Bad Girls: Sirens, Jezebels, Murderesses, Thieves and Other Female Villains Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-02-07 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 3 user ratings

"The summaries of each "bad girl" in the book were awesomely written, and Guay's portraits of each were exquisite. I was less thrilled about the didactic and corny comics of the authors discussing the women's relative guilt. I think the ideas they presented were great, I just didn't understand the need to put it in graphic format. We're they afraid that young readers would be put off if those thoughts were in essay form? Great summation of those ideas at the end - in a thoughtful essay at that. Also, awesome bibliography, but then, Yolen is a professional! Can't wait to read more about the women they introduced. Maybe they'll write Bad Girls II but skip the cheesy comics." said.

"I think maybe I wanted a little more from this... but then I studied women's history in college and this is a book for tweens, so maybe that's unreasonable. I think it's a great little intro to some famous (and not-so-famous) women of history, as well as to the concept that there are multiple perspectives on historical figures. And that people, especially women, maybe have been operating within a limited framework when they made their options.

I also liked the comic versions of Jane Yolen and her daughter/co-author talking about each "bad girl" and making their own judgement. It feels cute and behind-the-scenes-y, and shows healthy disagreements.
" said.

" Seemed like an interesting premise, but I quickly realized that trying to fit people into the label of 'bad' or 'good' just doesn't appeal to me. " said.

" Oh wow! This book is something else. It is refreshing on tired eyes. You are able to sit back and enjoy the stories of "bad girls" throughout history. Lovely Illustrations. I just don't like the graphic novel part so I skipped over it....oops!!! " said.

" This book was quick and fun. The tone was entertaining, though I question the 9 and up age level I saw for it on Amazon. I wanted more from each chapter. However, I did like the graphic pages at the end where the authors debate whether these women were "bad" and brought up points about the historical and cultural contexts. " said.

"I understand that this is marketed as a middle grade novel, but this felt incredibly "dumbed down". The entries about each woman were very short, listing only the most basic information available, it seemed. At the end of each was a comic panel of the authors discussing this particular "bad girl". Some parts were interesting; however, I expected it to be more educational than it was. Also, I did notice small editorial errors that cropped up repeatedly throughout the book, and the word "bad" was used to the point of extreme annoyance, on my part." said.

"This would be great for an introduction to any one of the 26 infamous women in these pages, but my biggest complaint is simply that it left me wanting So. Much. More. Each chapter on a woman is alternated with a short graphic page with author commentary in which Jane Yolen and her daughter Heidi Stemple debate the relative goodness/badness of their subjects and hint at tantalizing research journeys. I wanted more on the women, and I wanted more author commentary. I thought both pieces of this book were tantalizing, but ultimately unfulfilling.

These are bad girls. Book discusses murder, adultery, and other crime.
" said.

" I thought the comics at the end of each chapter were contrived and self-indulgent of the writers. I like the idea of exploring both the research process and the context of the women's lives, but I did not like the way the authors presented it. The "bad girls" were fascinating, and I liked the illustrations of them. Also, they cited Wikipedia as a source plenty if times. While I imagine they verified the info they found on that site, I don't trust the facts now. " said.

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