The Wanderings of Odysseus: The Story of the Odyssey Reviews

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" This is a shortened version of the real wanderings of oddyseus. I thought it was pretty good and the author did a pretty good job.Odysseus travels to all of these foreign lands trying to get back home from defeating the city Troy. He keeps getting stopped and finally all of his shipman die and he is the last one alive.Enventually he makes it home to his wife and wins the battle.I like this book and would have it in my classroom. " said.

"The book Wanderings of Odysseus by Rosemary Sutton tells the story of the hero Odysseus trying to get home after the fall of Troy. In the story, he has to face many temptations to get home. Overall, I thought the book was mundane but had intriguing action scenes. Odysseus' character was very likable, and he had great character development. I could relate to facing temptations and how the story is very metaphorical to everyday life. This book makes me want to read the actual Odyssey. I'd recommend this book to everyone because it's such a good classical book.
" said.

"Resumiendo, Las Aventuras de Ulises: La historia de la Odisea me ha gustado muchísimo. El clásico de La odisea de Homero adaptado de una manera sencilla y muy rápida de leer. Un libro con muchísima acción y muchos sucesos inesperados. Giros argumentales muy buenos. Ulises es un personaje realmente muy completo y astuto. La parte mitológica de la novela me fascinó y me enamoró por completo. En general una muy buena lectura que recomiendo enormemente.

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" said.

"Beautiful, compelling retelling of Homer's Odyssey. The book is considered children's literature, but it is easily enjoyed and appreciated by anyone of any age. If you are "afraid" of Homer's epic poetry, this is a great place to start. Accompanied by gorgeous artwork (lots of nudes in there, if you're concerned about that with children...), it is a book worth browsing again and again. It carries all the action, suspense, and drama of the original, and whets your appetite for the real thing. Highly recommended. " said.

"In this book, the Odyssey is retold in a wonderful style with such interesting descriptions, they make your body pop right into the book! Rosemary Sutcliff is a really good author to have created something as brilliant as this!

In this book you can join Odysseus on his marvellous adventures to return to his homeland, and the perils he and his crew meet on the way. Scylla and the Lord of the Winds are reformed in this amazing book of surprises, and I don't think I could describe how much I loved it in words, until I wrote this!
" said.

"After a successful battle at the city of Troy, the hero Odysseus begins to sail home to Ithaca with his men. However, he angers the gods, especially Poseidon of the sea, who curses that Odysseus shall be the only one to eventually return of all his crew. The crew fall prey to Cyclops, to monsters, and to witches, leaving Odysseus to wander for nineteen years before he is able to return to his home, only to find that reckless young men have invaded his household and are courting his wife.

This is a novel based off of the classic poem, and does a good job of it. The story is clear and interesting, making it suitable for a more contemporary audience that is more unfamiliar with poetry.
" said.

"This is a great book to use if you want to introduce The Odyssey to a tween (age 11-3. It addresses all of the major themes (longing for home, desire for glory, hospitality, etc.) and all of the adventures are adequately covered as well. For the more squeamish, some descriptions are a bit disgusting (example: when Polyphemos eats Odysseus's men) but not quite as detailed as the original text. I imagine most of my 12-year-old girl students will wrinkle their noses and ask if we can just skip those parts while the boys will think it's awesome. I enjoyed this book much more than Black Ships Before Troy, but that may be because I prefer Odysseus's story. " said.

"The book The Wandering of Odysseus by Rosemary Sutcliff tells the extravagant journey of Odysseus. The problems the characters encounter was being lost at sea and not having Poseidon on their side. My favorite character in this book was Penelope. What made her such a great character was that she stilled love Odysseus and never lost hope of him not coming home. The best part of the book was the battle between Odysseus and the suitors. I would recommend this book to people who love Greek mythology. Overall, I thought the book was great yet I wouldn't recommend this book to people in my family." said.

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