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"This - is my review of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.... It’s a great book - but not without its…problems….

D’you get it? It’s because every goddamn sentence of this book contains either a dash or an ellipsis. (That’s one of the...problems….)

I’m debating whether to unleash the anti-Snape rant that’s been building up inside me for a decade now. I think I’ll wait until his supposedly redeeming backstory is revealed. What book is that in? Anyway, just his extensive presence in this book made the whole thing less fun for me.

I feel about Snape the way Michael Scott feels about Toby. But I digress. My main thing with this book is that Rowling can be kind of...bad at fitting the parameters of the universe she created. That’s understandable, since it’s immense and so impressive, but there’s also little common sense things that get under my skin. (This would be under “general stupidity” if I hated this book - which I absolutely don’t.) I wanted to be having a great time, but instead I was caught up in the little mistakes.

Some examples: There’s just no way McGonagall would have given Hermione the Time Turner. No way. I get the significance of the thing to the plot, and it’s a really creative and entertaining concept, but my girl Minerva would NEVER have handed that over. This is the woman who will shut any student down, take Harry Potter’s broom, deduct points from her own team, throw shade at Trelawney...what I’m saying is she’s a one hundred percent badass. And she’s a badass who exudes said badassery with the well-being of all Hogwarts students in mind. But I’m supposed to believe she put herself out there, petitioned the government, and presumably put in effort to convince her fellow faculty just so Hermione could take a purely overwhelming number of classes? Nah. She would have recognized it as unnecessary (Hermione never even gives a reason beyond "wanting to" for her overloaded schedule) and a huge pressure (workload's making a thirteen year old cry all the time and lose the ability to sleep). In other words, Minerva would have shut that shit down in a hot Texas minute.

But wait - I have more examples! Lupin tells us that when he was at Hogwarts, they went through an INSANE amount of work to get him off the grounds when he ~underwent his transformation~. Keep in mind this whole thing is for one. Effing. Student. They put in a magic, violent tree (the infamous Whomping Willow), dig a tunnel that is presumably at least a mile or two long, and mess with (build?) a shack-like shelter. This is way, way, way too much to ensure that a single student can attend the school. But even suspending your disbelief there - why would you put a werewolf inside a WEAK, SHUT UP BUILDING to protect people? One, don’t put a rabid monstrous creature in a house, because two, he can break out of it and now the inhabitants of Hogsmeade are at risk. Also, putting in the Whomping Willow? Are you kidding me? It’s a danger to the students! And so is building a passageway in/out. There are so, so, so many more problems than solutions here.

And here’s the most wild, laughable one for me. At the end, Sirius Black reveals that it was him - HIM! - who bought Harry Potter the Firebolt, hundreds-of-Galleons price tag and all. This is INSANE. Since Ron had earlier mentioned that it would have been impossible for Black to buy a broomstick, J.K. is so kind as to reveal how he did it in his letter to Harry. He says he sent Crookshanks (a f*cking cat) to the Owl Post, had him order the broomstick under Harry’s name, and had it charged to his own bank account at Gringotts. HAHAHAHA, WHAT?! You’re telling me a goddamn cat walked into a post office, conveyed the information that Harry Potter was ordering the most expensive broom on the market, and charged it to the most wanted man in Britain’s account without consequence? Like everyone was just like, yeah, okay, we didn’t really want to find him anyway? We won’t bring this up to the Ministry or Potter or anything? Jeeessssuuuuussss. Also, how did my guy have that much money in his account anyway? How is his account even open?

Also, I know this is well-discussed, but there is just so much conflicting information about how many people attend Hogwarts. It drives me insane. I’ll never be satisfied with one answer, because there are always a million other pieces of evidence that conflict.

The sheer confusion of the story relayed in the Shrieking Shack was also so confusing. Like, I get why there had to be a dozen f*cking pages of Black/Lupin begging the story to be told and Hermione/Ron/Harry essentially covering their ears and singing “Walking on Sunshine,” but they couldn’t at least have told the story with some semblance of organization once they finally got there? I mean, Jesus.

On the other hand, characters. Hermione is still killin’ it - Time Turner, baby! And slaying those exams! But she did have less time with the squad (fighting) and a lot of scenes where it was just like, “Oh. Yeah. Hermione. Uh, she’s...doing homework over there.” Plus Neville was not really included, like, at all. But Lupin was introduced, and he’s one of my favorites! But Snape was here as hell and I hate him so much. But no Colin Creevey or Lockhart or Dobby! But Trelawney and Malfoy and Pansy. But Sirius! But mainly he was villain-ing it up. Oh well. It’s a real 50/50 in this one.

Still, it was definitely enjoyable. Like, I read it in pretty much one sitting, and I haven’t done that in a whileeee. I missed doing it. And this was so, so much better than the second book. So this is so hard to rate! I am having a really hard time here, you guys.

And my absolute favorite aspect of these books - which was missing in the second volume - was one hundred percent present and accounted for. I’m talking a look into the world, baby! We get Hogsmeade, we get an entire fortnight of Diagon Alley, we get a bunch of discussion of the school and the classes. Even the bad parts, like Azkaban. Ugh! I could read a series’ worth of books just on the world, I swear.

So, bottom line: In some ways I liked this as much as the first, but it definitely had more problems. I am looking forward to continuing my reread, and hopin’ I find just as much of the world and even more of the good characters. Goblet of Fire, I expect to see you soon!
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"Full review posted:

Wow, did this book do better than the previous book on MULTIPLE levels.


I feel like this is the book where the series begins to mature and im so here for it. The first half was similar to the other books and was really losing my attention, but the second half picked up so much and I was honestly giving up valuable sleep time to keep up with the book

- The characters – honestly are everything
- The characters in this book are so COMPLEX I LOVE IT
- Lupin is the best human being in this entire book someone give him a hug
- Great teacher, great human
- I really hope he gets more appearances in the coming books
- Again, another COMPLEX character
- Love the backstory, love his character
- Harry is still meh don’t get your hopes up too high
- He’s growing but im not v interested in him bye
- Hermoine is my favourite from the squad, much better than the other two
- You’re lying if you don’t want Mr. and Mrs. Weasley to adopt you
- Where can I sign the contract ???
- Hagrid, sweet Hagrid
- Malfoy can go byebye no one cares about your tantrums
- More lily and james too plz
- Need that backstory
- This book was just genuinely v entertaining and v action-packed
- Im actually interested in the next book


“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

3.5 stars!!


oh would you lookie here. . .its the 15th of the month, that means its HP time.

all responsibility goes to these poops for ruining my life with their insistent forcing of HP on my soul.

not nice :( :( :(
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"'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban... or how J.K. Rowling decided that Harry's life was way too easy' - narrated by James; text by James; jokes by James... or not....

It is said that one year, said Harry Potter woke up with an unpleasing relative on his head. And, being the angsty preteen that he was, he blew her up. Of course, actions have consequences ladies and gentlemen. So, Harry was forced to leave the shelter of his humble abode. Just when he thought he was now alone in the wild, he raised his wand (like he did countless times before, but let's just pretend that we don't see that) and a magic automobile appeared and carried him in Wonderland!

But Wonderl... I mean Hogwarts was changed. Great perils lurked outside the ancient walls. A terror from the darkened past. And then Harry perceived that the time of his merry snake-fighting childhood had come to and end!!

For the new enemy was a legendary killer, a follower of the Noseless-One. Imprisoned he was in terrible Azkaban and guarded by frightening soul-sucking motherf**ckers.

But courageously, Harry continued his journey, clashing with blond-bleached enemies, standing against the tyranny of the one with slimy hair and falling off his broom (like he does every year for some reason). And thus, the scene is set for the inevitable, no-one-could-have-seen-that-coming-but-we-totally-did plot twist.

And then... well, and then Harry reveals on of his biggest secrets. He reveals his Gallifrey ancestry, his Time Lord powers. And in his mini TARDIS he leaves to save the world.

How will it end? Will Harry save the world? Will the soul-sucking motherf**kers win? Will Snape wash his hair?

Find out by tuning in next time for James' Extraordinary Stories!
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"Buddy-read with two of my Great Escape gal pals- Stepheny and Ivonne.

 photo 8c2dfbee-747b-4477-853c-86940b726771_zpsfet1adlx.jpg

Be on the look out for Stepheny Potthead aka The Book Pusher aka Quick Draw Stepheny aka The Nutty Professor. Last seen running along side the Knight Bus with Harry Potter's invisible cloak. Also Suspected in the kidnapping of fellow Goodreader Jeff and best-selling author Stephen King. Blonde Hair...big green doll eyes, has a frightening maniacal cackle and a tendency to whine when she doesn't get her way. LOUDLY. Considered armed and dangerous- approach with caution...and Nerds- she likes Nerds.

Now back to our regularly scheduled review....

I don't listen to a lot of audio-books (I prefer to read) but I was kind of falling behind in my reading commitments...and I had put Ms. Stepheny off again and again for this buddy-read soooooo many times- I couldn't do it again to her (she pouts..and she gets all mopey and it is JUST heartbreaking). I am so happy I listened to this one- Stephen Fry was just perfect. Perfect!..and HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN was just the thing to put me in the Christmas Spirit.

 photo d51ae6fc-03d0-4b40-b874-97ea5a32aa63_zps6vo1u0fq.jpg

It's Harry's least favorite time of year- school break spent with the Dursleys...and this visit isn't going well. First: News that Sirius Black has escaped from Azkaban- Second: An unfortunate accident involving mean Aunt Marge...

 photo a7ff8064-9033-464d-b889-658eceb341fe_zpsatrxuapa.jpg

Harry decides not to stick around- and catches the Knight Bus to Diagon Alley- where instead of getting in trouble for using magic away from Hogwarts, he gets invited to stay until school begins, by Cornelius Fudge-the Minister for Magic.

 photo c7e24bac-45b7-432e-8533-fe006f247450_zpscu29pvjp.jpg

The night before he is expected to leave- Harry is warned that Sirius may have escaped with murder in mind- and HE may be the target....

This is my favorite of the series so far!! I loved that it was still light and fun...but that the darkness is slooooooooowly creeping in.

I loved that a lot of it took place during the Christmas Holidays...

 photo bb1d20ee-dd9d-4eab-9fe8-c2722a4e0e75_zpskjbirexq.jpg

I really liked the addition of the Dementors...spoooooky...

 photo 757e5100-3fef-4bf7-87bc-0cf6c603852b_zpsl9sagtcu.jpg

...and I adored Buckbeak!!

 photo ff169a79-0f81-4477-94f4-bd6f5b23efba_zpsz5vic02h.jpg

As for the whereabouts of Stepheny? I can almost guarantee...she is up to no good.

 photo 21fac931-9a35-4f5c-8369-e0a3b87a5d8a_zps2h4uwd2c.jpg
" said.

"Literally one of the best books I've ever read. I was chained to it for two days. I cried and laughed and yelled SHIT when all of the action went down.

I'm such a peasant for judging this series before I had read it. I read the first two and half of this one when I was about 10, before reading was cool, before I had the attention span that reading requires (I know these are kids' books but I was a particularly distracted child). I did not know, Mother Rowling. Forgive my sin, and all the times when I said, "I don't think Harry Potter is really my thing". Please.

This book was incredible and this series is a classic more than any Dickens or Middle Earth or Narnia shit has any right to be. This series isn't up it's own ass; it's so accessible and readable and meaningful.

God damn me! How could I have been so blind?

Forgive me, because this book changed the game. This book deserves 7 stars and I'm getting the cover art (from my edition) tattooed on my thigh.

I'm such a fucking fan.
" said.

"“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Third buddy read with my OTP

My god, this was gooooooooooood!. Up until now I’ve definitely enjoyed the books, but this had a darker side to the story which I really really enjoyed. I loved the fact that we got SO much more in this book. We find out more about James Potter along with; Lupin, Serius and Peter while at the school and the Marauder’s Map GIRL I LOVE IT.

We get to see lots of magical aspects in this book, and learning about the Patronous, then well see Harry, Ron and Hermione grow as characters. We see mini breakdowns with Hermione, but I think it made her so likeable and human. The boggart and exams. I have serious serious love for Lupin. His whole back story literally had me sold. He is by far the best Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher! I need more Lupin and Serius PLEASE.

What I liked?
- The books fighting with each other in the cages, I mean how much more mythical do you need?
- I’m sorry… but this book made me realise how much of a crazy cat lady I am… Crookshanks is by far my favourite animal! How smart?! And the bouncing around together, stealing certain things, screaming
- I think things were so well put together and placed… it had me living!
- Draco dressing up as a Dementor for the Quidditch, I can’t, it’s making me laugh just thinking about it again
- In fact, Quidditch in general. It was so well done and built up, it had me on edge thinking what’s going to happen?! It was built up so well and the descriptions used made me feel like I was there watching it play out (not only that, but top commentary)
-I’ve been moaning that the end section seems to happen so quickly… but this? FINALLY I got what I wanted!
- Hagrid has my heart!

What I didn’t like?
- You know… I’m not really a fan of Snape, I just don’t understand why he acts like he does to Harry for something that James did?

Overall… well, hmmm… bring on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Philosopher's Stone 4.5 Stars
Chamber of Secrets - 4 Stars
Prisoner of Azkaban - 5 Stars
Goblet of Fire - 4.5 Stars
Order of the Phoenix - 4.5 Stars
" said.

"Harry Potter for me is like warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream. It is the ultimate comfort read. This must have been at least the 10th time I've read it but I have lost track. The theme I can take out of this particular book especially after reading it all these times is hope. Harry largely naive for most of the first three books, meets Sirius for the first time and his world changes. For ever so briefly he thinks he can leave the Dursleys for good and live entirely in the wizarding world. Of course, we know what happens next ;). The last 100 pages of this book for me are my favorite 100 pages of the series aside maybe from the end of Deathly Hallows, especially because (in my opinion) I feel the movie most closely resembles the book. This is usually the time of year when I reread the septology, and I am looking forward to feeling magical again as though it's my first time reading these books. Like that slice of warm apple pie, I am comforted knowing that for a few hours I can enter Harry's world. " said.

"عندما بدأت هذا الجزء كنت متخوفا من أن اجد أحداث مشابهة للجزئين السابقين..ولكني كنت مخطئا
كلب اسود غريب يظهر لهاري وحده يسبب له الفزع، إنه نذير الشؤم

يبدأ هاري عامه الدراسي بأغرب الاحداث..ويقابله وزير السحر ويقدم إستثناء خاص لهاري غير متوقع

مجرم وقاتل هارب من ازبكان..له ماض سئ مع عائله هاري بوتر..ينجح في التسلل للمدرسة ويسبب فزعا كبيرا

لم يستطع احد الامساك به برغم حراسة المدرسة بحراس أفظع من المجرمين نفسهم..يبثون الرعب في التلاميذ..بالاخص هاري

مدرس الدفاع ضد السحر الأسود هذه المرة هو الأفضل..إلا إنه يختفي ويظهر في ظروف غامضة،وسناب يأخذ مكانه إحتياطيا..وإيضا يتصرف بغرابة

هيرموني تشتري قط جديد..يتصرف بغرابة، ورون يكرهه خوفا علي فأره الذي يختفي...هيرموني نفسها تتصرف بغرابة

هدية مميزة لهاري مجهولة المصدر..عرافة المدرسة تتنبأ بموت هاري بوتر الوشيك بسبب نذير الشؤم

بيت مسكون..عواء الذئاب..هاجريد ينتظر حكم الاعدام لحيوانه المفضل بسبب مالفوي

اشخاص ميتون يظهرون في خريطة المدرسة كأنهم يتجولون في ردهاتها الأن..ولكن لا يمكن تتبعهم او رؤيتهم

مــجـرم هارب وحــراس رهيــبة
عــــرافة ونــبوءة ونـذير شـؤم
كـــــلــب، قـــــط وفـــــأر

شيئا رهيبا بحق علي وشك الحدوث

عندما قرأت الجزء الثاني –بعد ان كنت شاهدت الجزئين كفيلم سينمائي- شعرت ان "وماذا بعد؟" هل سندور في نفس الدائرة؟
ندخل المدرسة...روح فولدمورت..نقضي عليها..مدرس الدفاع ضد السحر الأسود نتخلص منه بشكل او باخر

توقعت ان يكون الامر مملا لاحقا..بالرغم من اعجابي الشديد بالعالم والشخصيات الا ان حبكه الجزء الثاني –خاصا قبل معرفه سر الهوركروكس في الجزء السادس- كنت اشعر بخيوط رفيعه متشابهه في تسلسل الاحداث ونهايتها
ليجئ الجزء الثالث اكبر,عمق اكثر للشخصيات..نظره اعمق لعالم السحر المخفي بين طيات عالمنا
والاهم..احداث وحبكه مختلفه واقوي في تصاعدها وغرابتها وغموضها وحتي "الرعب" فيها عن الجزئين السابقين مجتمعين
وفعلا اشعر ان الفصول الاخيره كانت بها كميه احداث تقلب مسار الروايه بالاخص
"كلب وقط وفأر"
وتتأكد فعلا ان جي كي رولينج بجعبتها الكثير لتقدمه

بصعوبه شديده تحاملت علي نفسي لتقسيم قراءه الروايه علي 3 اجزاء وكنت احترق شوقا لمعرفه ما سيحدث بعد ذلك, وكيف ستكون الاجزاء القادمه

الروايه اعمق بكثير جدا جدا من الفيلم وهذا احبطني..التغيير في "نغمه"الفيلم من الجزء الثالث بالمقارنه بين اول جزئين له مزايا وعيوب الا ان عيبه الرئيسي بالنسبه لي هو اختصار اجزاء من الروايه ,ربما لانها كانت اول مره اكون قد قرأت الروايه قبل الفيلم ولكني فعلا ارشح مشاهده الجزء الاول "وربما الثاني" قبل البدء في القراءه ثم قراءه السلسله كامله قبل مشاهده باقي الافلام

محمد العربي
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