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UPDATE TIME: 2017-03-12 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 9 user ratings

" This is a very interesting book about world war 2. It talks about 20 heroes who did great things during world war 2. This book is fast pace page turner that will keep you interested in the book. My three favorite story's are, Paddy Mayne, Voytek the bear, and the story about a sniper in Stalingrad. " said.

" Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC! Great facts about WWII, but I was very turned off by the slang and style of the book. While I'm aware it's written for a younger audience, I just don't feel like you have to use such loose, informal language. Tossing in phrases like "totally into it" doesn't make it a younger book. I found that to be a turn off, & I don't think that's what most kids need in a book. " said.

"I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in order to give an honest review.

Great non fiction book that discusses World War II in a language and style appropriate for middle schoolers and reluctant high school age readers. Some adult reviewers may be turned off by the tone and language Ben Thompson uses throughout the book, but as an educator I think the style used was a great and necessary way to articulate to younger readers the depth of the war. I am now excited to read other books in this series by the same author, and I know my students will feel the same! I can't wait to put a copy in our school library!
" said.

"A clear description of World War II and the Axis and Allies. It gives kids a deep understanding of the Holocaust, Hitler, Mussolini, and some of the greatest heroes of World War Two. I am eight years old, I thought this book was amazing. It would not be appropriate for all eight-year-olds, because there are some swear words, like "hell" and "damn." Some of the violence is heartbreaking, but the way the author talks about other kinds it's sort of funny. For example, the guy who ran around Europe throwing hand grenades and exploding tons of Gestapo buildings. There's one really cute story where this boy from Poland who is skinny begs for food and the Polish army feeds him. The boy joins the army, but they ask him what is in this sack he's carrying and when he opened it there was a tiny bear in it! The bear joined the army, too, and was trained to carry ammunition and shells, and it was really cute. He wasn't afraid, either.

I would recommend this book to tweens and teens, anywhere from 10-18. My mom's also going to read it. :-)
" said.

" The book, "Guts and Glory: World War 2" by Ben Thompson is about numerous stories about world war 2. This book talks about what went down on the battlefield and the narratives on some survives on the battlefield. This book explains the life and what it felt like to be as a soldier. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves historical events and what it was like on a battlefeild. " said.

"This was another fantastic Guts and Glory young adult book about world history (I've also read Guts & Glory: The American Civil War). It is written in an informal style that is action packed and appealing for junior high and high school readers, as well as keeping me completely entertained while learning more about World War II. Yet at the same time, the author makes it very clear that this war was a violent and tragic event for millions of people. It discusses the Holocaust briefly and encourages readers to seek out other resources, but it is mainly about major battles of the war. It covers battles around the world throughout the course of World War II and includes many fascinating stories of individual people who fought with great bravery and tenacity. With this far reaching scope, it does not go into great depth about the battles but does give an good overview for readers who have probably not already read much about the war. There is also a lot of description of the planes, ships, tanks, and other equipment that were used by both sides throughout the war. The only thing I might consider missing from the book is a map with locations marked.

I would strongly recommend this book for young adult readers interested in World War II and will be adding it to my middle school classroom library.

* I received an electronic copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review.
" said.

"Thompson, Ben Guts and Glory: World War II 348 pgs. Little Brown 2016. $14.99 Content: Language: PG (lots of halfy swears like Hell); Mature Content: PG13 Violence: PG13

While this book is not a comprehensive history of World War II it clearly presents background, factions, and moves through a timeline without missing important events. But its true focus is the accomplished people, both sung and unsung, male and female, outrageous and outmatched. Examples are Lydia Litvyak the white rose of Stalingrad, Voytek the bear, and of course many many more, this is a very long book!

I took both honors and AP history in high school as well as minored in history in college, and I learned more from this book than I have ever known about World War II. This is one of the most interesting and readable authors I have ever had the privilege of reading. Where I am drawing the line is that its rated for 8-12 year olds. NO WAY. It is too complex, intense, and inappropriate for elementary students (unless they are a serious war buff). The author goes to great lengths to explain complex things and make things clear, but I am here to tell you, that besides your own genius child, in my experience with upper elementary, they could not handle this much information. Again, I think it’s a must must must have for middle school and high school libraries.

MS, HS –ESSENTIAL Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author.
" said.

"The book is focuses on World War Two. It is one of the best history books I've read. It talks a lot about small details which in my opinion is interesting. The other World War Two books I've read don't mention the things this book talks about. The author balances entertainment and information very well, so the book is fun to read. If you like learning new things that no one else knows, this a good book for you. I would recommend this book to my friend on this website, his name is Zeyvian. He likes history and most of the books I tell him about.

" said.

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