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UPDATE TIME: 2018-12-25 
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" This is the book we referred to when raising our kids. I still use some of his guidelines.The Seven Principles or reality discipline: 1.Establish a healthy authority over your children 2. hold your children accountable for their actions 3. let reality be the teacher 4. Use actions more than words 5. stick to your guns, but don't shoot yourself in the foot 6.relationships come before rules 7. live by your values " said.

" I bought this book at a used bookstore. I should have left it there! Had I thumbed through it a little more and seen the scripture and references to God throughout, I would have! It was just unnecessary and written in the most elementary, common sense way possible.It was horrible and I really couldn't stand it after flipping through a few chapters. It went right into my "donate to the used bookstore" bag. Haha. Hopefully they will appreciate having it back! " said.

" This book talks about using reality discipline to teach your children. He speaks of children fighting and says that it is good for children to learn to work it out on their own, but put them outside or somewhere else so they do not disturb the rest of the family. I have tried this a few times with my boys, and they decided they would rather stay inside and get along than go outside. He gives practical examples for teaching children to be responsible for their actions. " said.

" - Good starting book for someone who hasn't read a lot of parenting books. (There wasn't much new to me)- Didn't like the frequent references to Biblical verses (of course if you are Christian, this will be an advantage). - At times was a little preachy - Liked his statements regarding allowing children to fail (grades, sports, etc.)- Reality discipline is what he talks about which I know as logical consequences- Didn't agree with spanking being allowed(I had listened to the audiobook on CD) " said.

"Easy read with practical advice for parents. Can't say I learned anything earth-shattering, but Leman did remind me that we need to be "tougher" at meals. If our kids don't want to eat, don't make an issue out of it and NO food until the next meal so they learn to eat at meal times. Gulp! We try not to make an issue of meals in our house, but usually leave the plate on the table for the kids to come back to later. Guess we will stop that and listen to the whining for a few days until they "get with the new program."" said.

"Great book from a person who is also a parent and helps families. Doesn't believe in the B.S. of it takes a village to raise a child, or media is raising your kid, but instead in reality. (Concept is called reality discipline). Your kid doesn't want to eat dinner, then they go to bed hungry, you don't make special exceptions for them> You also let them lose at some things (some dumb people people believe letting a child lose will damage them, again B.S.). You even let your kids get back grades to show them the reality of what happens if they choose not to do their homework." said.

" I am really glad that I am reading this book on parenting/discipline. It provides a wonderful middle ground between the permissive and authoritarian parent through what Leman describes as "reality discipline." It breaks down why punishment and reward really don't help your children or the long term goal of raising responsible adults. My only complaint is that he gets a little esoteric in the middle while talking about reality discipline when what I want are more, more and more concrete examples. " said.

"I will be, have already, using some wisdom offered in this book. It mostly brings home the idea that childen need imediate and appropriate consiquences even if it hurts us to give it or let it happen. I liked this authors discussions regarding biblical advise on this subject. Spare the rod, spoil the child does not mean beating them with a rod. But it doea mean that we are responsible for guiding our children. Having my BS in psychology, and currently studing education, I found his "psychology" somewhat wishywashy. All together a good book that would be beneficial to our scociety if every parent read it. Has made a change in my relationship with my son.
" said.

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