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UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-19 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 22 user ratings

" My sister says that nephew James just loves this book. " said.

" I have mixed feelings, in part because of the fact that the lion is happier in a zoo than in DANGEROUS AFRICA. But this is clearly a sign of the time in which it was written. The story is cute anyway. " said.

" "Bonjour! Happy Lion!" My four-year-old son and I love to say this to each other. This is a classic French story book and such a fun one! I think it's just as much fun for me to read as it is for my my son to listen. It does have that 50ish-early 60's sort of feel to it because of the illustrations, but it's still timeless. " said.

" I grew up reading this book and will always of the the memory if my mom and I saying "Bonjour Happy Lion" whenever we saw a lion. I use it for my storytime programs. I find that not all preschool-age kids appreciate or get the humor. I wish I had a big book so that the fabulous illustrations can be seen and loved during the programs. " said.

" An underappreciated classic. This is one of my all time favorite children's books. I was thrilled when they re-published it because my childhood copy was misplaced some years ago. I may love it so much because of the memory of my dad reading it to me as a child. When he did the Happy Lion sounded a bit like John Wayne....still does if I pick it up and read it now. " said.

"When I read ths to my Andy he laughs. And laughs and laughs and laughs until I am afraid he is going to rupture something with the force of the laughing. A lion lives in a French park. Every day people stop by to say "bonjour, happy lion!" One day the zookeeper leaves the door to his enclosure open and the happy lion decides to go out into the city and say hello to all his friends. He does so, and all the friends fall over screaming in terror.

We have an audio version of the book also, and Andy has stopped saying "hello" and instead greets people with "bonjour."
" said.

"I had a very clear memory of my mother reading this to me, I won't say how many years ago. Through some obscure twist of memory I recalled the little boy as Italian, saying 'Buon Giorno happy lion' on his way to school. So the setting is a French village, and the zookeeper's son is on his way home from school, and the greeting is bonjour... But I am delighted that my searches on Google recovered this gem despite the fact I had neither title nor author, just a misremembered phrase and a happy lion, and I was able to revisit this classic tale of friendship and trust. Highly recommend for reading aloud to ages 3-5 and for everyone else." said.

"Mommy's review from 11/20/11 -

3.5 - We found this at the library last week and once we picked it up to read at home I recognized the lion and thought we'd read the story before. It turned out we hadn't, we'd actually read The Happy Lion and the Bear and in the end we liked this more.
I didn't look but I'm guessing this one was the first Happy Lion book. If that's the case maybe that's why we liked it more.
Julia wasn't impressed with the old-timey illustrations while I thought them beautiful. We both agreed the story was pretty darn good. I especially liked how it took the little boy to show the adults something they'd all closed their eyes too.
Julia said her favorite parts were the Lion's confusion over the way people were acting while he took his walk and when the Lion and the boy walked back to the zoo.
If we happen to find more of Fatio's Happy Lion books we'll read them but right now I won't seek them out.
" said.

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