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"It's been 13 years since the last Bordertown collection was published. The authors chose to address that in these new stories, acknowledging the years that had passed in the World. In Bordertown itself, only 13 days have passed. Old friends show up (hello, Ron story! Farrel Din makes an appearance, as do many others) and we're introduced to new friends. And there are vampires! Okay Lankins but yes, Bordertown vampires. Excellently done.

I didn't realize how much I'd missed life on the Border until I heard that this was coming out. I've read it pretty much straight through, unusual for me with an anthology. Great stories, some by authors I've never heard of, and a lot by old friends. And hey, I even like the poetry.
" said.

"Had a mixed response to this book. I read and enjoyed the original Btown books when they came out but they didn't quite hold up as well for me as say, Liavek, which included many of the same authors.
None of the poetry in tuis anthology worked for me, unfortunately, though I think it was an interesting notion to include it. I really enjoyed some stories - the first novella by Black and Kushner, " The Rowan Gentlemen", and several others. Other stories elicited a "so what?" reaction and one, Hopkinson's, had some serious issues with how same sex domestic violence was portrayed. I normally love her work so this was disappointing, to say the least.
Was it worth reading? Yes, though I wonder what it would be like to read this without having read the original books when they first came out.
" said.

"Eh. Possibly should not have read in less than three days, as everything started to blend together. Bordertown: awesome on its own terms, not yours! I get it.

The best of the lot, for me, was the Kushner-Windling piece -- mostly because it was delightful happymaking story-I-would-like-to-tell -- Emma Bull's "Incunabulum," and Tim Pratt's "Or Stars, Our Selves" (although holy wow, worst title ever). Okay, so there were some good parts, including Charles de Lint's finale, which isn't really about Bordertown at all. Nalo Hopkinsen's Mardi-Gras-inspired piece was interesting and bewildering in roughly equal measure. Cory Doctorow, as always, has Ideas, and then his writing fails them. (I am not what you'd call a fan of Cory D.) That said, he does come the closest to writing truly modern urban fantasy, to capturing the ~*magic*~ of the twenty-first century.
" said.

"544 pages of wonderful stories, a novella, a graphic short, and a couple poems about a city between the Realm (fairie) and the World populated by runaways of all kinds; humans, halfies, Truebloods, a Wolfboy, some goblins, they are all here bumping up against each other. Magic works some of the time but not always they way you'd expect it to. You can't always tell the good guys from the bad. It's a collection of good old fashioned fairy tales in an urban setting. Simply wonderful. Couldn't have been more pleased. Some of the authors who invented Urban Fantasy are here again; Charles de Lint, Will Shetterly, Emma Bull, and Ellen Kushner. There are also authors who read the earlier books and grew up dreaming of Bordertown such as Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Cory Doctorow, Neil Gaiman, Catherynne M. Valente. " said.

"3.5 stars, really.
I really love all the Bordertown books. I started reading them when I was much younger, and at the time was often on the road, traveling. I ran away from home, traveled the US and beyond for many years, and had a book with me every step of the way. These were the only books that I read (at that time) that had characters with lives like mine, and *also* included all my favorite things like elves and magic and fighting, etc. So they hold a special place in my heart, and I was psyched to see Holly Black pick up Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling's anthology series.

I enjoyed this book, but maybe what I was really enjoying was the nostalgia in this book. I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was that made feel somewhat detached through the entire reading experience, and then I got to a line in one story where the main character is describing how in Bordertown, by the time you hit 30 your experience is so different from what it was when you arrived at 16 or 17, it just isn't the same, and you just don't get it anymore. And that pretty much nailed it, I think.
" said.

"Dawn States
Short Stories
Bordertown is an unusual short story collection. It is not just a book of short stories, it is a book of short stories, poems, and graphic novel that all connect to each other. This book is its own unique mix, just like Bordertown, the place the stories are all written about. The common theme in the book is finding magic in life, runaways, discovering the place you belong, and believing that something better is possible. Any teen who feels as if the world does not have a place for them will connect with this book and find that just maybe there is after all.
The characters are as many and various as the town itself. The town is part this world and parts the world of Fairie and absolutely all its own. From Trish, the accidental runaway to Shannon computer genius and intentional runaway, the characters have depth and purpose in the world they occupy. Each character has a different story, just like people do in this world making it easy to connect with them and appreciate their stories. The magic and charm of Bordertown weaves its way through all the stories and all the characters and in the end works its spell on the reader.
" said.

"For me this was "Welcome BACK to Bordertown." I can't count the number of times I've read Will Shetterly's ELSEWHERE and NEVERNEVER, which in my opinion are two of the best urban fantasy booka for teens ever written. (I love you, Wolfboy!)

Bordertown is a "shared world" with books and stories written by a number of authors over the years, though no one has done anything new in several years, until now. And that's the premise that these stories hang on: the border was closed for thirteen years, though it only felt like thirteen days if you were already in Bordertown. So now we've got new technology like iPhones and laptops being introduced into the unstable techno-magic mix of the border.

But that hardly matters. What matters is that these are some extremely wonderful stories and poems, written by some of today's best writers, like Charles de Lint, Neil Gaiman, Holly Black, and Will Shetterly. What matters is that there are stories by fans of Bordertown who have never written about it before, like Cory Doctorow, but also stories by old friends of Bordertown like Shetterly, who brings us a new Wolfboy adventure. (No, I'm not ashamed of how much I love Wolfboy. Shuddup.)

So if you're a noob or if you've been to Bordertown many times before, trust me when I say you will find something to love in this anthology.
" said.

"I'm still enjoying my forays into Bordertown. This newer collection posits that the way to the Borderlands has been closed for the past 13 years, during which time only 13 days passed within the Borderlands (kind of a Rip Van Winkle thing). As with any collection, I found some of the stories more absorbing than others, but I genuinely enjoyed all of them. "Shannon's Law" by Cory Doctorow is very clever--it goes into great detail about an elaborate scheme to get the Elflands online (put simply), without any human being able to cross that border. "The Rowan Gentlemen" by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare is a short, fast-paced mystery whose main action takes place in a theatre. "A Tangle of Green Men" by Charles de Lint is a beautifully put together story about love and grief. These stories are my personal favorites, but the anthology as a whole was a well-balanced collection with an intriguing cast of intertwining characters--some of whom are familiar from other stories of the Borderlands, and many of whom are people I'd really like to know." said.

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