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UPDATE TIME: 2018-11-02 
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" Adorable book about friendship and getting along! I love it! " said.

"Reviewed by Me for Kids @

When young duck and goose find a large, multi-colored, spotted "egg," bickering ensues. "I saw it first," proclaims Duck. "I touched it first," smirks Goose, putting one webbed foot on the egg. As the argument continues, over whose egg it is, and who will keep it warm until it hatches, a small blue bird looks on.

When the dust settles and feathers are unruffled, both Duck & Goose are atop the egg. As time passes, their arguments end, and they both begin to think of what they'll teach "their" little baby. "I'll teach it to quack like a duck," says Duck. "I'll teach it to honk like a goose," says Goose. "We'll teach it to fly," they both agree. And a tentative friendship is born.

Until that same little blue bird flies down to ask to join in their fun--asks, in fact, if she can play with their ball. "Ball?" they ask. "Well, of course we knew it was a ball. We had our doubts all along!"

This is a funny, delightful book with beautiful illustrations that any child can enjoy. A perfect bedtime story!
" said.

"Duck and Goose is about a duck and goose arguing over a ball that they think is an egg. After a while of arguing, they become friends and talk about what they are going to do with the baby once it is hatched. They realize that it is a ball when the blue bird asks them if he can play with their ball too. This then causes the duck and goose to discuss how they both had their doubts about the "egg".

In the book Duck and Goose, Tad Hills brings the book alive with his style of writing and his illustrations. The words that he uses makes the story pop off of the page by creating a story in your head even with the pictures. The illustrations are very brightly colored and matches the story very well.

My response to this book is that it is a very good book to read to children when they are not getting along. It would be a good book to use during a time where your students are being mean to each other because it shows how no matter how much you argue, if you are determined, you will figure something out.
" said.

"An aristocratic duck and a curmudgeonly goose find an egg in the meadow.
An egg, you say? Yes, of course. It’s round.
But the children in the story circle are laughing. They don’t believe it’s an egg. Perhaps it’s the utter roundness of the item, or the utter roundness and varied colors of the spots. No matter. Stories and eggs are serious business, and I continue.
Duck and Goose each lay claim to the egg. They squabble about who is to sit on it until they end up—uncomfortably—perched on top, back to back. (My favorite line: “You are much closer to me than I am to you.”)
As the pictures show Duck and Goose sharing flowers, breadcrumbs and plans, the language changes too. “Let’s teach our baby to fly,” says Goose, reflecting the foster parents’ growing friendship.
And then it happens—Little Bird KICKS the egg because she wants to play too! A moment of revelation follows, and both Duck and Goose claim to have suspected it all along.
It’s a fun moment for all when the main characters finally catch on to what the children have known since page one—and at that point the story lady catches on, too.
" said.

" this is such a cute book. I used in a lesson this past week with my group of Kindergareners. It is a good book for enjoyment as well as a tool for prediction skills, fluency, and conflict resolution. " said.

" Super cute story and the illustrations are adorable. We'll probably pick up a copy for home. " said.

" ISBN: 978-0-399-55746-0List Price: 8.99 " said.

" A DELIGHT. Genuinely cracked me up on the first (and repeat) reads, in addition to being a lovely message re: parenting. " said.

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