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UPDATE TIME: 2018-10-31 
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"When God Made You was a delightful children’s book. The pages are of really sleek paper, so this is not for babies, as they will rip. But I’m sure a baby would love to be read this.

The rhyming of the story had an almost Dr. Seuss feel to it — like “There is no one alive who is youer than you.” The religious affiliation in the book is not apparent and God is never gendered. Thus, it could cross religions and denominations, which I really liked.

The pictures don’t have a lot to do with the words on the pages. The story is more so this: A little girl rides her bike and find a street artist (who draws with chalk) crying over a crushed flower (he is stereotypically French, with a beret, full of emotion). The little girl (seen on the cover) is uninhibited and takes his chalk and starts to draw and cheers him up. Using the talents God gave her (a theme in the book) she draws a magical bird that comes to life and she and the artist fly to outer space on its back. The story is framed by the little girl reading to her little sibling before and after. While the artwork doesn’t have much to do with the poetics, it compliments it. The words stand on their own and so do the pictures. Together the message is clear: do what God meant for you to do and you will go places. I can’t wait to give my copy to a kid that I know.

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"This whimsical, glorious picture book debuts today, but it is already considered a classic at my house. Too many ‘Christian’ books for kids are, unfortunately, just not written at the same caliber as ‘regular’ children’s books. As a mom who reads a ton of children’s books, I am not kidding when I say that When God Made You is truly special.

Written by Matthew Paul Turner and illustrated by David Catrow (I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More), When God Made You features a celebration of all of the characteristics God loves about each of us. The repeated message is acceptance and affirmation that all of our differences–that our uniqueness–is part of God’s plan and design.

An Important Message of Acceptance
This book has such a special message for kids, and the fun sing-song rhyming text grabs their attention and makes the message even more memorable. It is just as fun to read aloud as it is to look at:

“God pictured your nose and all ten of your toes.
The sound of your voice? God had it composed.
The lines on your hands, your hair, every strand,
God knew every detail like it was all planned.”

All of us could use some encouragement and reassurance from time to time–kids especially. That’s why this book is so special! Everyone, no matter their age, will feel assured from this book’s message that their unique traits are part of a greater design. This comforting message flows throughout the words and pictures in God Made You, and this reassurance leaves readers with a smile on their face.

Each page is so beautifully illustrated with special hidden surprises, that it’s difficult to turn away from it. David Catrow is one of my favorite illustrators, and this book proves why. And now, Matthew Paul Turner is one of my favorite children’s book authors.

When God Made You is my top choice for new children’s picture books this year.

Go ahead…celebrate YOU!

The publisher provided an advance review copy of When God Made You.
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"As usual, my five point review:

What a QUALITY book. Christian kids' books are always a toss up in terms of quality and imagination... sometimes they try too hard to incorporate scripture and therefore lose their audience--but the quality of the story here is just great. Obviously from the title you can tell that it's a faith-based story... but that doesn't mean you lose anything. The story as well as the construction of the book means it'll be appreciated and read for years to come.
What a BEAUTIFUL book. You're always told to "not just a book by the cover." But we're human--we do. Oops! The illustrations in this book are gorgeous and really engaging with kids--you can find samples on the Amazon page (p.s. not an affiliate link). David Catrow did a great job! Even though my son doesn't have the attention span (yet) to read/listen to every word on every page, he loves looking at the beautiful drawings. Pointing to the little girl dancing is his favorite so far.
What a FUN book. The rhymes, the illustrations, everything just draws you in. My son is one and while he loves books, whether he will enjoy reading a book that I won't let him eat, wave in the air, or otherwise play with (aka anything that's not a board book!) is a toss up. When we've read this book, he's engaged and interested. Sure, we sometimes skip ahead a few pages to find his favorite pictures, but that's to be expected. I'm just impressed that he stays engaged with as much of it as he does. Kudos to Matthew Paul Turner!
My only complaint about this book is how repetitive it is. Some parts seem almost word for word identical. I guess that's the style though. A few of the rhymes seem awkward to read aloud too, but that's not a huge deal for me.
All in all, this is a great book that families will enjoy reading again and again. It has a wonderful message and great illustrations. This would be a great gift--baby showers, birthdays, Christmas, you name it!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Blogging for Books. However, I was not required to write a positive review. The thoughts expressed above are entirely my own. Thanks to for the chance to read this great book!
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" This is a wonderful book for any child to read. With bright, imaginative pictures on every page, Matthew weaves a story of the wonder and delight that God has for his children. This book reads like a song that is being sung of all the ways that God makes us unique. It is affirming and life giving, a beautiful book that will be enjoyed over and over again! I have purchased this book for every child in my extended family and can't wait to share it with them. Get this book today!! " said.

"The art was very whimsical and childish. The rhyme was fun to read. A few of the words they used were a little big for children in my opinion (such as “debut” and “revue”). Some of the message was neat to introduce to children – such as them being made in God’s image, God thinking of them before they knew of Him, that type of thing. However, one quote in particular I disagree with: “You being you is God’s dream coming true.” The book seemed to end on an idea of, “Be yourself and God will smile.” I personally believe that the Bible teaches that God’s design in making us is so that we will glorify Him – not just be creative and be ourselves.

*I received this book from Blogging for Book and happily gave my honest review.*
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"This is one of the most adorable children’s books I’ve ever read! Bold statement, but I stand behind it. It contains fun rhymes, brilliant illustrations, and most importantly, a gorgeous, powerful message.

Out of billions of faces from cultures, all races, people God made, from all different places. ~Excerpt

When God Made You is a lyrical blend of inspiration, empowerment, and wonder. Every child should read this book or have it read to them—over, and over, and over again. It shares how God made you unlike anyone else ever known, and He instilled a unique purpose and voice inside you. He created special talents, dreams, and life adventures for you. This book is incredibly encouraging. It rouses a sense of authority to boldly be who you are—a one of a kind gift to the world. Out of the billions of people on this earth, nobody else was made to be YOU!

A confident you, strong and brave too. You being you is God’s dream coming true. ~Excerpt

Matthew Paul Turner has written a potent, rhyming message, and David Catrow’s colorful, full-page illustrations are the perfect accompaniment. Young or old, this book yields a sense of wonderment. I wish I had this book when my children were little.

When God Made You helps build your child’s self-esteem, feeds their curiosity, and empowers them to be the matchless, exceptional person God made them to be.

I’m excited about this book. I can’t think of another children’s book I’d recommend more highlyb

Cover: Love
Title: Love
Pages: 48
Target Group: 3-7 years
Publisher: Waterbrook
ISBN: 978-1601429186
First Lines: You, you, when God made YOU, God made you all shiny and new.
I was blessed to receive an advanced reader copy of from the publisher.

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"From gloriously colorful end-covers to dreamily imaginative pictures of a small child running through life, David Catrow’s images make Paul Turner’s When God Made You into an artistic delight. Which makes perfect sense, as the story tells of one small girl learning her place in God’s artistry. The tale is told with unforced rhythm and rhyme, respects its readers with well-chosen word craft, and gently repeats the theme that God chooses, sees and delights in the real you. Appropriately, the imagined child responds with imagination, creating images, delighting in ideas, and learning the wonders of who we are each made to be. Peacemakers, movers and shakers, brothers and sisters all over the world, God calls us to love one another and this beautiful book echoes the call delightfully. Highly recommended.

Disclosure: Blogging for Books provided this book to me and I offer my honest review.
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"Beautiful! A visually engrossing read about how God knows all about you and that He made you. He made you for a purpose and gifted you with each of your personal attributes.

The illustrations leap with joy from the page as the characters are colorfully splayed across the pages finding how God has a purpose and plan for them and uniquelly fitted them for that plan.

Awash in soft pastels from every color of the rainbow the pages are beautifully illustrated with charming, exuberant, happy critters and characters.

After being told in rhyme that God made you uniquely, the reader further reads that he is to....

Discover. Explore! Have faith but love more.
And learn and relearn all that God made you for.
Use your talents and passions, those gifts that God fashioned
Think up ideas and then put them to action.

The story also brings in the "Love one another" theme and touches on the color in all races and kind.

I see this as a beautifully colorful book that envelopes the child with the wonderful fact that God made him or her. God has a wonderful plan for the child and that no matter your race or talent, your shape or your form, God's purpose is there for you and He wants you to live it and fulfill it.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, Waterbrook, to facilitate this review. Opinions are solely my own and I was not compensated.
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