How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Book and Grinch (Classic Seuss) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-11-01 
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" Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more <3 " said.

"What can I say... I love this book!

I don't feel I need to say much about the iconic Dr Seuss and his famous rhymes, but I love them, every time. (Uh oh... I'm almost rhyming.)

Thing I love most about this book is the message that Christmas doesn't come from a store, that it is something much more basic, important and beautiful. The other thing I love about the book is that there is still room left for enjoying presents and trees and decorations and singing.

I've made this book part of two "Christmas kits" I've sent out in the past, one to my sister and one to a friend, who were both complaining that they hated Christmas, all the shopping, all the rush-rush-rush. In addition to this book, I included pre-cut red and green paper strips (for making paper chains), my favorite Christmas CD, and packets of hot cocoa. Both times, I received tearful phone calls thanking me for "reminding them." Clearly, this book is some powerful medicine!

Highly recommended!
" said.

" it was great until the grinch got brainwashed " said.

"WrensReads Review:

So I don't really need to talk about how great this book is. That would be like me telling you how great any other great classic kid's story is.

So what to say? I think this is a great story to realize you're a Grinch.

It doesn't even have to be Christmas. Put in any other holiday.
Valentine's Day: are you a "Single Awareness Day" person?
Thanksgiving: are you a "Brown Thursday" person?
Halloween: are you a "This is the Devil's Holiday" person?

You get what I am getting at. Find your inner Cindy Lou Who. Love the holiday for what it is.
Valentine's Day: love the people in your life!
Thanksgiving: spend time with your family and your friends! Be thankful!
Halloween: dress as someone else for the night and have fun!

The Grinch is a all-around lesson for not being a party-pooper and just find the joy in the holiday. Don't be a fun-sucker and be fun and happy!

WrensReads | Goodreads | Twitter | Instagram
" said.


“How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is Dr. Seuss’ memorable classic about how the Grinch tried to steal all the presents from the Whos of Who-ville to spoil their Christmas. “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is definitely the best out of all of Dr. Seuss’ books that many children will enjoy for many generations.

Dr. Seuss’ tale of finding the true meaning of the Christmas spirit has been memorable in many generations’ eyes and the writing is excellent as it is written in a creative way by using a rhyming text that truly showed the creativity of this book. Dr. Seuss’s illustrations are extremely creative especially when most of the images are in black and white, but Dr. Seuss uses some red coloring in the images from the Grinch’s Santa suit to his red eyes to represent the colors of Christmas.

Parents should know that the Grinch might scare smaller children, especially since the Grinch is drawn in a very menacing way with his red eyes and his evil scowls. Also, smaller children might be upset at the fact that the Grinch steals all the Whos’ presents without remorse and that might upset many children who are afraid that their presents would get stolen by a mysterious stranger.

“How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is Dr. Seuss’ greatest classic as it shows children what the true meaning of Christmas is really all about and has remain to be a true classic in many generations’ hearts. I would recommend this book to children ages five and up since the images of the Grinch might scare smaller children.

Review is also on: Rabbit Ears Book Blog

" said.

" A wonderful children's book. The Grinch not being the kind of person you'd really want to spend time with when the story opens, learns that here is much more to Christmas, than just packages, bows, and ribbons, not to mention feasts and roast beasts.And the world would have been an infinitely better place had Ron Howard never gotten his hands on this story. Really. " said.

" It’s that time of year and I can’t believe I never read this book till now! What? " said.

"I cannot begin to guess how many times I have seen the 1966 animated television special to date, but when I was little, it was a once a year celebration. Something completely lost to this generation is the glory of anticipation...looking in the TV Guide to see when your holiday favorites would be on and then waiting seemingly FOREVER for the day to come, then asking your mom 10,000 times how much more time until 8 PM. This was gold, and after waiting all that time, you were all in. ALL IN!

The tv special is exactly the same as the book and it is pure magic. I say all this simply to explain that it’s impossible for me to not read this book in my very best Boris Karloff...not just the voice, but the intonation, cadence and theatrical pauses. Thankfully, my children wouldn’t have it any other way. A 5 Star Christmas favorite.
" said.

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