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UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-21 
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" Little Oink loves to be clean and tidy, but his parents say he must grow into a respectable, messy grown-pig. Gives fantastic vocabulary in the beginning (relish, dug, savor- for like!), but the end, to me, left something to be desired.However, I would definitely read this in a storytime because I think the kids would love that Little Oink's parents make him mess up his room instead of cleaning it! " said.

" This is a funny book, a study in opposites from what human parents expect their children to do to pick up and stay neat. It's similar to the book, "Little Hoot," by the same author/illustrator team and is ironic, but in a fun way. Our girls enjoyed watching this book read aloud on the "Tumblebooks" online audiobook site ( We've also borrowed it from our local library a couple of times. " said.

"Little Oink likes a clean room, and according to his parents, that's a problem!

Cute story about a pig whose forced to mess up his clean room. Target age is around preschool/kindergarten and I'm not sure if they'll get the joke. That, plus Rosenthal using "truffles" "relished" and other words they won't know (yes, yes, they need knew vocab. Truffles? Not so much) make me suspect parents will have more fun with this than kids.

No ill will, I want to read her other books. The illustrators are fun as was the line "'Fine' whined the swine."

" said.

"Little Oink is a happy li'l piggie, and he's very good, but there's one thing he has trouble with: keeping his room messy. He's always trying to tidy up and put things away, despite his parents' efforts to keep his room an appropriate sty.

This was another great book from AKR, this time tackling that old toddler favorite, cleaning up after yourself. I think of the three this one didn't quite get to the point behind the reverse psychology, but it was still fun and the illustrations are always pretty amazing. The Boy (2.75) really loves these books, and we never get tired of them either.
" said.

" This one is a hit in our house because my son regularly says now, "I wish I was a pig," when being told to clean something up in reference to this book. I love how Amy Krouse Rosenthal's mind works: Little Oink has a hard time being a good little pig because he likes to be NEAT, Little Pea gets scolded for not eating his CANDY at dinner, and Little Hoot has to be begged to stay up LATE. I love an author that makes a kid go "What?!?" " said.

"Amy Krouse Rosenthal is now one of my favorite children's picture book authors. I absolutely adored Little Pea, Little Oink, and Little Hoot; three fantastic books that use reverse phycology to attempt making eating veggies, cleaning your room, and going to bed early sound like the coolest things a kid can hope for. Will it help even a single child rethink the awesomeness of the above mentioned??? Probably not. BUT they will LOVE to read and re-read these funny stories, and I would much rather have a voracious reader than a kid who went to bed early after eating her vegetables and cleaning her room without complaining. " said.

"I enjoyed reading this story because it really took a twist from the typical lessons we learn as a child. I know from my childhood I was always told to clean my room or else my father would put a sign on the door saying it was a "pigpen". I hated when he would put this sign up. I would rip it down and shut my door so no one could see that it was messy because no one could see into the room. One time, it got so bad that I was held back from going to school that day just to a thorough cleaning. After which my room was never messy again. I had a difficult time getting over that little hump.

I don't what I would do if my parents wanted me to mess up my room on purpose like Little Oink. I did like how he finally got to play and by playing I mean clean house. It can be really fun to clean house. I liked Little Oink he was just too cute!
" said.

"Cute. It's not like some of the other Rosenthal books I have loved. But I think it still conveys with good humor about being neat and cleaning up. I had smiles, so it was good. I just don't think it would be as fantastic in storytime as the others. Maybe with the older children who would understand the more subtle humor in this than the younger. (Because, honestly, it took me some time in my childhood before I figured out that cleaning was good and important. But eating and sleeping well? I learned those very young.) Still, it might be worth a try.

8/10/10 & 8/12/10 This did not go as well as I thought. Perhaps because the pictures were so small. Or perhaps because the preschoolers don't have to clean their rooms as much. Or maybe they just didn't get the irony. But they get it with "Spoon" and "Little Pea." Who knows?
" said.

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