. Within each main section are subsections such as eating and growing, everyday care, teeth and teething, sleeping, crying and comforting, playing and thinking. These sections are more like a narrative, so rather than a hard and fast "at 12 weeks you can expect this" you can get a better overall picture. But sometimes you will want to know what might be just around the corner, and that's where the more specific books come in.
" said.

" This book is phenomenal. My only wish is that I had purchased it from day one. It provides textbook explanations of what to expect AND then what real life babies do. I definitely recommend it. " said.

" My mother gave me this book, at the birth of my first child. Long after everything's been read, said & diapers done, andwhen the nest had been emptied to a fractal of another gene pool. It is a keeper. " said.

" Love how this book covers such a broad age range (though by the time my child was 5, I had stopped consulting it). Really practical advice, on just about any subject that comes up in childhood. " said.

" In my opinion, the best baby book! Not only, good information, but also beautiful writing and great pictures. " said.

" This is my go to mommy book. Love it! " said.

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