The Doll People, Book 4 The Doll People Set Sail Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-02-07 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 38 user ratings

"The family is back! This series that I used to read with my sister now has a fourth sequel. How excited I was and to see the beautiful cover taken place at sea. It starts off with the Doll People being packed away and they find themselves on a cargo ship set sail for England. An accident happens and some of the dolls get separated and it becomes a large fiasco at sea. Add in a super hero and a couple of merpeople and you get a fun little adventure.

The writing style was very simple and easy for children to follow. The version of the book received had unfinished artwork, but I could tell that the potential for the style in the previous editions was being met. The descriptions and story-line was pretty imaginable. I found myself a few times shocked and actually worried for the lives of these dolls. Overall it was not as great as the previous books in the series, but still fun.

I was given this ebook through NetGalley and the author in exchange for an honest review.
" said.

"Kate has big news for the doll people - they have to be boxed up for a time while the girls' rooms are renovated. Kate regrets this very much but assures her beloved doll people will return to their house in her room after the humans return from vacation. Even little Nora will miss the Funcraft Family. Annabelle is upset at having to be boxed up and worried that Kate will forget about them or outgrow them and leave them in the attic for the next generation - or worse - there won't be a girl in the next generation. What happens next is straight out of Annabelle's nightmares!(Or Disney's Toy Story). The doll people find themselves on a ship to England and two of the Funcraft Family members and Nanny get lost! It's up to Annabelle and Tiffany to organize a search party and figure out how to find their loved ones and get back to Connecticut.

The premise for this book is borrowed from Toy Story 3 but slightly different. The plot is full of adventure and excitement yet I never really felt the danger was really thrilling. I was a little surprised but not surprised at the ending. There are some new characters that I found really stupid and strange but will be popular with the 5-8 year-old readers. Annabelle and Tiffany learn some valuable lessons which are imparted gently. I didn't find this story as fun as the previous books in the series. I think the target age would really like this though.
" said.

"The Doll People, Book 4 The Doll People Set Sail by Ann M. Martin, illustrated by Brian Selznick - Release date – 10/14/2014 – Yes, I will share more closer to the release date!! I was so thrilled to receive an advanced readers copy of this book treasure. It has been a while since I read a Doll People book but it was wonderful to jump back into the setting, story, characters, and feelings that dolls have, deep feelings. I love the dedication that Ann M. Martin can realistically provide the reader with for the connection between the dolls and their owners. So touching. This really reminded me of Toy Story (et all) and I loved how the dolls are accidentally shipped off across the ocean when the box they were placed in was not clearly labeled and accidentally grabbed with other donations. I loved how the main characters can portray guilt. Dolls can learn about how to be brave and how much bravery they actually have, so can the reader! I also appreciate how much adventuring little dolls can have aboard a ship. I had my doubts at first as to how the story would move forward, but it certainly did! Now, I saw SOME of Brian Selznick’s illustrations, cannot wait to purchase the book and see the complete version because they are, as always, fantastic. Often I felt like the pictures moved the story along, brought it to life. I’ve had many readers realize what a fantastic series this is again (love when I can promote and have them discover it) and I am thrilled that there will be a new book available soon!" said.

"The Doll People are back in another exciting adventure! Packed into a box to be stored in the attic while their girls’ rooms are redone, the doll people are inadvertently mixed in with boxes being sent to charity and end up on a boat en route to England. Tiffany (Funcraft) enlarges a small hole in the box to see where they are and what’s going on; to everyone’s dismay, Nanny Doll and Bailey and Dad Funcraft fall through the hole. Tiffany and her best friend Annabelle Doll organize the remaining dolls into search teams and set out to find the three missing family members. They discover other living dolls onboard and enlist their help. They search day and night, always prepared to freeze or hide if humans appear. There are mishaps galore, but all’s well that ends well—and the dolls are indeed rescued and reunited with their beloved Palmers back in America. While the reader never forgets the characters are dolls, their behavior, feelings, and language are so realistic that the story is believable. Familial ties, deep friendships, and determination unite the original group of dolls; they willingly draw their new friends into their circle and make their dreams and concerns their own. This fourth book of “The Doll People “ series does stand on its own, although knowledge of their previous escapades would be helpful. Brett Helquist steps in as the illustrator of this fourth volume and builds on what Selznick has done previously. His sketches help readers picture the characters, setting and events and convey the drama of their quest. The book works well as a read-aloud or with independent readers looking for a good adventure and good friends." said.

"I received an uncorrected advanced proof at Book Con in NYC, and haven't read any of the other Doll People stories.

It's a very cute, well-written children's book. The illustrations were helpful, but they seemed incomplete. I don't know if they will be filled in more in the final version. The illustrations make me want to give it a 3.5 but it really is a 4-star book.

Annabelle Doll and her porcelain Doll family were shipped to Connecticut over 100 years ago. They belong to Kate, and have been in Kate's family since they came to the States. On their way over, they took a Doll Pact, allowing them a type of sentience (but they can be punished with Doll Status, or Permanent Doll Status, if they break the Code).

Kate's younger sister is Nora, and she owns Tiffany Funcraft and her plastic family. Tiffany is Annabelle's best friend, and the two have created the Society for Exploration and the Location of Missing Persons (SELMP) - which has both helped them find missing family members and has gotten them in trouble for stepping out into the Home.

In the midst of remodeling Kate and Nora's rooms, the Dolls and Funcrafts are put in a box marked "Attic" but are accidentally sent away with the ATC (Allied Transatlantic Charities) boxes, due for donations for children who need toys.

On the ship, Tiffany opens a hole in the box too wide, causing three of the 14 dolls to fall out. SELMP goes into action with the adults, and no job is too lame or important, as long as the dolls are found. On the pallet the CT dolls are on are additional live dolls and merpeople.

The adventures that occur were a bit nerve wracking, even though I knew it'd be okay in the end.
" said.

"When the Palmer girls are having their rooms redecorated and are spending time at a camp, the dolls and doll house are packed up to spend time in the attic. Unfortunately, in rush to get out of the house, the box is accidentally sent with donations to the Allied Transatlantic Charities. The dolls are all carefully packed, but Tiffany Funcraft is able to see out of a split in the seam of the box, and reports that they are being loaded onto a ship. When Tiffany opens the box further to get a better look, Nanny, Mr. Funcraft and Annabelle's brother fall out. The box is stacked on a pallet with other boxes, and the dolls hear dolls in other boxes speaking. When it is safe, they make their way out of the box to investigate and find a set of mermaid dolls who want to set up a colony in the ocean, a batch of foreign dolls from a neighborhood garage sale, and two larger dolls who are trapped in a tin chalet. Pooling all the hints they can find, they determine a strategy to locate and rescue the missing dolls. Nanny shows up caught up in some ropes, the father is in the possession of the captain's son, and the brother eventually shows up in the trough of ponies being transported back to England. With the help of all the dolls, despite the dangerous situation, they are able to find everyone-- but how will they get back to the Palmers?

Strengths: Picky Reader was such a huge fan of these that she consented to read this book in an electronic format, which she NEVER does. I have to admit to liking doll books as well, and this was just great fun. While some of the rescues seemed highly unlikely and coincidental, I could suspend disbelief. The setting in a ship was fun, and there were some charming moments of doll concern for humans that I enjoyed. The Helquist illustrations are close enough to the Selznick ones that I didn't mind.

Weakness: The ending was a bit deus ex machina, but does set the scene for perhaps a fifth and final book.

" said.

"The latest of the Doll People stories explores what happens to our favorite characters when they are accidentally sent overseas in a charitable donation box. Worried that they might be lost forever, they explore a cargo ship's innards in revealing detail, from a doll's-eye-view, of course. Like the previous volumes, this latest book continues to be a family-friendly read-aloud that will delight!

On a side note, I also adore the audiobook versions of the series, particularly those narrated by Lynn Redgrave. Since this book was not featuring her voice talents, I missed her lilting tones. Jayne Entwistle did a fine job, but I had grown attached to Ms. Redgrave, particularly for the voices of the antique Doll family.
" said.

" Not nearly as good as the other doll people books. Different illustrator too, so it’s a bit strange they look different. " said.

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