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UPDATE TIME: 2018-10-31 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 26 user ratings

" This is one of my favorite books from childhood. I didn't actually read the book, but my Dad, who is a great storyteller and writer, would tell this story to my brother and me and other kids groups at church. It never got old. " said.

" A "modern day" version of Stone Soup that I didn't like. I almost considered it to be fake and a pale comparison. Although there are many versions of this "folk lore", I really prefer Revolutionary War version. There is just something much more authentic to it. " said.

" This edition has excellent illustrations that kids can appreciate. The story of the weary travelers looking for food is familiar. When all the villagers start contributing vegetables and other ingredients for this sumptuous soup, you can almost smell it cooking. I'm looking forward to sharing this book with my 5th grade students. I'm sure we'll have a great discussion about the theme of sharing. " said.

" Great book about how sharing can really benefit everyone! This book can be a great lesson on sharing, humanity, and helping the less fortunate. Two men ask a community to give them food and the community tells them no. After the two men volunteer to make a special soup, the community comes together and helps make the soup. " said.

" I thought the author did a great job of incorporating trickery into a lesson. In the book, it seems as if the men are simply tricking the town into giving away ingredients in order to make a soup for themselves. In the end the men turn the trickery into a lesson by showing the town that they should always help people in need as well as working together for the greater good. " said.

" This is a folktale I had to red it for english class, and it was about travelers who asked everybody in the town if they had any food beacuse they were starving, so they tell the whole town they are going to make Stone Soup, so everyone crowds around and brings some vegetables and they make a delicious soup. Haha as plain as that.;) " said.

" Two weary/hungry travelers come upon a little village seeking food from the villagers. Each villager sends them away with nothing until the travelers show the villagers that is only takes a small contribution from each person and an open and generous heart to create a delicious feast. I really liked the simple moral of this tale and I thought the point would be easily understood by all age groups. I wasn’t crazy about the illustrator’s somewhat sloppy illustrating style though. " said.

" This book is about 2 travelers that are in need of food. They stop by a near town to see if anyone would spare them something to eat. As they go throughout the town in search of some food, they find that no one in the town is willing to feed them. The 2 travelers decide that they are going to show the people how important sharing is. You will have to read more to understand the full meaning. I would recommend this to anyone of all ages. " said.

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