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UPDATE TIME: 2017-07-08 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 2 user ratings

" I am having a little trouble with this book. i am on page 50 and wondering in what current day society is a girl not allowed on a boys baseball team? I am hoping that Gabby just assumes she would not be allowed on the team. " said.

" True rating: 4.5 stars.Another enjoyable tween book published under Aladdin's M!X banner, always an indicator of clearly written, wholesome stories that teach as well as entertain. Alpine's latest effort has a lot going on, but she keeps her chapters focused and her characters real. Special praise goes to artist Dung Ho Hahn whose super-cute cover illustration makes the book jump off the shelf. " said.

"What first attracted me to the book was the plot - girl loves baseball, but since there's no girls' baseball team in the town she's staying the summer at (the whole summer for the first time in her life), she must disguise herself as a boy.

Now, I'm a fan of a movie involving women and baseball - my favorite movie ever beingĀ A League of Their Own. So that's one of the reasons I picked up this book. Another one being the plot, as I have mentioned above.

I loved how it was partly predictable, partly surprise, and plenty believable with believable characters.

Any girls who are interested in baseball should definitely read this, and any older fans who aren't embarrassed to be reading a children's book should as well. Loved this! Definitely worth the money!
" said.

" Fun summer read that made me wish for the days of softball games and hanging out with friends. Also, it makes readers consider what being true to yourself really means. " said.

"You Throw Like a Girl tackles the pressure young girls feel to fit a certain "type." Gabby has a mom who was a former beauty queen and a dad who was a local baseball legend. Gabby gravitated toward her father's pastime, taking up softball. But when her dad leaves the country and she heads to her grandmother's house for the summer, she finds herself pushed into the pageant world while also pretending to be a boy to get onto the only youth softball team in town. I had so much fun reading this book, but I also think it has a great message for young girls who might not be sure where they fit in the whole tomboy vs. girly-girl scheme of things." said.

"I may be biased because I know the author, but this book blew me away. Not only is it about baseball (one of my true loves), but it's about a girl beating the odds (and the boys) and a sport that she loves.

Gabby is spending the summer in Chester, Ohio. He father was just deployed and she's having a hard time adjusting. She left behind her friends and her softball team but she's hoping that playing for Chester's team will make things better. She promised her dad she would pitch in the Championship game, just like he did when he was a kid.

Unfortunately, she finds out that there aren't enough girls to participate in softball this season because everyone in town seems to be part of the Miss Popcorn Pageant. She leaves the rec center defeated.

By a twist of fate, Gabby's mom signs her up for the pageant. She is a legacy in town because she won the crown several years. Gabby's mom is so excited about the pageant that Gabby can't bear to squash her dreams of a daughter following in her footsteps.

Grace and composure are not something Gabby thinks herself to be good at, but this summer will test her in more ways than one. Refusing to go back on her promise to her dad, Gabby signs up for the Chester baseball team. Unsure of the rules, she disguises herself as "Johnny" and blows the boys out of the water with her arm.

Juggling these two new personas (beauty queen and a boy) gets out of hand and her friendships are in trouble because of her lies.

Can she make her mom and her dad proud?

Most important, can she pull it off?
" said.

" I wrote the book, so of course I love it! And I hope you do too! Happy reading! : ) " said.

"Purchased copy

When Gabby's father is deployed, her mother decides to spend the summer back in her Ohio hometown in order to get help with Gabby's baby sister Ava. Gabby's mother was a Corn Festival pageant winner, and her father an avid baseball player, so they are well known in the small town. Gabby is more of a ball player than a beauty queen, but she gets roped into registering for the pageant after finding out there aren't enough girls to play softball. Since her big connection to her dad is sports, she decides to disguise herself as a boy and sign up for the boys' team. This has its problems, and when Oliver catches her nail polish a couple of times, he knows what she's doing but keeps it a secret. Her new friend and pageant buddy, Erin, doesn't know about the baseball. When mean girl Jenna finds out, she tries to get Gabby to drop out of the pageant. Can Gabby somehow manage to do both things?
Strengths: Gabby is an absolutely delightful character, and her grandmother is fantastic! She makes Gabby a pageant dress that she can wear with tennis shoes. I love how Gabby does want to make her mother happy even if it means stepping out of her comfort zone. I also thought the way the coach, Oliver, and the baseball team handled Gabby's deception (there's nothing actually in the rules about girls playing; we just all wish Gabby hadn't needed to lie!). Definitely taking the phrase "like a girl" and empowering it! The boys on my cross country team knew this year that if they ran "like girls" they would have done a WHOLE lot better! Adored this one!
Weaknesses: While the deception wasn't necessary, Gabby thought it was, so it was handled realistically, even though I wish Gabby hadn't felt she had to do it. Also, it would have been more clever if pageant diva Jenna hadn't been a stereotypical mean girl but had instead turned out to be more of an ally to Gabby, or a secret ball player.
What I really think: My local library didn't have this one, which is a shame. There are so few books about sports for girls, and this one was so good and had an Ohio interest. An absolute necessity for elementary and middle school libraries.
" said.

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