No Girls Allowed: Tales of Daring Women Dressed as Men for Love, Freedom and Adventure Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-07-11 
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" This book was an interesting premise, and the title caught my eye straight away. I was a little dubious of the comic book format - and rightly so. It 'dumbed down' the stories a lot, removing a lot of the detail. I felt like it was targeting a way younger audience, and while that in itself is not a problem, its not the sort of children's fiction that can captivate adults in the same way. It was alright, but nothing more. " said.

"An informative and stylish read, No Girls Allowed tells of brave and creative girls and women throughout the ages who defied the social restrictions of their gender. I would have liked to have seen colour in the illustrations, but the feeling of inspiration still came through. I especially liked that the tales ended with an update or sorts on the women, what happened to them when known and what was likely to have happened when not known. These are not simply tales of individuals but of the influence and affects they had on those around them and on other women of the time." said.

" I've been wanting to read this book for a long long time. They were great stories -- very accessible for readers of all ages, and very enlightening. Why don't we know these stories better?? The illustrations, while very energetic, lacked the potency of other graphic novels (Maus and Persepolis gave me very high expectations), which is why I didn't get this a 5 Star Excellent rating. But like I said, this is a great book and I'm getting it for my library and will be promoting the ink out of it! " said.

"This book gives several very quick histories of women, disguised as men, throughout history and various cultures. While I would love for the histories to be more detailed, I think this book would serve reluctant readers well, and perhaps encourage them to read more about particular women or eras in history that interest them on their own. Each story is very short, quick, and to the point. I enjoy the black and white, graphic style to the art! Recommendation to the publishers if they print another edition, I would LOVE to see the "further reading" section in the back expanded to include more than one recommendation per woman's story!" said.

"No Girls Allowed is a graphic novel with stories of 7 different women from history who dressed as men to be able to do what they wanted.

Some wanted to fight in the army, one wanted to be a doctor and another wanted to be with the man she was in love with.

I knew the story of Mulan, but the other women I didn't know about. Reading this graphic novel has made me really interested in reading about these other women and their lives.

This graphic novel was a good read and although it doesn't give a full history of the women in the book, I think after reading this it will make people interested to learn more about these brave women.
" said.

"Nice graphic collection of stories about women throughout history who disguised themselves as men for various ends. This book is far from perfect: far too many stories rely on speculation or stumble into "It's not know what happened to her at this point..." territory, and it's also kind of depressing how frequently the tales end with it all going horribly wrong for the women in question. But I'm still glad I read it, especially because I learned about James Barry, a British surgeon who implemented all sorts of medical reforms and performed one of the first successful Caesarean sections--and was also probably a woman who lived her whole life as a man. I really want to read a whole book just about Barry now." said.

"I really wanted to read this, even though the art style is not to my taste at all. While the stories were interesting, I felt like they needed more. The interesting questions and even a better sense of the women involved was missing for most of them (which the book fully admits by asking many of the questions themselves in the text). I understand that the information is scarce because the women deliberately obscured their trails, but I felt like there must be more information out there than was presented in this book. More historical context would have been nice. The reference section was as slim as I was expecting. It was a good "get people interested in these characters" but not much "meat" here." said.

"Cute collection of short story style biographies of "daring women" of the past. I do have to agree with some of the other reviewers though, the entries are far too short... some are even slightly confusing with how quickly they jump through chronology (i.e. James Barry in particular). Too, the research put into the collection is sketchy at best, there are several inacurracies, particularly in the Ellen Craft story, and could easily have been remedied by a bit more research.

That said however, as a way to get kids/younger teens interested in the lives of these remarkable women, this certainly hits the spot. Good for a graphic novel collection rather than as any kind of research or nonfiction collection.
" said.

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