Quantum Entanglement for Babies (Physics for Babies) (Volume 4) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-21 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 14 user ratings

" I got this as a goodreads giveaway. It was a very simple and succinct explanation. However, while simple, it still doesn't seem like a good fit for a baby/toddler. The art was also not very engaging. " said.

" Gets an extra star for being even more hilarious of a concept than General Relativity for Babies. Stars for the effort. " said.

" I feel like this is designed more for adults' amusement than for actually teaching babies quantum entanglement. It does do a fairly decent job of explaining in a simplistic manner though. " said.

"I like the idea of trying to explain such an advanced concept to younger people with the hopes of getting them interested in the field of science. I think the problem is that if you try and explain something too advanced, even in a simplified form, you risk losing that person's interest. It's a fine line.

Overall, the simple drawings and bold colours are attractive for babies and should hold their interest, even if the actual physics may be too much for them to grasp.

I received this book for free through Goodreads First-Reads.
" said.

"Ferrie, Chris Quantum Entanglement for Babies. BOARD BOOK. Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, JULY 2017. $10.

When particles become entangled, it means they are exactly the same as each other no matter how far apart they are.

The concept of entanglement is very simply explained and I’m sure little ones will get the gist. However, their parents will want to know a lot more. I know I and my science-minded husband did. I think I need to show this to a physics teacher and see what they say.

Pre-K – OPTIONAL. Cindy, Library Teacher
" said.

"I got this book today and read it three times immediately. I will probably read it more times. I also gave it to my husband to read - he said it was too hard to understand. (He's silly - he meant that he totally gets it.)

I have no children, so a board book was weird for me to have, but I had to read how to make Quantum Entanglement easy enough for a child to understand.

I get the idea of QE, and this book does a pretty good job of explaining it. I do feel sorry for the bald man - why no hair? Not even a moustache.

I plan to pass this book along to people with kids in hopes that they will get science fever like I have. Anything physics....bring it on!

This is simple, but it can be frustrating because it just ends. I want more.

In a nutshell: Shroedinger's Cat.
" said.

"Hello, friends! Today’s book is Quantum Entanglement For Babies by Chris Ferrie, a introduction to the titular physics phenomenon for little ones.

Using a series of visual metaphors, the book attempts to simplify the phenomenon of quantum entanglement down to its core concepts. It introduces four balls, two red and two blue. Two of the balls are put into boxes and given to two people, Alice and Bob. Neither person knows what color ball is in their box, but because the balls are like quantum-entangled particles, we know that they will the same.

If that summary is a bit confusing, well, you’re not alone. Quantum entanglement is a pretty advanced concept for little readers to grasp, and I just don’t think this book hits the mark. To be frank, I’m not even sure I understood the subject any better after reading the book, much less JJ. One of the problems seems to be the illustrations which, while simple and boldly-colored to lay out the science neatly, are a bit flat and lifeless. The length was fine, and the language was easily digestible for readers JJ’s age, but the message never felt very clear, which is ostensibly the book’s intent. It’s hard not to compare this to the books from the excellent Baby Loves Science series by Ruth Spiro, which manages to impart complex scientific concepts in a far more approachable and colorful way. Overall, this was not a bad book; any book that encourages an interest in STEM in young children is okay by me, and other readers might find it more engaging. But for us, it didn’t quite light the spark of curiosity. So we will call it Baby Bookworm approved, with an asterisk.
" said.

" Quick review: Interesting book concept for little ones.Received a copy from Goodreads giveaways. " said.

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