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UPDATE TIME: 2019-02-07 
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" I had a principal who had a poster hanging on his office wall with a list of the names of animal groups. I loved it and always wanted one just like it. This is even better! A book, beautifully illustrated with interesting textures and materials, about animal groups and their behaviors. Wonderful! I can see students going crazy over researching more collective nouns. Great mentor text for the writing and reading workshop. Can't wait to share it with my class. " said.

" A very interesting book that went above and beyond just listing the collective nouns for animals, but also included brief blurbs about behavior. I couldn't decide how I felt about the illustrations. On the one hand, they were certainly eye-catching and well-executed. On the other, some of the wallpaper and fabric choices were a little too distracting, and sometimes almost eerie.Still, I recommend the book. " said.

" This is a book of collection nouns about animals. Many of these were new to me, like a flamboyance of flamingos or a scurry of squirrels. A brief explanation of the animals and how they live is provided with illustrations of the animals. Illustrations are done in ink and watercolors, along with collages of fabrics and feathers. I felt this worked well but some of the animals are then not accurately portrayed (like the sheep in sweaters). With a non-fiction book this might be confusing. " said.

"Anna Wright's illustrations are glorious - fancy, patterned, textured groups of animals on thick natural-looking paper. The text is informative and interesting, too. In terms of organization and selection of animal species, however, this is a hot mess. My efforts to determine *how* the different animals were chosen for this collection and the reasons for their order of presentation came to naught, which was oddly frustrating. Not having some kind of theme (even "I just like the names for these collective nouns") or natural progression made it seem very disorganized. " said.

"This one's another one about what you call groups of animals and you know what? Those names are a LOT to remember. I guess that's one reason you learn to count. So that way you don't have to remember all these names for groups of animals. You just count and say "OK, there's 14 birds" or "There's 10 giraffes" or whatever.
I love the patterns that the guy made the animals out of, even if they don't look like the real animals. It's ARTISTIC!
But you know what else? This book says that a bunch of elephants is called a "herd," but in another book I read, they said it's called a "parade." So someone needs to get their facts straight! I just don't know WHO.
But this is still a real good one.
" said.

"This beautiful picture book gives brief descriptions of different animal groups.The artwork is amazing. You need to open this book just to enjoy the yarn sheep, the magenta flamingos, and the feathered owls. Some of the groups are familiar to most people, but there are some new and interesting groups featured in the pages of this lovely book. Some of my favorites are a mischief of mice, a prickle of hedgehogs, and an ostentation of peacocks… perfect, right? I bet you can guess what a group of giraffes is called! Learn more about these and many others here." said.

"The art in this book is simply wonderful.

I like the patterns (though they get repetitive in spots). And I like the textures.

But I loved the painting. Especially with animals like the pigs - where the messiness conveyed dirt. And the monkeys - where the messiness conveyed chaos.

I never thought I'd say, "such an effective use of browns..." But, there you go.

And the naming of the groups of animals is a fantastic topic for little ears. We all know the basic - a herd of cows, a school of fish. But have you heard of an ostentation of peacocks?

Great little learning book for young readers.

Thanks to NetGalley and Charlesbridge for a copy in return for an honest review.
" said.

"A Tower of Giraffes: Animals in Groups is a stunningly beautiful children's book about animals who live in groups. With each page turn is a new discover of fantastic and unique artwork of animals and information about the groups they live in. I adore this book my son was enthralled with it. This book has instantly gone on my favorites list for children's books.

A Tower of Giraffes is very educational, even I learned quite a bit of really cool information. I recommend this book for any art or animal lover as well as anyone with children. This book is a great addition to any home!

My family received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
" said.

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