One Giant Leap: The Story of Neil Armstrong Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-18 
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" This book is a great science book and covers the life of Neil Armstrong. This would be a great addition to a classroom library. It is a bit more kid friendly than some informational books. " said.

" I wish there were more books like this: what a curious child did with his interests, and it turned into something amazing. " said.

" This was about Neil Armstrong when he was a kid and when he was an astronaut. I thought it was a good book. I thought the most amazing part was when he was a kid and he liked airplanes because that's just like me and my brother - we like airplanes a lot! For example, I'm thinking about being a pilot when I grow up. -A (6 yrs) " said.

" i think this is a really good, small , lots of information about neil armstrong book.this is a book about neil armstrong and about his life and how he got the passion of being a airplane driver and then an astronaut.i recommend this to people who are wanting to do some of their biographies in their 13 book orange sheet " said.

" This is a great picture book biography of Neil Armstrong. It's really well done. Very approachable and easy to understand. It makes Neil Armstrong into a very easily identifiable character with a spirit for adventure that children will like. Don Brown is top of the line in the children's biography market. " said.

"Picture book choice
I like this book because it's not just about the moon landing, but about a regular boy's dream, and the author brings the reader back to this as it's thinking point at the end. Being this is the point, we get a good summary of Neil Armstrong's young life and moon landing without all the what it takes to be an astronaut information. I would like to see this with more dramatic illustrations rather than the pale watercolors used. It's probably better for young independent readers than for a read aloud.
" said.

"Audience: Primary
Genre: Biography, Informational
Fiction Twin-Text: Space Boy by Leo Landry

One Giant Leap: The Story of Neil Armstrong is about the life and times of Neil Armstrong. The story gives details of where Armstrong lived, and how his interests from an early age were flight and planes. He loved to watch planes, make planes, and eventually fly planes which led to his famous moon landing as an astronaut. I chose Space Boy by Leo Landry as the twin-text for this book because it is a fun read that would gain excitement from students to start a lesson on space and astronauts, that would eventually lead to the reading of One Giant Leap. Space Boy is about Nicholas who is tired of the noisy world so he decides to travel to space to have a picnic, because space is nice and noise free.
" said.

"My immediate reaction when I read through this book was that it must have been the inspiration for the more recent, and now probably more popular, Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11 by Brian Floca. I'm not saying that because one copies the other and by the way they are very different books, but there are some striking similarities. For one, I wouldn't necessarily have thought that watercolor was the best medium to convey the starkness and intensity of space and when I first read Moonshot I was actually a bit surprised by this choice in a first time. It works great however. The style of the illustrations in Moonshot is a bit more modern and provides more technical details than the pictures of One Giant Leap. Many of the pictures in Giant Leap also carry this blue hue throughout the book, which gives the book a certain coherence and dreamy quality. But, back to the similarities: It's a bit curious that Floca doesn't credit Don Brown at all (or any other children's book on the subject, for that matter) although in his preface he references a multitude of books and films he used in his research. This said, it's quite possible of course that he took no influence from it. And the books are quite different: Moonshot focuses on the flight of Appolo 11 from start to finish, whereas One Giant Leap is about the boy Neil who dreams of flying and one day ends up going out in space. However, both books are tied together with an opening image of a father and child looking up into the sky and a closing image of a boy running around playing with an aircraft, the moon in the background. Coincidence? Either way, both books are great. Moonshot is full of fascinating detail and imagery, but this book is an inspirational story of the little boy who followed his dream to become an astronaut. I could tell that my five year old was making mental notes of some of the steps on the way. For instance he asked to go back to the page that shows Neil in different guises through his training, iterating: Student pilot, Navy pilot, test pilot, astronaut. Very inspiring indeed!" said.

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