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"This book isn't necessarily bad, but it just isn't all that good. A sixteen year old writing a biography? To me, this could only result in failure.
The book was surprisingly kind of interesting, although not the height of autobiographic literature. I think that if Miley gave it a few more years and then released the book, say when she's 30 it would've been received better. But because currently she is commonly viewed as a spoiled brat (no offence) it is quite hard to believe some of the things she says in the book. Now I'm not calling her a liar, just merely pointing out that due to her public image, it's hard to take the book seriously.
" said.

"When I was younger, I really liked Miley. She was such an inspiration and super gorgeous. I got this book as a present and read it over and over agian. She actually is a good writer. She makes her autobiography enjoyable and fun, as if you're a part of the story. It's very unique and it shows the true Miley and how amazing she, well, was I gave up Miley after Can't be tamed came out and her world came crashing down. But I still remeber the old her and how wonderful this book was. I wish I could still read it but some kid at school stole it and I can't get it back. But it was sort of my secret. Anyway, If you're a Miley fan then this is an absolute, must-read." said.

" Okay...what I learned from this book? Well, I learned that Miley Cyrus isn't a BAD person...but there are still some things I dislike about her. For one, she didn't even have to go through rejection in publishing her book, Disney PAID her to write it. Oops, my bad, I mean co-write it. For two, her family is PERFECT. I mean, she basically grew up in show business, with her dad's career and all. But the thing is, the way she describes her journey to stardom, or in other words her journey to Hannah Montana, she made it seem like it was so difficult to get to where she is. But with her awesome family supporting her, it's like she was HANDED her career. Other than that, I really do respect her a lot more. And hey, maybe some people are just meant to be famous. She's blessed, but at least compared to other stuck up famous people, it seems like she knows it. " said.

"Before I read this book I thought that it might have been alright, but it was a lot better than I had expected. I think it was very sincere and touching on how she has written this book and carefully filled in the pieces of her life so far.My favourite bits were when she explained how she got locked in the janiters closet in high school by the school bullies and when she met the little girl Vanessa in hospital. I think that it is very good how Miley can have the time to spend with children in hospitals and how she loves her family and friends more than ever now she is famous.What I really enjoyed about this book is that it very carefully written with honesty, hopes,dreams and big ambitions that she will never give up on.I would recommend this book to all children out there becuase it is a truly amazing book wirtten by a truly amazing girl.
It's a very nice book!!! So girlz please read it and well see if we feel the same way!!
" said.

"I really like Miley. I have from the very first Hannah Montana episode until now.

I think people are trying to find faults in her that don't really exist. You have to remember that she was 16 when she wrote this and is 22 now. People change. They grow up, they learn more and they have different opinions. You can't hold her to what she said as a child.

This book is well written and easy to read and I liked it. I like her little scribbles on the side of the pages and her photos and the stories are cute. And the random bible versus didn't even bother me. Usually they do, but there not over done here.

I read some other reviews and I think the people who wrote them are pretty ignorant about Miley Cyrus and what she's doing in her life.

It may look like she's a mess, but she's not. She's an extremely talented artist who writes her own music, and she creates visual art and clothing. She has positive body image messages and she accepts everyone. She doesn't treat her fans like garbage either. She works with many different charities and have donated countless hours and money to many causes, and she has since she was a child. How can people think she is stupid and wrong and gross? I think she's fantastic.

There are many instances in this book where she states that she wants to be young and free for as long as she can. To live life to the fullest and to experience everything. She doesn't make music to make money, it's just a bonus. (She just released a free album, btws) She's not afraid to be herself and she shouldn't have to be.

I like this book and people should read it. Like, really read it. You'll probably learn something. Don't just assume everything is fake and made up because it came from a celebrity. Sometimes they are good people, just doing the best they can with what they were given.
" said.

" 3.75I'm really surprised! When I started this book, I didn't think I was going to enjoy it that much, yes, I like Miley, but I'm not a huge fan.That being said, I can't believe how much Miley's changed! I liked this book, it was super fast-paced, entertaining and good. " said.

" Yeah yeah I read it back in the Hannah Montana obsession days we all went through. " said.

"This book was probably one of the worst books I've ever read in my life. But I liked it. The thing I really like about Miley Cyrus (besides her amazing, amazing songs) is that she seems so normal. She gets in trouble for doing stupid stuff that every teenaged girl does. The stories she tells are the things that your average 16-year-old imagines writing in her autobiography. Coming from one of the most famous people in the world, it's kind of refreshing. That said, there is a reason that 16-year-olds should not write books that get published. Especially not autobiographies. It's pretty ridiculous that this book exists, but I think I'm glad it does. At times I needed to take a break from being inside the head of a 16-year-old, but I like picking up Seventeen and I liked picking up Miles to Go. It's not winning any prizes anytime soon (unless the Kids Choice Awards has a book category), but it contains the line "My parents named me Destiny Hope because they believed that my destiny was to bring hope to people." So I think we can all agree that it rocks." said.

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