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"This is another of the Amp! Comics for Kids series. This chronicles the adventures of Mooch (the cat) and Earl (the dog) as they seek out food, have love affairs with little pink socks, and generally bedevil their owners with their antics. A section is devoted to each of the animals, and shorter chapters are written by compatriots Sour Puss, Crabby, and Chickpea. Unlike Phoebe and Her Unicorn, this is a much more episodic collection, and the artwork is much simpler, with a charming minimalistic universality underscoring the messages of friendship." said.

"This was such a cute quick read of some of the comics from this series. None of my favorites were included but there were so many that had me laughing out loud at them and most others simply smiling. These comics are just cute and funny. Impossible to dislike.

The only problem I had was reading it. I got it on my kindle and not only was every single page out of order, but each strip was put onto two pages instead of fitting on one (which would have been totally doable). I'm hoping when it's released in October this is fixed or that it simply was my download.

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" said.

"Not a graphic novel, but a collection of comics featuring the same characters (like Peanuts but not quite the caliber of that). I was not familiar with the Mutts comic strips prior to reading this book. As with any compilation, some of the cartoons are funnier than others. Each cartoon is only one page long, so it's a choppy read. It's arranged by character, which seems to make sense. A few of the cartoons are in color, but most are black and white, making the book feel off-balance to me. Not sure who the target audience is, but can be read by all ages (like Peanuts) even though the characters are animals.
" said.

"Hugs and Humor: An Unbeatable Pairing
I loved this book. The Mutts Diaries is a collection of numerous Mutts comics, formatted with a notebook paper background, and grouped by character, so you’ll see Mooch's Diary, Earl's Diary, Shtinky's Diary, etc. I really liked this because your child can go straight to the “diary” of his or her favorite character first. The adventures of Mooch, Earl, and friends, are loaded with some laugh-out-loud moments (yes, even for this adult), some cute and sweet moments, as well as some groaners - the kind my kids always enjoyed. Best of all, this collection advocates hugs and pet adoption. Hard to beat such a fun book with such a big heart.

I received my copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
" said.

"Review by Mia, aged 11.

This is a comic book with lots of different stories about animals. There are cats; Mooch, Sour Puss, Chick Pea, Shtinky Puddin' ; There are squirrels: Bip & Bop ; A crab; Crabby and dogs ; Guard Dog and Earl.

My Favourite was Earl the dog, as he reminds me of my crazy black & white dog, Luna. She wags her tail just like Earl and even looks like him!
I loved all the stories, they were sooooo funny. I couldn't put it down. The drawings were great too.
There are colour pictures mixed in with black & white ones and it was really nice to read a comic book for a change. We have never heard of Mutts Diaries over in Ireland, I would definitely read more of of these books.....

I would recommend this book for ages 6+ as nice and easy reads.

The Mutts Diaries is published on 7th Oct 2014 by Andrews McMeel Publishing and will be available in paperback.
" said.

"The Mutts are a variety of different cartoon creatures and this is a collection of their diaries. Anyone who loves animals and funny comics will find this hilarious! There are diaries by dogs (Earl and Guard Dog), cats and kittens (Mooch, Sour Puss, Shtinky Pudding and the twin kittens Chickpea and Chickpea's brother), a nasty tempered crab called Crabby who keeps using bad language that you can't read and a couple of squirrels, Bip and Bop, who enjoy throwing nuts at other characters!

Sorry, just my usual comment on comic strip type adventures for children, I really wish publishers would seriously consider producing the text in such books in lower as well as upper case so that children who are beginning to read can actually read them with greater independence . . . . Books like this will really appeal to children but many emergent readers will be put off by the constant use of capital letters they cannot read. This is a shame as this book could be motivational in encouraging children to read, if it wasn't for the upper case text!

Wonderfully illustrated and highly entertaining, this will delight children and adults alike and I have no hesitation in strongly recommending it! I received a copy of this from the author and publisher via Netgalley in exchange for this, an honest review.
" said.

"(I received an ARC of this title from the publisher via Netgalley, in return for an honest review.)

Mutts geared for the younger set. Since it’s not a terribly sophisticated comic strip, this really isn’t hard to do, so it doesn’t lose much in being edited specifically to cater to a kiddie sensibility. The chapters are divided into separate “diaries,” with strips focusing on individual characters. Of course, there are the main cat and dog duo, Mooch and Earl (and their owners), but many others get little segments of their own as well. Mirroring the way the strip has evolved over time since 1994, the little vignettes in this collection are first just silly, innocuous little observations of animal behavior- cats are lazy, dogs like belly rubs- but then it gradually takes a turn into deeper, more meaningful territory. It never gets truly dark or loses all of its silly charm, but when McDonnell starts showing the dreams of shelter animals in the Shelter Stories shorts, or how lonely and sad it is to be a dog chained up every day of your life, it hits hard. Right. In. The. FEELS.

Mutts has been my favorite comic strip for a long time, and this collection, though brief, does capture the charm of the characters and McDonnell’s exquisitely simple art.

(How does this not break your heart? ADOPT, DON'T BUY, people)

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" said.

" I stole this from my daughter's library bag. It made me giggle. Totally appropriate for any pet owner. " said.

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