Cold-Case Christianity for Kids: Investigate Jesus with a Real Detective Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-18 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 77 user ratings

"The kids and I had so much fun reading this book together. It is part fiction where a detective is teaching kids how to be better investigators. It is also part devotional with scripture reading assignments and questions to answer. While the kids are learning to be great detectives they study a current day mystery of a found skateboard and they also work on the mystery of God and His Son. This was really unique to look at the Bible and God by using evidence and proving His existence.

Cold-Case Christianity is a great book to help get your kids to think out of the box. Great for new believers and long time believers. Really this book is great at teaching your kids apologetics. It gives them the tools to prove the case for Christ!

I received this book free from the publisher but was not required to write a review. My opinions are always my own.
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"For the tween fans of investigations and detective stories, Cold-Case Christianity for Kids by J. Warner and Susie Wallace will get them excited to find the case for Jesus! What a fun and creative way to get them involved beyond what the adults tell them! Let them find the evidence and the truth in Jesus without telling them the answers. Cold-Case Christianity guides them using investigative tools by a real detective, along with learning detective lingo and what it means. I also think the drawings in the book adds a little something. I mean, kids' attention span may not be willing to read through a whole page of words! Fun, and highly entertaining, it's a great way to encourage a personal responsibility in finding evidence that supports one's beliefs. Perfect gift!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author/publisher. I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. This is my honest opinion.
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"I have to say my daughters and I enjoyed this book so much, Cold Case Christianity for Kids is about investigating Jesus as a cold case mystery .My daughters and I really learned a lot . The author really digs deep and catches the interest of children and keeps them wanting to read more. My daughters loved this book so much I have decided to make a cold care of our own on people of the bible.We really liked the pictures throughout the book that goes with the cold case of Jesus, and the little tid bits on the side of the page called CSI , Dig Deep, and the very back of the book has an area that is sample fill in pages you can print off from . What my girls thought was pretty cool was when you graduate ( complete) you can get a certification either by cutting out the 5x7 one in the back of the book or by visiting that is an 8x10 instead of a 5x7., and you can customize it too!So in a nut shell this is a great interactive book for children to do, and for parents as well. I highly recommend this book , and rate it 5 stars!" said.

"What a great little book for children between the ages of 8 and 12, and anyone who likes a little mystery.
“Detective Wallace gets kids excited about testing witnesses, examining the evidence, and investigating the case for Christianity.” How Fun, actually for everyone, as you use this as a teaching tool, and there is another great tool to use along with this book, http://www.coldcasechristianityforkid....
First we need to joint the academy, and then we need this neat book to follow and read along.
Introduction: Wanted A Few Good Detectives
Chapter One: Don’t be a “Know It All”
Chapter Two: Learn How to Infer
Chapter Three: Think Circumstantially
Chapter Four: Test You Witnesses
Chapter Five: Respect The Chains Of Custody
Chapter Six: Hang On To Every Word
Chapter Seven: Separate Artifacts from Evidence
Chapter Eight: Resist Conspiracy Theories
Postscript: Belief That or Belief In
A book and website to inspire you and your children to seek out the truth, they are about to enter the Detective Cadet Academy, and about to be trained up, and learn how to investigate the case for Jesus. What an exciting and Christian challenge for these young people, or for you for that matter.
I received this book through Lit Fuse Publicity Book Tours, and was not required to give a positive review.
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"At some point, kids who grow up knowing about Jesus want to know if what they've learned about Him is really true. Cold-Case Christianity for Kids is a great book for those kids—and for anyone who wants to investigate the claims of Christianity.

I wish I would have read a book like this when I was a kid! I absolutely loved how the authors incorporated a mystery about a skateboard with the lessons they were teaching about how to investigate the Bible.

Each chapter has sidebars with definitions and fill-in-the blank questions. There are also illustrations that go along with the story. On the very last page, there's even a certificate that can be filled out and presented to the child who finishes the book. Plus, there's an online component: has extra resources for each chapter, including videos, downloadable activities, and a parent's guide.

Written on a level that upper elementary children would understand, Cold-Case Christianity for Kids also fascinated me. (I would recommend that adults check out J. Warner Wallace's Cold-Case Christianity, which provides a deeper dive into the concepts presented in this book.) This is a wonderful book for kids who are just learning about Christianity or who want to know how to defend their faith.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
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"This is a great tool for parents, Sunday School Teachers and Children Pastors alike. If you want to get your kids involved in witnessing, studying scripture and reading the Bible, then this book is for you! This starts out with a group of students who join a Junior Detective School. It is not just telling your kids what the Bible says, but it gets them involved in actually discovering for themselves. It also includes the kids getting involved and solving an actual mystery of a skateboard.

This would make a great Wednesday night or Sunday night study for your Middle Schoolers. It will get them involved in knowing why we believe instead of just that is what we have been taught. Most kids want to know why and not just be told that is what they believe.

Mr. Warner really digs into the truth and there are excellent videos and activity sheets included on the website for no extra charge. There are different side bar notes included in the book that really makes you think. So, it is not being told what to think, but really what does the Bible say about the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. I just like how Mr. Warner presents his case and comes to the

PRESTON F (AGE 10) REVIEW: I give the book five (5) stars. I really liked the book and if kids like detective stuff then they would love this book!

I received this book free from Litfuse Publicity Group. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable or non-favorable review.
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"I enjoyed reading this book with my 8-year-old son, Nate. He liked the illustrations that run throughout the book as well as learning how real detectives use all the steps to solve crimes and mysteries. Each chapter teaches another tool or process that detectives use to work on their case, and I know my son found it very interesting to see the kids in the book follow those steps to solve the case. I really like how the author relates the skills the kids learn to check and explore their faith more. We strive daily to teach our son about the Bible and our faith but I think this book will teach him to search out and discover more for himself in the Bible.

Another great thing about this book is that author has a website that goes along with each chapter that offers print outs to use as you go through the book. I thought it was a great interactive book from that really held my son's attention. He looked forward to each new chapter and work we could do together. Since I seen how much my son enjoyed the book and learning to investigate his faith more, I plan to do this book and the activities from the website with my Wednesday night kids class at church. I think they will enjoy it as much as my son did. I would recommend this book to those that have kids that love solving mysteries or learning how to dig deeper behind things they learn and believe in. **Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book.**
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"I am so excited about this book. It's a fun style devotional study book for kids to investigate the truth about Jesus and Christianity.

Written in an exciting mystery solving format, using three main characters -on of which includes the reader, the author draws the reader in by participation. In the book, the kids sign up for a detective class at the local police department. As they learn techniques to become a great detective, they also uncover a mystery to solve. After one of them finds an old skateboard in the school shed, they need to determine - who it belongs to and how it got there?

As they work through the case, they simultaneously uncover clues pertaining to Jesus. They have to investigate, examine, compare and decide if the story of Jesus is simply a myth or reality. In each chapter the kids have two cases to work on - Jesus and the skateboard mystery. There are 8 chapters to work through, fill in sheets in the back and a website they can use if parents permit. At the end there's a certificate of promotion. Kids will have to use their minds and the Bible to solve this one, and in the process grow their faith. There are lots of Scriptures to read and look up.

I think this book is great for both believers and unbelievers. The unbelievers will be drawn into figuring out whether Jesus was real or not, and the believer will learn to defend their faith. Most tweens will enjoy this devotional. Teens may possibly enjoy it also if they are interested in learning more about Christianity in a simplified manner.

I received a free copy of this book from Litfuse to review. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own.
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