Minecraft: 1 Book with 10 Unofficial Minecraft Diaries and Stories Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-18 
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Book Introduction: A unique book combo with 10 different Minecraft stories! Story 1: Jason and Cammy are a normal couple with regular problems. Cammy gets suspicious when Jason goes to another woman, but their argument will have to wait, because they are being attacked by zombies! The invasion hits the village hard, and the only way out they see, is to hide in a secret tunnel underneath the homes.Story 2: The two brothers Movus and Alteus find themselves in a maze with stoney walls. Man-eating plants, creepers, and other dangers haunt them, but they do not give up and make it to the palace. At the palace, however, their troubles are not over, because another evil awaits them… the very reason why they ended up in that maze in the first place.Story 3: Two towns are competing, even with their different economies, but one of them takes the lead and forbids the other to produce a certain super substance that boosts the animals’ intelligence and strength. Will Justin discover the big, dark secret of what is really going on? Story 4: Barthor has trained for this day all his life: The day the tournament begins. The tournament consists of jousting, sword fighting, swimming, and archery. He stands a chance, because he is one of the best. But there is another character with a strong desire to win as well: Malofact, a man who holds nothing back and cheats his way through the matches. Story 5: When Regina suddenly becomes queen when she is still young, she is overwhelmed. Moreover, she is expected to marry a prince she rarely knows. She takes off on a journey with her annoying sister, Meredith, who complains the whole way and hopes to marry the prince herself. But when they are being attacked by skeletons, the trip takes a different turn. Story 6: Alwyn is a little lonely in his tiny house in the northern part of the country. Snow is everywhere, and he is bored out of his mind. His only buddy, Timber, a husky dog, keeps him company. But he still wants something else, someone to talk to or play with in a different way. That’s why Alwyn builds a snowman and makes it come alive. With a pumpkin on its head, the snowgolem leads him into dangerous places, and with his snowball-throwing skills, he is a handy colleague on a life-threatening journey. Story 7: When an evil mage leaves the city hall and swears in his wrath that he will avenge himself, Quedo and Arnoud are worried. They come up with a solution to the problem though: Iron golems. These friendly giants will protect the civilians in Miner City from zombies or any other creatures, right?Story 8: Oliver the Ocelot loves fish. He tries to catch some, but he isn’t any good at it. It doesn’t help either that another ocelot is mocking him. But when he meets a boy, who is fishing with a fishing rod in the same river, he teams up and becomes his best buddy. Together, they go on a journey and face creepers and dangerous, rocky canyons. Both Oliver and Mason bring out the best in each other’s character as they have fun and are confronted with the dangers of the wild. Story 9: Cheryl the Chicken learns about a new thing going on at the farm: Chickens are being eaten. Her previous, naïve brain couldn’t comprehend such a horrible occurrence, but this time, she realizes the seriousness of the situation.Story 10: When Sawyer’s house burns down after a sudden, unexpected zombie attack, he is on a mission to get two things: Revenge and money. He wants his life back, and he wants to kill the brainless zombies who forced him to give up his lifestyle. When he sets out on a small journey, he finds out more about the background of the zombie outbreak and the task ahead; but the task ahead isn’t as easy as it looks.

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