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"Lost in Hollywood is the perfect demonstration of how this author uses plot devices in her books to cleverly take readers through the local sights. A 13-year-old girl named Ginger travels with her family and her BFF to Hollywood to help out her ailing aunt, only to find herself playing detective. When she learns that her memory-challenged aunt has hidden a large amount of money somewhere in Hollywood, Ginger, her BFF, and her aunt's caregiver's niece go on a hunt. The author takes us along for the ride and by the end of it, we feel like we've spent some serious time in Hollywood!" said.

"Thirteen year old Ginger and her best friend Payton are visiting Hollywood. Ginger’s parents have brought the family to check in on her Aunt Betty Jean (ABJ), an aging actress who seems to be suffering from memory loss. When ABJ suffers a fall and they subsequently discover that her life savings has disappeared, Ginger and Peyton visit all the most important tourist attractions hoping to find the missing money (and ABJ’s Oscar, too).

This is a terrific series! Each book is different (Yes there are other lost ins - Lost in Rome, Lost in Paris, Lost in London) with different characters, different issues. This is a bit crazy with a burrito car, old fashioned walkie talkies and a lot of name dropping (some real some made up). So much fun to read, light and clean, a perfect choice for middle school.

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" said.

" Great book. It was hard to put it down. " said.

" It was boring I didn't really enjoy it. It didn't have a good plot. " said.

"And the attack of the dumb-cute city-exploration books continues! I read most of this one in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep but was too tired to do anything productive. As with the other books in the series, Lost in Hollywood features a tweenaged protagonist running around a major city in an aim to fulfill a quest. The logic is spectacularly illogical: in this case, Ginger's grandmother has stashed her considerable fortune in Hollywood...somewhere...and has forgotten where it is, so she's relying on Ginger to find it. Ginger decides that the obvious places to look are Madame Tussauds, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, fancy clothing stores, etc. Pretty ridiculous but nonetheless entertaining." said.

" I just found this book written slightly sloppily. I loved Cindy Callaghan's Lost in London but didn't find I enjoyed many of her others. Get this: "She looked like Marilyn Moore would have if she were thirty years older". Older. OLDER?! She's like 70 years old! What a stupid typo. Well his book just didn't do much for me but I guess I recommend this book to about 11 year olds " said.

"E ARC from Edelweiss Above the Treeline

When Ginger's Great Aunt Betty Jean seems to be losing touch with reality AND her money, her caregiver, Leo, calls Ginger's mother and requests that the family come and check on her. Since spring break is coming up, Ginger, her brother Grant, her best friend Payton and parents head to Hollywood to assess the situation. Ginger loves ABJ's house, which is decorated in the style of the 1940s and 50s, when ABJ was a big film star. ABJ is a bit... vague, and her money is indeed missing. While Ginger's parents are trying to figure out with the bank where the money has gone, ABJ confides to Ginger that she has hidden the money, but doesn't remember where! She does have a note, and with the help of Leo's niece Margot, the three set out to investigate a lot of fun Hollywood landmarks in hopes of finding the money. With fun details like Leo's burrito taxi and an embarassing visit to a Dior boutique, this is a fun, light middle grade read.
Strengths: This entire series has been popular, and the addition of a mystery in this book is brilliant. I also appreciate that this isn't a series that has to be read in order, although there is Lost in Rome, Lost in London, and Lost in Paris. I have a waiting list for this already! Fun, intact and supportive family, bacon burritos, adventures in Hollywood-- what more could we want?
Weaknesses: While this is the exact kind of read that adult women seem to favor, teachers sometimes give students a hard time for reading FUN books, especially when they have bright fun covers. I adore these and think they are perfect for middle school readers!
What I really think: I need to read Lost in Ireland RIGHT NOW!!!
" said.

" Song for summary: Friend by KaitlynThis was a really cute book! The characters are amusing, different, and quirky; while the plot is a fun romp through Hollywood. This was a nice, quick read, one that is perfect for any girl who has ever wanted to explore the famous celebrity-filled city. " said.

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