Catching the Moon: The Story of a Young Girl's Baseball Dream Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-10-22 
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"We saw the version in my second grade classroom today. You can find it here: Catching The Moon

I really enjoyed it and loved the story responses my students gave me. The (funny to me, tragic to them) stories of second grade injustices made my day. A lot of them feel discriminated because they are so small other older kids won't let them play basketball. I loved how my students connected with Marcenia (the MC) even though the struggles were different. They were really angry at how she was treated.

The racial conflicts and gender inequality was over their heads. They didn't notice how Marcenia's dad didn't want her to be a tomboy and said she would only grow up to be a teacher or a nurse. They didn't notice how sad her mother was when she whispered "or maid." Overall, I really enjoyed this story and it even made me a little teary eyed at times. It was so sweet and I loved this little girl.
" said.

"1. "Catching the Moon" features a young girl named Marcenia. Marcenia loves to play baseball. She thinks of little else and dreams of being a baseball player some day. Her parents are worried about her future, only wanting a good life for her, and Mr. Street a camp recruiter doesn't accept girls in his camp. Through perseverance and skill Marcenia is able to convince her parents and Mr. Street to allow her to go to the camp.
2. This book is a wonderful example of the persistence and effort needed to fulfill your dreams. This book also features a young girl, able and excelling at something that is labeled a "boy's activity". The emotion shown through the illustrations and word choice carries the story so well.
3. Books to pair: "Not all Princesses Dress in Pink" by Jane Yolen & Heidi E.Y. Stemple & "Isabella Girl in Charge" by Jennifer Fosberry & Mike Litwin.
4. Quote: " Marcenia wondered sadly if papa was right. Maybe girls didn't grow up to be ball players after all, but playing baseball was her dream and Marcenia couldn't imagine anything else."
Ths quote can be used as a writing prompt or focus of discussion about times when people were told they were not capable of doing something they dreamed of, or what kind of dreams the students have about their future.
" said.

"I only got the book out of the library because of my commitment to finding stories about historical women (especially women of color), but I'll be honest, the long title and the topic got me thinking it would be dry. When I flipped through it before checking it out, and saw the number of words per page and the smallish font, I resigned myself to it. I mean, regardless, how could I pass up the story of the first woman to play in the professional men's baseball leagues? (She replaced Hank Aaron when he left the Negro Leagues to play for the Major Leagues.) And, of course, that it's the story of a YOUNG woman of color makes it even better. And, of course, that it's doing something with contemporary relevance (as opposed to, say, the right to vote, the end of slavery, etc) makes it a nice addition to other books about Harriet Tubman and Sacagewea and Buffalo Calf Road Woman and others. (Another list I want to make!)

But no! When I actually read it, the story was GREAT! It totally drew me in and I think it would be just as engaging read aloud on a tape or something. (I do think that this is too long to be a read-aloud book, unless it were spread out over a few nights.) But that does not mean that the drawings were bad, not at all. Although it didn't strike me as really visually unique, it was definitely beautiful, and the main character really shines.

Another one for the "to-own" shelf!
" said.

"Brief Review:
As the title implies this book is the story of a girl's baseball dream and what she did to try and accomplish this dream. This book is a very good book, since it is a non fiction book it shows students that dreams should be fallowed. This book would really be good for female students to show them that they are able to do anything they dream.

Content Area:
This book could be used in the area of social skills with students. I would do this by reading the book and then talking to the students about how the character in the books dream was to be a baseball player. I would ask them if that is okay for a girl to want to be a baseball player, listen to their responses and then teach that it is okay to dream and want to do or be anything no matter if your a boy, girl, rich, or poor. This book could also be used in the math content area. I could have the kids count every time they here the word baseball, her name Marcenia, and Mr. Street. then teach a math lesson plan by using the numbers of theses in the book.

Comprehension Questions:

Q: What did Marcenia do after her father informed her that she could not go to the camp because of money issues?
A: Marcenia did not let it stop her she continued to play baseball and informed Mr. Street what her father said about not having money for cleats to attend the camp.

Q: How was Marcenia able to go to the baseball camp? Also why did this happen.
A: She was able to go because Mr. Street bought her cleats to play in. He did this because he decided to let girl's attend the camp after watching them play for weeks and seeing Marcenia steal home plate.

Student Wonders:

How long ago was this?
Is this a true story?
Where did this story take place?
" said.

" Excellent picture book based on a true story about the importance of dreams and pursuing your passion! " said.

" I loved the underlying theme of how girls can do anything that boys can do. I also liked how the book taught of perseverance and chasing your dreams. The book was quite long though and I’m not sure if I could read this book aloud to the class. I would keep it in my classroom though for students that like baseball or for students who need some motivation. " said.

" This book is one of my favorites. It teaches the lesson never give up. Marcenia didn't give up when Mr.Street said he didn't take girls. She proved him wrong and when her dad said she couldn't get cleats she ended up finding away. Never give up on dreams because if you work hard enough they become a reality " said.

" I loved this book! The pictures were beautiful, but the story was even better. Usually any story about a sport is focused around a boy, especially one like baseball. It was nice to read a story that shows that girls can play any sport a boy can. Instead of focusing around princesses and dress up like most stories with a girl main character do, this story gave a little bit more recognition for that girl that wants to get herself dirty. " said.

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