Children of the Self-Absorbed: A Grown-Up's Guide to Getting Over Narcissistic Parents Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-09-16 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 176 user ratings

" Some of this book was helpful, but in general, I found it to be more addressed to people who were raised by narcissistic parents and tend towards narcissism themselves. It wasn't really meant for people who reacted by fawning/being totally selfless in the face of parental self- absorption. And because of that focus, it felt the author assumed things about me that were patently untrue. " said.

" It had sections and chunks that were useful. There was a fair amount of repetition, though. Many of the exercises instructed you to draw people or feelings, which felt rather childlike. I don't find drawing to be particularly useful, so I would have preferred a wider range of activities. Some of it felt like an ad for her other books. I did appreciate that she wanted the reader to move beyond the childhood damage and focus on changes they could make to themselves. " said.

" This is a very interesting and compelling book with lots of exercises that can help identify parents who may have been narcissistic. It contains plenty of appropriate suggestions for seeking professional help beyond the book which are often missing in self-help books. Useful as well for identifying the repeating patterns from generation to generation within a family or with other leaders. The one critique would be that it doesn't provide any suggestions for if that parent maybe already deceased. " said.

"This book is not really about narcissistic parents, it is a primer on narcissists, may they be your friend, partner, boss, et al. I don't want to malign my parents! For damage to be done, the narcissist must be a figure with power/sway/authority in your life.

It clearly details how to spot a narcissist, their tactics and how to avoid "catching" the devaluations that ensue.

Very clinical given the genre. The exercises -- if embraced -- are hooky but informative (I didn't do them). So, yeah, I read every line of the 1/2 of the book and skimmed for the meaty parts for the remainder when she discusses tactical approaches to "healing."

She is smart and a clear writer who isn't full of herself....befitting.
" said.

"A solid introductory book for people who suspect that they may have grown up with narcissistic parent(s). There are a good number of lists to complete. I suspect the lists are beneficial to individuals who have never participated in long term therapy sessions or are at the early stages of their reflection on their relationship with their parents. For readers who are a bit more advanced in their understanding, the lists are tedious.

The homework assignments seem misplaced. The authors of this text would have done better to engage in a wholesale analysis of narcissistic parents and the effects of that complex personality type on family dynamics for children and the adults they eventually grow up to be.

" said.

" A Great book for me to learn more about exploring my own emotions, and grow. I really enjoyed the chapter about boundaries. A lot of times, I had to look into myself for my own behaviors and emotions. The takeaway from this book is that you need to prepare yourself for situations and how you would react. I remember one time when I was ready and prepared for a confrontation. I didn't feel enmeshed with feelings. --Deus VultGottfried " said.

" ( repetitive and cheesy-self-help-ish. Could go for something a little more in-depth. " said.

" I am so glad to be done with this book. Some of the exercises were pretty good but mostly it just felt like busy work. " said.

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