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UPDATE TIME: 2017-03-12 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 5 user ratings

"A cute run through a morning routine of a typical little boy, as compared to the adventures of Superman. I would recommend this for one-on-one reading with your own child, especially if you are working on establishing regular morning routines. The book also features a check-list of morning activities you could copy and use. I would not recommend this for younger children, as it would probably be a bit confusing, nor would I recommend it as a read aloud to groups.

I received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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" *An advance copy of Good Morning, Superman was provided to Rogues Portal by NetGalley*"Michael Dahl, author of more than 200 picture books and books for young adults, returns for another Capstone Young Readers/DC picture book with Good Morning, Superman! With illustrator Omar Lozano (Far Out Fairytales) creating the visuals, Superman takes to the sky as a little boy takes to his morning routine!"Interested in a full advance review? Check out Rogues Portal! " said.

"I love this little book!! It's so cute! I've got to figure out who I can buy this for. (Besides me.)

I was bummed because I didn't think little girls would relate as well to Bedtime for Batman . It's about Batman and it's a little boy. No Batgirl, no sister, no girls to be found. I was pleasantly surprised when, in this book, the boy has a sister, and it shows Supergirl helping Superman.

It's a cute story. And it even made me laugh.

I hope the next book is Wonder Woman.

Thanks to NetGalley and Capstone for a copy in return for an honest review.
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"Good Morning, Superman! is a really cute book. A little boy is getting ready for the day and everything he does is mirrored by something Superman does. For example, as the little boy gets dressed, Superman reveals his costume. The boy eats his breakfast, gathering his strength, as Superman flies above the buildings, getting ready to fight the bad guys. Even the boy's sister gets in on the act in her Supergirl costume, handing him his lunchbox, because helpers are super heroes too.

The illustrations are bright and fun, just like the cover. It's a perfect book for any superhero loving pre-schooler. It may even help with the morning routine.
" said.

"I love this fun book. It is drawn in a half DC Superman comic page and half real day adventure.
A little boy wakes up and needs to get ready for the day. He loves Superman, so this routine is done in that type of adventure mode. He needs to put on his secret uniform (clothes), get energy (eat), fight villains (toothpaste), gets help from another super hero (sister) and then show his fans (parents) how much he loves them.

Great story for children learning how to take care of themselves in the morning, learning what to do. Colorful and fun. Be a superhero everything is more fun to do when you are. pages and colorful, and small, yet effective amount of words.
Perfect for little ones -6 or 7 year olds.
" said.

"This book appealed to me because my 5 year old son is a huge superhero fan. He loved it. It mirrors Superman's morning with a young boy's. It shows the morning routines they both go through and while Superman may be fighting crime, everything that little boy does to get ready in the morning is just as important. It showed my son that he too is a superhero. I could definitely relate to the morning routine and the kryptonite toothpaste. There was little writing in the book, which gave us an opportunity to discuss it further and talk about the whys and compare both characters. I would have liked more prose, but the lack of it allowed for more conversation with my inquisitive son. Looking forward to the author's Batman book as well.

I received an advance copy for review through netgalley.
" said.

"As a fan of the other superhero book by Michael Dahl, "Bedtime for Batman", I was excited to see this on NetGalley. And I wasn't at all disappointed! For those unfamilliar, this series of books is a wonderfully illustrated juxtaposition of a kid's life and a superhero's life. In this case, we have Superman, in all of his glory, waking up for a day of making the world a better place. :)

The text is elegantly simple, captioning each scene. The art is colorful and entirely appropriate for a child's superhero book.

My favorite part of this is that Superman (and the child) accept help from others. It's a great reminder to little ones that being even superheroes need a little help every now and then. It also includes a checklist at the back of morning routines that would make this a nice tool for parents to encourage kids to do things like brush their teeth... and get a hug & kiss on their way out the door. :)

I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This is no way influenced my review. My opinion is my own.
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"I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

A companion book to Bedtime for Batman, Good Morning, Superman!! Illustrates how easy it is for children to become their heroes. Every activity for our protagonist's morning parallels activities in Superman's life. Getting dressed parallels changing into costume. Searching for his shoes and lunch, only to have them brought by his family, parallels other superheroes coming to aid.

I adore how this book opens: "First things first… duty calls!" While Superman hears that a villain is tormenting the city, our young boy dashes off to the bathroom. That certainly prompted giggles. It reminds me of Wreck-It Ralph, "Heh. You said duty." That line couldn't be more perfect.

The layout of the book is also brilliant. I love how it's written similarly to a comic strip, where frames of Superman line up next to frames of our young boy getting ready for his day. However, we don't see a complete cross-over. In the Superman comic cells, the text appears in boxes just as in comics. Yet, in "real life" the text appears as you'd expect for any picture book. Lozand neatly slides these two mediums together seamlessly.

At the end of the book, there is a morning checklist of To Dos, including Go Potty and Get Dressed, and ending with Hugs and Kisses. This is a great checklist to post up for our young heroes to help them learn the morning routines.

All in all an adorable book. I look forward to reading Bedtime for Batman!
" said.

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